McDonald’s BTS Meal | What’s Inside It & Review

Fast Food and Music are great on their own but when together, they truly are a phenomenal combination! One such combination that was considered to be the best collaboration ever, was when McDonald’s came up with the BTS meal! 

McDonald's BTS meal

McDonald’s BTS meal is a collaboration between the fast food giant and the K-Pop band, BTS. This collaboration consists of a meal that has the best of McDonald’s and Korean flavors combined together, which fans truly love! 

Ever since McDonald’s first opened, they have been doing a lot of experiments to make sure that their customers are as happy as possible! Considering that, the fast food chain has been doing some collaborations with famous artists. 

Considering how big of a fast food chain McDonald’s is, these collaborations have always turned out to be the best! A few such examples are when McDonald’s collaborated with Saweetie, over the years, they have also collaborated with Travis Scott, and J Balvin, which were also loved by customers everywhere!

McDonald’s Saweetie Meal was a sensation, but so is the BTS meal! So, in this article, we will be talking about the BTS meal from McDonald’s in detail, so make sure you read right till the end! 

What’s Inside The McDonald’s BTS Meal? 

Whats inside the bts meal

McDonald’s BTS meal combines the best of American and Korean flavors together, which have been approved by the band members themselves. Let’s take a look at what these flavors exactly are and what goes about in this meal, all in all. 

The McDonald’s BTS Meal consists of a combination of the band member’s go-to orders, which makes it so much more exciting! This meal has a portion of perfectly fried and crispy chicken nuggets, a total of 10 pieces. 

Along with that, this meal also has a medium portion of coke and fries. All of this may sound great already, but the final items in this meal are sweet chili and Cajun sauces, which give it the real Korean flavor and make the meal what it is! 

McDonald’s BTS Meal Price

The price of a BTS meal from McDonald’s is $ 10. This is the official price of this menu item, however, it can vary slightly from one place to another. This also depends on whether you have any add-ons to the meal. 

McDonald’s is one of those places where all the menu prices are very reasonable. So, this may seem slightly steep compared to the rest of the menu items that McDonald’s has to offer. But, it surely is an experience that is worth trying! 

McDonald’s BTS Review

BTS Meal review

In most cases, when McDonald’s comes up with limited edition menu items, especially if collaborating with artists like BTS, you would expect it to be a blast amongst the customers. But, on an honest note, the BTS meal from McDonald’s has been a hit and a miss, for quite a lot of people.

Some people did have really great things to say about the packaging of the meal. The whole purple bag and the decor really worked well for most. However, it is eventually all about what is in the bag, and that, for some reason, was not too impressive. 

Most people have mentioned in their reviews that there is not much that pays homage to the Korean pop band. The only thing that saved the meal was the dipping sauces, which carried the Korean flavor.

However, sadly everything else was the same as regular McDonald’s food. Some people also came up with suggestions on how to improve the flavor of the nuggets and give them a Korean taste. So, all in all, it was a miss in terms of creativity, for most people. 

Is The McDonald’s BTS Meal Available Now? 

McDonalds BTS meal

Regardless of what people had to say about this meal, it surely is an experience worth trying. This is especially true if you are a fan of the K-Pop band itself! However, the real question is whether you can still enjoy this meal!

The BTS Meal from McDonald’s is sadly not a part of their menu anymore. This meal was available only from May 2021, until June 2021. Also, as of now, there is no news on when BTS and McDonald’s will collaborate again. 


A collaboration with McDonald’s is surely something that most musicians would like and BTS really got the best one! Although the meal was a hit and a miss, it was still something that most people enjoyed quite a lot, especially true BTS fans. 

McDonald’s comes up with collaborations with celebrities every now and then. There was also an unofficial collaboration of Kanye West with McDonald’s, the details of which are surely worth checking out here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What did the McDonald’s BTS meal consist of? 

The McDonald’s BTS meal consisted of 10 pieces of chicken nuggets, medium fries, medium coke, and also cajun and sweet chili dipping sauces. 

How much did the BTS meal cost? 

The BTS meal from McDonald’s is $ 10. 

Is the BTS meal still available at McDonald’s? 

No, it was available just for a limited time and sadly is not a part of the menu anymore. 

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