McDonald’s Dinner Box | What’s Inside & Review

Are you too tired to prepare dinner? What else is better than having a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant: McDonald’s? McDonald’s menu offers great deals to its customers and with an amazing deal like the dinner bundle, who can say no. 

burgers, fries and nuggets

McDonald’s Dinner Box promotion offers two delicious Big Macs and two regular cheeseburgers. On the sides, you get an addition of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets and four small fries. You get all this food at the price of just $9.99.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Your favorite meals and that too at a discounted price just make a happy day! This deal creates an exciting order experience as it saves a lot of bucks for the customers. 

Instead of buying individual items, you can get varieties of food in a dinner bundle, also known as a family meal. These bundles are an apt choice for families and groups. 

Some of the outlets of McDonald’s dinner box offer the three most popular types of meals, including the McValue Bundle, the McFamily Bundle, and the McFavourites Bundle. 

Let’s move ahead and know about this amazing bundle box in detail. 

What Is McDonald’s Dinner Box?

big mac

I discussed this above but let me reiterate it here as well. In the McDonald’s Dinner Box, you get two delicious Big Macs, two regular cheeseburgers, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and four small fries. This bundle is available at the mind-bending price of just $9.99. 

Although there are various options for food items with distinct, fascinating combos, the McDonald’s dinner box always remains one of the most chosen options among customers. 

The offers of family meals have eventually increased the customer experiences for good. Moreover, the family bundle is the most effective and fastest way to introduce new food items on the menu. 

This offer thus eventually has a major effect on the customer’s experience and thus increases the trust in the brand.

What Comes In A McDonald’s Dinner Box? 

McDonald’s dinner box combines two of their most popular burgers, which are well accompanied by their famous fries and chicken nuggets. 

Here is a whole list of the food items you can get in this delicious dinner bundle

  • 2 Big Macs
  • 2 regular Cheeseburgers
  • 10-piece Chicken McNuggets
  • 4 small Fries

Let’s know about each food item and know about its individual texture and ingredients. 

1. Big Mac 

We all know that the most popular burger served by McDonald’s is Big Mac. It is a mouth-watering burger with two amazing pure beef patties in the middle.

The addition of lettuce and onions just adds to the crispiness of the texture and gives a fresh and sweet taste. In addition to this, the presence of pickle slices adds a savory, sweet, and tart taste to the burger. 

In the dinner bundle, you will get two delicious Big Macs. 

2. Cheeseburgers 

The cheeseburgers are loaded with the richness of pure beef patties that are seasoned with salt and pepper. 

Cheeseburgers are topped with delicious tangy pickle slices. These burgers are loaded with the flavors of mustard sauce, ketchup, and creaminess of American cheese slices. The Dinner Box boasts two of these amazing burgers. 

3. McNuggets

The most lovable food item served by McDonald’s is crispy, flavorful, and delicious McNuggets. Who does not admire the crispy nuggets? 

McNuggets have a perfect crispy texture from the outside and have a chicken core on the inside. You can enjoy these with dipping sauce or ketchup to enhance the flavors.  

In the dinner bundle, you will get 10 pieces of chicken McNuggets. 

4. Fries 

French fries are extremely scrumptious and have a perfect salty taste. 

These fries have a perfect golden brown color and crunch. You will get four small packs of French fries in this family meal. 

McDonald’s Dinner Box Price? 

Well, you don’t need to worry about the cost of the dinner box as it offers food items at cheaper rates. 

You can get the McDonald’s Dinner Box for just $9.99. This price is much cheaper than if you order these food items individually. 

The dinner box is such a fantastic deal for you as you get a huge discount. If you will buy individual items present in the dinner box, it will cost you around $27 to $28. You can now see the total amount you are going to save through this dinner box. 

McDonald’s Dinner Box Review

big mac

The dinner box served by McDonald’s has eventually created a lot of customer demand. This demanding dinner meal has helped the fast food chain to gain far-reaching popularity. 

People really love these combo meals as they make their pocket smile as well, as they don’t have to stand in a queue for a longer period to get different meals. 

Moreover, they can get their favorite meal at a discounted price. There is a huge demand for the dinner bundle among customers. 

Is McDonald’s Dinner Box Still Available? 

Unfortunately, these family meal deals are no more available. But there are few locations where these bundle deals are still offered. On the official website of McDonald’s in Australia, you can find three different varieties of dinner bundles. 

To get more accurate information and to check the availability of these dinner meals, you can call your nearby store or just check on their official website. 


Thus, if you and your family are looking for amazing food at a discounted price, the dinner box is the best option for you. You can mix and match the food items and choose whatever option you like. 

Rather than this dinner bundle deal, if you are looking for another amazing family combo, you can surely go for McDonald’s breakfast bundle deal, a $3 bundle, and a cheeseburger bundle deal

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