McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts Calories | Is It Healthy?

The McDonald’s cinnamon melts were a beloved dessert item on McDonald’s official menu. However, they were discontinued in 2017, but people still search for them to see what they were all about. Keep reading to learn about McDonald’s cinnamon melts calories and why they are discontinued.

McDonald's Cinnamon Melts Ingredients

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts contains around 460 calories, 20g of fat, and 19g of sugar. The Cinnamon Melts cannot be considered a healthy menu item considering these nutritional figures. 

While the cinnamon melts are no longer available, McDonald’s still offers plenty of sweet treats and desserts. Fan favorites like McFlurry and hot fudge sundaes satisfy your sugar cravings. These dessert items are the perfect way to finish a meal, from thick shakes to decadent pies.

In the upcoming sections, we will investigate whether the discontinued cinnamon melts were an appropriate choice for occasional indulgence or best avoided. We will also explore why McDonald’s decided to remove them from the menu.

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts Ingredients

McDonald's Cinnamon Melts Ingredients

Want to know what these cinnamon melts were made of? If yes, then discover the ingredients of McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts below:

  • Dough
  • Cinnamon
  • Cream Cheese Icing

How Much Calories In McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts?

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts contain 460 calories per serving. If you want to know the complete nutritional values of cinnamon melts, then check the table below:

Calories460 kcal
Fat20 g
Carbohydrates66 g
Fiber3 g
Sugar19 g
Cholesterol25 mg
Protein6 g

As per the nutritional data, you can see that McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts contain high calories and sugar content. Since it’s a dessert item, it will also increase in carbohydrates and fat. 

Get your fast food fix without the guilt. Check out the nutrition menu of all the tasty options that McDonald’s offers.

Are McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts Healthy?

Are McDonald's Cinnamon Melts Healthy

No, McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts are not considered to be a healthy choice. They are high in calories, fat, and sugar. Moreover, Cinnamon Melts contain zero nutrients, so it’s an empty-calorie dessert. 

Eating a single serving of McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts would account for over 20% of an adult’s recommended saturated fat intake. Looking at the nutritional data, cinnamon melts are not worth it. 

Many McDonald’s food items contain fewer nutrients and a lot of preservatives; therefore, it could be better for your body. Because at the end of the day, you only put preservatives in your bodies. So, eat healthy, choose better options, and keep your fast food intake minimal.

Can You Still Get Cinnamon Melts At McDonald’s?

Can You Still Get Cinnamon Melts At McDonald's

No, McDonald’s discontinued Cinnamon Melts in 2017. The reason behind it is Cinnamon Melts were not a top-selling item. Moreover, they were relatively complex to make. They required multiple steps to get prepared and serve customers.  

Although, some people did online campaigns to bring back the cinnamon melts. But so far, McDonald’s has yet to announce any plans to do so. 

In addition, McDonald’s always looks to simplify its menu and often discontinues a few of the items that need to be received better by the customers. McDonald’s focuses on the most popular items that are profitable enough. 

Someone looking to relish these cinnamon melts can follow a homemade recipe. You can make a replica of it in less time.


To summarize the whole blog, McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts wasn’t a healthy choice. They were full of sugar and had a high fat content. Moreover, these cinnamon melts were only available until 2017. Later on, they were discontinued due to low sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many calories are in a McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts?

There are 460 calories in a McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts.

What are McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts?

Cinnamon Melts are donut pieces of bread with a cinnamon sugar glaze and cream cheese frosting. 

Why did McDonald’s get rid of their Cinnamon Melts?

McDonald’s discontinued their Cinnamon Melts because they weren’t the top-selling item on the menu.

How many carbs in a Cinnamon Roll from McDonald’s?

There are 92g of carbs in a Cinnamon Roll. 

How many calories are in a Cinnamon Roll without icing?

There will be 280 calories in a Cinnamon Roll without icing.

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