McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Their Iconic Boo-Buckets For Halloween 2022!

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McDonald’s is surely one of the most iconic fast food places of all time. We all have memories attached to this food giant, whether they are about their food or the toys we get as happy meals. If you also really loved the special toys that McDonald’s released for Halloween, then you will surely be happy to know that their Boo-Buckets are back this year! 

McDonald's Boo Buckets

The Boo-Buckets, or Halloween Pails, were a classic Halloween toy at McDonald’s, released back in 1986. Although they went through a lot of tweaking with their design, these buckets were eventually discontinued in 2016. This year, they will be making a comeback as a part of their happy meal! 

It doesn’t matter if you call them Boo-Buckets or Halloween pails; I am sure that many of you are happy to know that these little toys are making a comeback this year! Many of you may remember them being a part of their Halloween special toys every year, but they were also discontinued later. Now that they are back, let us take a look at how exactly they have changed over the years and when they will be available. 

The Return Of Boo-Buckets

Evolution Of McDonald's Boo Buckets

As you know already, these buckets were first introduced back in 1986. Back then, these buckets were all the same color, which were orange. However, over the years, they have improved the design of these buckets quite a lot and even more so after they were initially discontinued. 

With the newer version of the Boo-Buckets, you can get one of the three characters, which are McPunk’n – the orange pumpkin, McBoo – the white ghost, and yes, McGoblin – the green witch. The designs are clean and better, compared to the ones introduced before, and are also multipurpose! Well, the whole point behind these buckets is that they can be used for trick-or-treating and also for a lot of other things once Halloween is over! 

Where And When Will The Boo Buckets Be Available? 

McDonald's Boo Buckets Cost

I am sure that now, after knowing all about the return of the Boo-Buckets, most of you cannot wait to get your hands on them. Well, of course, how can anyone ever miss out on something so adorable and spooky at the same time? 

So, with these Boo-Buckets, you won’t have to worry about where you can grab them, as they will be available at all McDonald’s outlets across the United States. The Boo-buckets will be available from October 18th until October 31st or until supplies last! 

How Much Do The Boo-Buckets Cost? 

How Much Do The Boo Buckets Cost?

These surely are a great addition to your collection of McDonald’s toys! But, it eventually all comes down to one thing, which is, yes, the cost of these pails. Considering how well-designed these pails are, I am sure that many of you may wonder if they are really expensive. 

Well, all I would like to say is that they cost just as much as a happy meal does! Since the Boo-Buckets are a part of the Halloween happy meal deal, you don’t need to pay extra for them! They are a part of your meal, which on average, should cost somewhere between $5- $7, depending on what you order. 

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McDonald’s has relaunched their Boo-Buckets or Halloween pails this year. These pails were first launched in 1986 and then discontinued in 2016. After a lot of tweaking with their designs, they are back this year and available until the end of Halloween or till supplies last. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the Boo-Buckets be available at McDonald’s? 

The Boo-Buckets will be available at McDonald’s from October 19th until October 31st. 

Will the Boo-Buckets be available at all McDonald’s locations? 

Yes, the Boo-Buckets will be available at all McDonald’s locations across the United States. 

Do you need to pay extra for these Boo-Buckets? 

No, as they are a part of the McDonald’s Happy meal, you wouldn’t have to pay extra for these Boo-Buckets. Just what you would pay for the Happy Meal.

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