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McDonald’s isn’t just about fast food; it’s also about irresistible desserts. Among official desserts, secret menu items like Cinnamon Melt A La Mode was one of the chain’s creative dessert. We’ll see what it is and if it’s still available.

McDonald's Cinnamon Melt A La Mode

Cinnamon Melt A La Mode was a secret menu hack at McDonald’s. You could order Cinnamon Melts and vanilla soft-serve cone ice cream. They placed the Vanilla Soft-Serve Cone upside down on top of the hot Cinnamon Melts. This secret menu item was available at $2.99.

I have nearly ordered almost all McDonald’s desserts in my fast food quest. I found some of the best desserts like McFlurries, hot fudge sundae, and some hot desserts like Apple Pie. McDonald’s always pays attention to its sweet treats.

Today, we are going on a quest for a discontinued dessert item called Cinnamon Melt A La Mode. You can’t order this one since cinnamon melts are off the menu. But people still search for what this secretive item is. For them, here are complete details about what’s the menu hack and customer feedback.

What Is A McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt A La Mode?

McDonald's Cinnamon Melt A La Mode

A McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt a la Mode is a secret menu item that combines two of the chain’s most popular desserts: Cinnamon Melts and soft serve ice cream. 

These cinnamon melts are small, pastry-like rolls filled with a cinnamon sugar filling and topped with icing. They are mostly served warm and are a popular breakfast item. If you don’t know what goes in the cinnamon, melt a la mode, then discover the ingredient list as mentioned below:

  • Cinnamon Melts: Cinnamon melts are gooey dough made with flour, butter, eggs, and milk. The dough is rolled out and cut into pieces, and the cinnamon filling is placed in the center of each square. The squares are then folded up and baked until they are golden brown.  
  • Vanilla Soft Serve Cone: The soft serve cone is made with milk, cream, sugar, and other natural ingredients. It has a smooth and creamy texture with a rich vanilla flavor. 

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt A La Mode Price

You can get McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt A-La Mode at $2.99. The vanilla soft serve cone will be around $1, and the cinnamon melts will be available for $1.99.

However, the price of this item can vary depending on the location. Finding the exact cost at your local McDonald’s outlet would be best. 

Can You Buy The Cinnamon Melt A La Mode Normally?

No, you cannot buy the Cinnamon Melt A La Mode normally, as it is unavailable on the regular menu. Instead, you will have to customize it to get your order.

You can customize it by ordering cinnamon melts and vanilla soft-serve ice cream cones from McDonald’s original menu. To order this, follow a simple secret menu hack that will get your hands on this delectable dessert treat. 

How To Order The Cinnamon Melt A La Mode From The Secret Menu?

Discover a secret way of ordering cinnamon melt a la mode from the McDonald’s secret menu. Follow the easy steps below:

  1. Order a cinnamon melt from the menu at the McDonald’s counter.
  2. Then, order a vanilla soft serve cone.
  3. Once you receive the order, place the vanilla soft serve cone on top of the cinnamon melts. 
  4. Enjoy. 

McDonald’s Cinnamon Melt A La Mode Review

McDonald's Cinnamon Melt A La Mode Review

McDonald’s cinnamon melt-a-la mode has created hype amongst burger fans. This fantastic creation has got so much applause. Let’s see what other reviewers have to say about it. 

Spoon University says, “Chewy, warm, melt-in-your-mouth, McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts curb everyone’s sweet tooth.”

A YouTube channel, Travy The Great, mentioned, “A warm cinnamon and ice cream, a nice combo. The ice cream was nice, fresh, and cold. But I am a little disappointed with the cinnamon, though. The cinnamon note was supposed to be stronger, but it was not.”

It’s a delicious dessert that will surely be a hit for someone with a sweet tooth. The cinnamon melts are bite-sized pieces of cinnamon bread coated in a sweet cinnamon sugar glaze. 

They are served warm and gooey and have a decent cinnamon flavor. The vanilla soft-serve ice cream is cold and creamy, and it provides a perfect contrast to the warm and gooey cinnamon melts.

When you combine the cinnamon melts with the vanilla soft-serve ice cream, you get a sweet and refreshing dessert. The cinnamon sugar glaze from the cinnamon melts into the ice cream, creating a delicious and decadent flavor. 

The Cinnamon Melt a la Mode is also very visually appealing. I would give Cinnamon Melts A La Mode 3.5 stars out of 5.


Summing up everything, McDonald’s cinnamon melts a la mode is one of the tempting treats on the secret menu. They pair the warm and gooey cinnamon goodness with a creamy and cold vanilla soft serve that boosts your mood. 

We have also covered various other secret menu items that are as tempting as this one. You can find a decadent Caramel Apple Sundae, a unique combination of a few secretive elements. Then, we also checked out the Apple Pie McFlurry, a nice blend of ice cream and apple pie.

We also discovered McLeprechaun shake, one of the best-hidden treasures on the McDonald’s menu. Lastly, remember to find everything about Orange Creamsicles, again a refreshing secret item for you. All these options are tasty in their way. So, get ready to go to McDonald’s and find these super exceptional hidden items to try. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts?

Cinnamon melts is a dessert treat with a bunch of donut pieces of bread with a sugar glaze and cream cheese frosting. 

What is the price of McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts A La Mode?

The price of Cinnamon Melts A La Mode is around $2.99.

How do I order a Cinnamon Melt a la Mode?

To order a Cinnamon Melt a la Mode, go to the McDonald’s counter and order Cinnamon Melts and a Vanilla Soft Serve Cone. Once you have received your order, place the Vanilla Soft Serve Cone on top of the Cinnamon Melts.

Are McDonald’s Cinnamon Melts discontinued?

Yes, cinnamon melts were discontinued in 2018 due to low sales. 

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