Chicken Big Mac | Is It Still Available?

Out of the vast menu, McDonald’s has offered over all these years, their best-selling burger remains the Big Mac! But did you know that this beefy delight has a chicken counterpart? Yes, I am talking about the Chicken Big Mac! Let’s find out if it is still available! 

Chicken Big Mac | Is It Still Available?

Chicken Big Mac is the chicken counterpart of a Big Mac Burger. It consists of buns, Big Mac sauce, lettuce, cheese, and two chicken patties. It is yet to be available in the United States. 

The Big Mac from McDonald’s is a pioneer of fast food burgers because of its delicious combination of ingredients and flavors. Since it first appeared on the McDonald’s menu, customers have loved it! Similarly, every country serving a Chicken Big Mac has managed to remain one of its top sellers!

So, this burger has not made a permanent mark in the United States yet. But, by the time you are done reading this informative article, you will know why it isn’t on the US menu yet and how you can get one at your closest McDonald’s! 

What Is A Chicken Big Mac? 

What is a chicken big mac

A Chicken Big Mac consists of two crispy coated chicken patties, made with all chicken breast meat, layered between three slices of bun and a slice of cheese, lettuce, pickles, and the classic McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce. 

As you can see, there is little difference between the classic Big Mac made with beef and a Chicken Big Mac. The sauces, fillings, and how the burgers are assembled remain the same. 

However, one difference between the two versions is that while the patties for the original Big Mac are grilled, the ones for the Chicken Big Mac are fried, similar to what you would find in a McChicken Burger. 

Does A Chicken Big Mac Exist? 

Yes, a Chicken Big Mac does exist. Although it may sound a little bizarre, this poultry-based Big Mac is a famous burger at McDonald’s in many countries other than the United States! 

Since many people prefer white meat options rather than red meat, McDonald’s came up with this delicious version of the Big Mac that is free of beef. This also works in favor of those who want to enjoy a Big Mac but don’t eat beef for religious reasons. 

Moreover, in the summer of 2022, Chicken Big Mac had a brief stint in the United States! However, this was limited to just a few locations in Miami. Although it had a fantastic run at these locations, the burger has yet to return to the United States officially. 

Is The Chicken Big Mac Available Everywhere? 

Is the chicken big mac available everywhere

The Chicken Big Mac is available in some countries with McDonald’s. The Chicken Big Mac is currently limited to the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, and Qatar. 

This delicious burger was also available in Canada for a limited time, just earlier in 2023. However, it was again for a limited time. But, unlike the United States, this burger was available at several locations in Canada, rather than just one, even for a limited time. 

Sadly, people in the United States may get lucky if McDonald’s brings it back to Canada. Well, this is if they remain near the Northern Border! Otherwise, as of now, McDonald’s has yet to make any announcement of bringing back the Chicken Big Mac on their menu as a permanent offering. 

Why Is Chicken Big Mac Not Available In The United States? 

McDonald’s has, as such, yet to give a reason why the Chicken Big Mac is unavailable in the United States. But, it primarily concerns supply and demand since the Chicken Big Mac was supposed to be a part of the menu for a limited time. 

Although McDonald’s did a test run at some selected locations in Miami in 2022, the burger has never made a permanent or official appearance on the menu across the USA. The demand has made McDonald’s UK bring back their Chicken Big Macs! 

It may seem like a shocker that the United States is the birthplace of McDonald’s, but it has yet to have some fantastic burgers available in other countries.

Although McDonald’s has yet to make an official statement about why this burger is not a part of their menu in the United States, it could have something to do with supply and demand. We hope that it becomes an official part of the menu very soon! 

Can You Replace Beef Patties In A Big Mac With Chicken Patties In The USA? 

Can you replace beef patties with chicken for big mac

No, you cannot replace the beef patties in a Big Mac with Chicken patties. But, although you cannot officially ask the staff at McDonald’s to change the patties in a Big Mac, there is a hack that customers come up with to make a DIY Big Mac Chicken.

Making a DIY Big Mac Chicken is simple. All you have to do is order a Big Mac and two McChicken sandwiches. Once you have them all ready, replace the beef patties in the Big Mac with the chicken patties, and voila, there you have your very own Big Mac Chicken! 

This is a beautiful hack that some customers came up with, as they could not wait until McDonald’s officially released Big Mac Chicken in the United States. Moreover, if you cannot decide between beef and chicken patties in a Big Mac as they are both delicious, there is another lovely hack too! 

The McDonald’s secret menu consists of a delicious burger called Big McChicken, letting you enjoy both types of meat simultaneously! 

Here is how you can order yourself a Big McChicken from their secret menu:

  1. Order a Big Mac along with three McChicken Sandwiches. 
  2. Replace the buns in the Big Mac with the chicken patties in the McChicken Sandwiches. 
  3. There you have your meaty delight burger to devour! 

Do People Like The Chicken Big Mac? 

Do people like chicken big mac

As far as the reviews for Chicken Big Mac go, they have been mixed. 

While quite a few people loved the combination of chicken patties with classic Big Mac ingredients, a large number of people also preferred the original Big Mac instead. 

To better understand what people think of Chicken Big Mac, let us look at some of the reviews that people have given about the same. Since Chicken Big Mac made a very brief stint in the United States, there are few reviews about the same. But here is what the people of our neighborhood, Canada have to say about this burger. 

MLT Blog has mentioned in their review that the Chicken Big Mac is not worth the hype. Further, they have even said that. 

“The chicken patty was far too thin, which, sure, emulates the thinness of the beef patty, but if you’re expecting a McChicken-sized chicken patty, you’re in for a disappointing surprise. Because of how thin the chicken was, it got lost amongst the chaos of the other ingredients in every bite. I couldn’t make out what I was eating at times.”

This is the review that Victoria News gave about this burger, “Overall, we were expecting a McChicken patty (with the seasonings), but instead, it tasted more like a flattened chicken nugget smothered with bun and sauce.” 

But there have also been positive reviews about the burger! Daily Hive mentioned in their review that “The Chicken Big Mac is a solid choice the next time you find yourself at a McDonald’s.” 

Other than these reviews, most people in the UK have also had great reviews about the same. So, people are divided over how much or how little they like this burger. The best way to find out is to try one for yourself the next time you are in Canada or when the burger officially makes its grand entry in the United States!


Despite some of the mixed reviews this exceptional burger has received, the Chicken Big Mac is something quite a few people have eagerly awaited to try! The combination of crispy and delicious chicken patties with all classic Big Mac ingredients does make for a fantastic burger. 

Although McDonald’s in the United States has yet to announce when this burger will be available on its menu, we hope it happens quickly! Other than that, we can all stick to some different wacky versions of the Big Mac, like the Grand Big Mac, Poor Man’s Big Mac, and Big Mac n Cheese!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Chicken Big Mac the same as a regular Big Mac? 

Yes, the two burgers are identical regarding ingredients other than the beef and chicken patties. 

Are the patties in Chicken Big Mac grilled? 

No, the patties in a Chicken Big Mac are not grilled but fried. 

Is the Chicken Big Mac still available in Canada? 

No, the Chicken Big Mac was available in Canada for a limited time.

When will the Chicken Big Mac be available in the United States?

No such announcement has been made about when this burger will be available in the United States. 

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