What’s McFloat Or McDonald’s Coke Float? | Let’s Find Out

McDonald’s offers a variety of drinks and beverages on their menu. One beverage option from McDonald’s that has taken the world by storm is their coke float, also known as McFloat. Let’s find out what the McFloat or McDonald’s Coke Float is, all in this detailed blog! 

What is McDonald's Coke Float?

McDonald’s Coke Float, also known as the McFloat, is an ice cream soda drink that got famous because of McDonald’s. It consists of a cold glass of Coke topped with a vanilla soft serve. This drink costs $ 2.49, which may vary from location to location. 

A few years ago, the hack of making your own Coke float at McDonald’s went viral on TikTok. Ever since people have loved and devoured this delicious combination! But it is also sad that something so popular is not readily available in the United States. 

But don’t you worry! In this informative article, you will get all answers to what this beverage is like, how much it costs, and much more! So, let’s dig in! 

What’s McFloat Or McDonald’s Coke Float? 

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McDonald’s Coke Float or McFloat is an ice cream soda drink consisting of a cold glass of Coke topped with a vanilla soft serve. The carbon dioxide bubbles in the Coke make the ice cream float on top, which is also where it gets its name. 

The McDonald’s Coke Float is called ‘Black Cow.’ This menu item is not officially on the McDonald’s menu in the United States. However, you will find it on their menu in many countries, like India and New Zealand. 

The Coke Float became a thing at McDonald’s in the United States ever since a TikTok about the same went viral. In the viral video, you can see user @sandraciresart, who showed how to make a Coke Float at McDonald’s, also known as ‘Black Cow.’ 

But it is alright! You can enjoy a Coke Float at McDonald’s in the United States, as it is still a part of their secret menu! With just a few hacks that we will get into later on, you can enjoy this delicious beverage at just about any McDonald’s location in the country! 

McDonald’s Coke Float Price

A McDonald’s Coke Float in the United States will cost $ 2.49.The price of the Coke float is an addition of the two items that are used to make it, which are a vanilla soft serve and a large Coke. 

The hack to making the perfect McDonald’s Coke float combines a large Coke and a vanilla soft serve. 

You can get two portions out of this combination or even one based on how much you like it. However, in any case, the overall cost will be as mentioned above since a large Coke costs $1.49, whereas a vanilla soft serve is $1.00. 

What Does The McDonald’s Coke Float Taste Like? 

McDonald’s Coke Float is a refreshing drink with a sweet and creamy flavor. This beverage is perfect for anyone who has a primary sweet tooth.

The drink became viral on TikTok because of just how surreal the combination of flavors is! So, if you haven’t tried a Coke Float from the McDonald’s secret menu yet, all reviews say you definitely should!

How To Order Coke Float At McDonald’s? 

How to order coke float at McDonalds

There are a few ways to order a Coke float at McDonald’s. There may be a few changes to this based on factors like where you are ordering from or if you would like to stick to the original recipe or make changes. Either way, the standard method to call yourself a Coke Float from McDonald’s secret menu is mentioned below. 

1. Order A Soft Serve, Coke, and Water

The two essentials needed to make yourself a Coke Float are a vanilla soft serve and a large Coke. You can also opt for a medium or small-sized Coke if you want your Coke Float to be extra creamy. 

However, the original hack is to get a large size, as that makes the perfect proportion. The water is to get an extra cup to assemble the Coke float. You can even ask them for an empty cup if they are willing to give you the same. 

But ensure that the cup of water and Coke have no ice. You can tell them the same if you are ordering all these items physically. But, if you are ordering via a kiosk, make sure that you add a note saying “No Ice.” 

2. Assemble The Coke Float

Once you have ordered everything, you must assemble the Coke float. This is precisely where the extra cup comes in handy! Ensure the extra cup is empty, then add half the Coke. 

Top the Coke off with half of the vanilla soft serve, and the rest can be added to the remaining Coke. There you have it! Not one, but two delicious Coke Floats to enjoy! If you want a large one all to yourself, drink some of the Coke to make space for the soft serve, then top it with the same! As easy as it gets!

McDonald’s Coke Float Review

What is coke float

Here is a review of the classic McDonald’s Coke Float from a reliable source: 

Per the platform Review Stream, the Coke float at McDonald’s is possibly one of the best combinations ever for someone with a sweet tooth and a love for cola. The combination makes an entirely over-the-top beverage, which is bound to make you happy! 

Further, they have also mentioned that the combination is perfect to rely on when you are not too hungry but just feeling peckish. They have mentioned that once they ordered a variety of a Coke float with French fries at McDonald’s, it was a delicious meal that was also filling. 

Is This How You Can Order A Root Beer Float? 

Yes, ordering a Root Beer Float is the same as a Coke Float. However, not all McDonald’s locations may serve root beer, so it also depends on the availability of the beverage. 

Like the Coke Float, the Root Beer Float is also a drink not officially a part of the McDonald’s menu. So, while coming up with this hack, people also made a lovely Root Beer Float, which many people love. However, although the process is just as simple, you can order a Root Beer Float at McDonald’s only if the store serves root beer

How To Make Coke Float Better? 

How to make coke float taste better

While experimenting to get that perfect Coke float, people ended up with quite a few fantastic hacks that made this delicious beverage even better! Here are some tips you can remember when ordering a Coke Float that will make it taste even better! 

  1. Don’t forget to get the extra cup! – If you add all of the soft serve ice cream as it is on top of the Coke Float, chances are it will get messy since the beverage will foam up quite a bit. So, it is best to get that extra cup, even if you want the whole portion to yourself! 
  2. Get A Large Coke – If you get a small or medium-sized Coke with a regular soft serve, it won’t taste the same. If you want a genuinely refreshing experience of the Coke Float, stick to a large-sized Coke. 
  3. Experiment! – Lastly, you can try the float with different soda flavors! As delicious as the Coke float is, you can swap out the Coke for options like Fanta Orange, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, or even Diet Coke! 


McDonald’s Coke Float is a deliciously refreshing combination of cold Coke topped with sweet and creamy soft serve. This beverage is not an official part of the McDonald’s menu in the United States. However, it is on the secret menu! 

The hack to order a McDonald’s Coke Float is also pretty easy, and if you haven’t yet, you surely should try this lovely beverage! Moreover, if you love experimenting with Coke, look at our McDonald’s Frozen Coke article! If you love indulging in secret menus, you will also love the McDonald’s Land, Air, Sea Burger, Grilled Cheese, and Poor Man’s Big Mac

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