Win A McDonald’s Gold Card This Holiday Season To Get Free Food For Life!

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Whenever we think of some good old fast food, nothing beats the regular meal of a cheeseburger and fries. While thinking about these fast food staples, one giant that may have struck everyone’s minds here is McDonald’s, of course! An even better news is that you can get a chance to enjoy free food for life from McDonald’s this holiday season! 

McDonald's Gold Card

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants all across the world and they have the best deals to offer from time to time. For this holiday season, you can have a chance to win a McDonald’s Gold Card, which will basically help you get free food from McDonald’s for life! 

Enjoying some scrumptious burgers and fries from McDonald’s once a week is usually a staple for many. Now imagine if you get to enjoy all of this for free! It may sound like a dream, but there is surely a way to make this dream come true quite easily! Step aside, Willy Wonka, McDonald’s has the gold cards now! Let us take a look at all about this Gold Card and how to win one of them in this article! 

What Is The McDonald’s Gold Card? 

If you remember seeing Willy Wonka, I am sure that just the idea of a gold card must sound really exciting! While the gold card from McDonald’s won’t let you enjoy a tour of their factory, there sure are a lot of perks that come with this little ticket! So, yes, it gives you access to free food, but what is it all about? 

The McDonald’s Gold Card is probably one of the best things that any fast food restaurant chain could ever come up with! This card gives you the opportunity to go to any McDonald’s location across the United States and grab anything from their menu for absolutely no charge at all! Yes, this is, indeed, regardless of the price of the menu items. 

How Can You Win A McDonald’s Gold Card? 

McDonald's Outlet

Well, now that you know all about this gold card, I am sure that you really cannot wait to win one of these right away! Is it really easy to win a Gold Card from McDonald’s, or is the process really tedious? Well, all I can say is that entering the draw is actually a very easy task; the rest, well, depends on how lucky you are! Here is how you can win yourself a Gold Card from McDonald’s, along with access to free food all your life!

Starting from December 5 until Christmas, McDonald’s is creating a promo called ‘SZN Of Sharing’ on their app. Hare, McDonald’s will be offering limited-time deals and a lot of merch as well. Some of the deals are for as little as $ 1! To win a gold card, every purchase done from the ‘SZN Of Sharing’ section of the app will enter you into the draw to win a McDonald’s Gold Card! 


McDonald’s has a special offer on their app from December 5th until Christmas, which is called ‘SZN Of Sharing’. Any purchase made under this section will enter you into a draw to win a McDonald’s Gold Card, which can give you access to free McDonald’s food for life! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the entry for the McDonald’s Gold card open for all? 

Yes, the entry for the McDonald’s Gold Card is open to all. 

Will everyone who buys something off their ‘SZN Of Sharing’ section win a gold card? 

No, this is a draw and McDonald’s is giving away only 4 Gold Cards, so if you are lucky enough, you can win one of them! 

What is the minimum amount of purchase that you would have to do to win a gold card? 

The minimum amount of purchase that you would have to do to win a gold card is $1 from their ‘SZN Of Sharing’ menu. 

Can the gold card be used at any location in the United States? 

Yes, the gold card can be used at any location across the United States to get free food. 

How long is the validity of this card? 

As per many claims, the McDonald’s Gold Card is valid for close to 50 years! 

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