McDonald’s Grilled Cheese | Know More About It

Grilled cheese is an easy yet delicious option for amazing quick meals. What if I told you that you could have this fantastic grilled cheese at McDonald’s? 

Many of you might scratch your head and recheck the Mcdonald’s menu to see if you have missed this item or what. But believe me when I say McDonald’s serves grilled cheese, which is scrumptious. 

Grilled cheese is one of the most famous secret menu items of McDonald’s, and it is really easy to order if you add a “please” before placing your order. 

Jokes apart, let’s find out about McDonald’s grilled cheese and how to order it. There are a few surprises for you, so keep reading!

Does McDonald’s Really Have Grilled Cheese?

McDonald's grilled cheese

McDonald’s secret menu has grilled cheese which is super easy to order and a great option for vegetarians. You can simply ask for grilled cheese or order a cheeseburger without the juicy patty. 

Grilled cheese is nothing but melted cheese spread between bun or bread slices. So any restaurant that has cheese and buns can easily make grilled cheese for you.

You can even customize and add or remove other ingredients like – ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, or other condiments.

The McDonald’s grilled cheese has American cheese spread on toasted buns. McDonald’s grilled cheese may not be as famous as their burgers. But it is a tasty option for those who crave grilled cheese. 

McDonald’s Grilled Cheese Price

The price of McDonald’s grilled cheese can vary from location to location. Ordering McDonlad’s grilled cheese off the secret menu can cost you around $0.99.

If you are ordering it online, the cost of grilled cheese may be equal to that of a cheeseburger, which is $3.19, even though no patty is added.

 How To Order A Grilled Cheese At McDonald’s?

McDonald's Grilled cheese

McDonald’s does not precisely have grilled cheese on its regular menu, but that does not mean you can’t have grilled cheese. The steps for ordering the secret menu item, grilled cheese, are pretty simple.

1. If ordering at the counter or through drive-thru

  • Go to the counter and ask the McDonald’s employee for grilled cheese.
  • If the employee has no clue, ask him for a cheeseburger.
  • Further, guide the employee to remove the patty and grill the buns really well.
  • If you love cheese, ask to add one more slice with ketchup.
  • Your grilled cheese is ready to be consumed.

2. If ordering online

  • Simply visit McDonald’s website and add Cheeseburger to your cart.
  • You can also visit other delivery platforms like uber eats, GrubHub, and similar platforms. Follow the same steps and add a cheeseburger to your cart.
  • Now, edit the ingredients and eliminate the patty. Customize and add more cheese slices if you want, and order your grilled cheese in very few steps.

McDonald’s Grilled Cheese Nutrition

McDonald’s grilled cheese has no chicken or beef patty but only cheese and some condiments. Therefore, the calories and fat are lower than the cheeseburger.

However, you can customize your grilled cheese and check the nutrient contents with a nutrition calculator available on McDonald’s website. The value will not differ much if you remove the ketchup, pickles, or other condiments.

Calories210 kcal
Fat6 g
Carbs32 g
Protein8 g
Saturated Fat3 g
Dietary Fiber2 g
Calcium90 mg
Sugar7 g
Iron2 g
Cholesterol15 mg
Potassium125 mg
Sodium560 mg

McDonald’s Grilled Cheese Review 

grilled cheese review

McDonald’s grilled cheese is one of the tasty and budget-friendly options on the secret menu.

Even though grilled cheese is unavailable on the regular menu and many people are unaware of this hack, McDonald’s sells around 550 million grilled cheeses yearly.

Anybody who loves cheese and bread will have a good time with McDonald’s grilled cheese. A Youtube user commented that McDonald’s grilled cheese was his entire childhood.

However, people are often disappointed because McDonald’s either forgets to remove the patty or the cheese is not melted enough.

McDonald’s shift manager commented on one of the Reddit posts that grilled cheese is very famous in his area, and they usually ring it as a cheeseburger with no meat and only cheese.

He added that the customer simply mentions grilled cheese and enjoys this menu item very quickly.

 Another McDonald’s fan suggested that if you want your grilled cheese to be perfect, you may need to ask politely and emphasize what ingredients you want.

Also, ask them to grill your buns and cheese really well, or else you will end up with a regular cheeseburger with unmelted cheese or not well-done buns.


I know many of you did not know that you could order a simple grilled cheese from McDonald’s but know when you know, why don’t you try ordering one for yourself?

There are other items, like McDonald’s Mc10:35 or McDonald’s Hash Brown McMuffin, which are not mentioned on the official menu. Still, if you are polite enough, you can easily pull off these secret menu items. 

Did you know that you can even order a birthday cake from McDonald’s secret menu?

We will be back with more secret and exciting information, and until then, you can check our detailed blog to know whether McDonald’s Biscuit and Gravy is still available. See you soon with something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does McDonald’s have grilled chicken?

Yes, McDonald’s has grilled chicken sandwiches. The grilled chicken sandwich consists of a chicken patty, lettuce, and mayonnaise on well-toasted buns. 

How many calories does grilled cheese have?

Grilled cheese has around 210 Kcal of calories.

How much does grilled cheese cost?

A grilled cheese can cost you around $0.99.The price may vary from location to location. If you are ordering online, the price will be the same as the cheeseburger.

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