McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts Review | Is It Any Good?

McDonald’s has a long history of offering delicious desserts. However, there is one dessert that was discontinued: cinnamon melts. It was discontinued because it was not making enough sales. Today, let’s learn about McDonald’s cinnamon melts review and whether it was good.

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts were a delicious and popular dessert item. They had a soft and flaky texture, sweet taste, and strong cinnamon flavor. Currently, they are not available on the menu as they were discontinued in 2020.  

Just like cinnamon melts, McDonald’s has discontinued various items from their menu. The apparent reason is the fast food chain wants to stay relevant with what customers want and constantly test new desserts and flavor additions. 

Now, let’s get into an in-depth review of the McDonald’s cinnamon melts. In this blog, I will share with you all the honest reviews of what other critics say about it and also tell about my personal experience with the same. So, please stick with me till the end!

What’s In A McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts?

What's In A McDonald's Cinnamon Melts

McDonald’s cinnamon melts were a sweet treat and quite popular among people of all ages. Want to know what they were made of?

Then, follow the ingredient list below:

  • Dough
  • Cinnamon
  • Cream Cheese Icing

How Does McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts Taste?

How Does McDonald's Cinnamon Melts Taste

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts are a sugary treat that instantly boosts your mood. They used to be served warm and had a hint of cinnamon. 

The cinnamon melts are dark browned dough pieces that are incredibly soft and chewy. The cream cheese frosting over it gives you a rich and creamy texture. You will find these melts a perfect dessert with a cinnamon touch. 

When I first tried the cinnamon melts, they were soft and melted in my mouth. On top of that, the cinnamon sugar coating over the dough added a bit of crunchiness and sweetness.  

The overall flavor was cinnamony and not overly sweet, but it was just the perfect combination. Let me break down an in-depth description of the flavor, texture, and taste of cinnamon melts with each ingredient:

  • Taste: Sweet cinnamony with a slight tanginess from the cream cheese frosting.
  • Flavor: The prominent flavor is cinnamon, but there are also notes of sugar, butter, and cream cheese.
  • Texture: Soft and fluffy, with a slight crunch on the outside.

What Do People Say About McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts?

What Do People Say About McDonald's Cinnamon Melts

After knowing the exact taste of the cinnamon melts, it’s time to understand what people felt about it when they had their first bite. Let’s get to know the reviews of some well-known websites and YouTube channels:

According to Impulsive Guy, “The McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts were sweet, but not sickly sweet like eating a Cinnabon or listening to hours of the Teletubbies talk, and they weren’t as messy as eating a Cinnabon since they were bite-sized and came with a fork.”

A famous food review website, The Brand Eating, said, “Cinnamon Melts are fairly bready and very sweet. The cream cheese icing is some potent stuff. They taste fine but generic, like something you could get anywhere.”

A YouTube channel, The Endorsement, reviewed, “They look okay, but they are all just stuck together. The up part is a bit hard. The taste of cinnamon is hot. It’s gooey, but these melts are overcooked and hard.”

Was McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts Good?

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts did give a good cinnamon kick, but they lacked texture. Some people found them to be too sweet, while others found the dough to be too tough.

According to most reviews, it was a decent choice on McDonald’s menu but could have been more exquisite. The flavor of cinnamon was good, and the small dough pieces were moderately soft. But my only complaint was McDonald’s could have done a better job by working on its overall taste by adding some unique flavor to it.

Above that, I found the cinnamon melts were crunchy on the outside. But the only minus point was that the melts were not so gooey and a bit sticky. Once they cooled down, the melts were hard to chew and didn’t stay soft for a long time. Other than that, it was a treat to try at least once.  

Are McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts Healthy?

Are McDonald's Cinnamon Melts Healthy

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts are not a healthy food choice. They are pretty sugary and also higher on the calorie side.

Check out the McDonald’s cinnamon melts nutritional information below table:

Calories460 kcal
Fat20 g
Carbohydrates66 g
Fiber3 g
Sugar19 g
Cholesterol25 mg
Protein6 g

The calorific profile of Cinnamon Melts could be more impressive. The dessert is high in calories and sugar content, instantly canceling this option. However, if you want to enjoy them, it’s best to have them in moderation as an occasional treat.

Can You Make A Better Version Of McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts At Home?

Can You Make A Better Version Of McDonald's Cinnamon Melts At Home

Yes, you can make a better version of Cinnamon Melts. Homemade Cinnamon Melts can offer a more personalized and healthier option. 

Since the original McDonald’s cinnamon melts are hard on the top, you can always make it softer by adding eggs and other ingredients. Also, adding butter to the dough will make them fluffy and soft. 

Moreover, it’s important not to overbake the cinnamon melts as it can make them dry and you will end up with a stiffer texture. Follow an easy cinnamon melts recipe that will help you recreate the gooey cinnamon melts at home.


We are at the end of this blog and discussed cinnamon melts. These cinnamon melts were quite a unique offering of McDonald’s and had the perfect flavor of cinnamon. 

Overall, people praised the menu item but wanted a few more edits for better texture. Moreover, we also talked about how to make it a better version of it. So, I hope you found your answers and are inspired to have one anytime soon. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did McDonald’s get rid of their Cinnamon Melts?

The simple reason is McDonald’s didn’t receive a good sales number for cinnamon melts. Hence, they decided to remove it from the menu.

What are McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts?

The McDonald’s cinnamon melts are a bunch of donut pieces of bread with cinnamon and sugar coating and cream cheese frosting. 

How many calories are in a Cinnamon Melt?

There are 460 calories in a cinnamon melt.

What are the unhealthiest McDonald’s items?

Hotcakes and sausages, breakfast platters, and a few burgers like Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and Chicken Sandwiches burgers that are high in calories are the unhealthiest items at McDonald’s.

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