McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos Review | Good Breakfast Option?

McDonald’s breakfast menu is one of the most popular breakfast menus worldwide. One of its best selling items is McDonald’s breakfast burrito. But is it good? Find the answer in this article about McDonald’s breakfast burrito review!

Yes, McDonald’s breakfast burrito is a good item to enjoy for breakfast. It has been popular since its introduction, loaded with ooey-gooey melted cheese, scrambled eggs, and sausage.

Thus, at McDonald’s, you can walk in during the breakfast hours to enjoy this sumptuous offering and other items. Moreover, as you go, you will also find out whether the breakfast burrito is healthy and can make it at home. 

What’s In A McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito?

McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos

We will get to the reviews of McDonald’s breakfast burritos shortly. But, before that, let’s find out what ingredients it contains.

McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito Ingredients

  1. Scrambled Egg Sausage And Vegetable Mix: Whole Eggs, Pork, Tomatoes, Skim Milk, Soybean Oil, Green Chilies, Onions, Modified Corn Starch, Spices, Salt, Water, Natural Flavors, Sugar, Rosemary Extract
  2. Flour Tortilla: Enriched Flour, Water, Shortening, Sugar, Leavening (baking Soda, Corn Starch), Salt, Vital Wheat Gluten, Dough Conditioner
  3. Pasteurized Process American Cheese: Milk, Cream, Water, Sodium Citrate, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Citric Acid, Enzymes, Soy Lecithin, Color Added.

How Does A McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito Taste?

McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos

The flavor of McDonald’s breakfast burritos is savory and umami. They are mildly seasoned with green chilies, adding to the overall flavor. 

McDonald’s breakfast burritos are made with fluffy eggs and pork sausage, which are the winning elements of the burrito. You can tell that immediately after you take your first bite.

Then comes the mild flavor of the onions and veggies, which adds to the overall taste profile but subtly. While the eggs, sausages, and veggies play their parts well, the melted American cheese does the magic. 

It not only gives the burrito its unique flavor but also provides it with a lovely texture. These ingredients are wrapped in a warm and soft tortilla, which adds little texture to the burrito but creates an even consistency. 

Finally, the burritos are served with hot sauce to enhance their flavor. Here is where the majority of the taste comes from. However, the burritos are also a good alternative for breakfast.

What Do People Say About The McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito?

McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos

McDonald’s breakfast burrito has received mixed reactions from customers over time. While some feel it is the ultimate breakfast option on the menu, others find it challenging.

According to the Insider: “As far as burritos go, breakfast burritos are the least exciting, in my opinion. However, other people feel differently.”

Per Team Venom: “McDonald’s breakfast burrito is a true triumph of fast food science. You merely tell a speaker box “number seven with a black coffee.” Two minutes later, you have something resembling food.”

Furthermore, Eater describes the burrito: “Packaged in sets of two like the Gray’s Papaya Recession Special, these breakfast burritos are perhaps the world’s most efficient delivery system for egg, meat, cheese, and tortilla.”

According to Mashed: “Breakfast burritos are maybe the most perfect little bundles of breakfast any establishment can serve, but compared to the many other options on the McDonald’s breakfast menu, this is worth skipping. McDonald’s introduced the sausage burrito in 1991, and you’d think they’d have it perfected by now, but not.”

Contrary to their opinion, a Twitter user writes: “McDonald’s breakfast burrito with the hot picante sauce is the best thing since they have no cap.”

Another one wrote: “I crave McDonald’s breakfast burrito every second.”

A third one wrote: “Coming home at 6:30 am after a night of pregame, clubbing, and karaoke, and a McDonald’s breakfast burrito is a whole different mood …I will not be leaving my house in the next 48 hours.”

YouTube users also shared similar thoughts. One user wrote: “I just wish they were available all day because I rarely eat breakfast out.”

Another one wrote: “I worked at McDonald’s Long ago. I made these every morning. I love them! I used to open them up and take a hash brown, cut it in half lengthwise, and put half of the hash brown in each burrito with some salsa.”

What Are My Thoughts On McDonald’s Burrito?

McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos

McDonald’s breakfast burritos have indeed received conflicting reactions. While some people enjoy it, others prefer to avoid it. Do you want to know what I think about it? Here you go:

McDonald’s breakfast burritos are an okay item on the menu compared to the others. That’s because they lack flavor. The saving grace is the sauce that comes along with it. 

Aside from taste, I prefer meals with contrasting textures that combine to create a pleasing mouthfeel. In this regard, the McDonald’s breakfast burrito does not appeal to me. Their general texture is consistent. As a result, a crunchy component within them could assist in saving the soggy softness.

With a few changes, McDonald’s breakfast burritos have the potential to become a staple for me. But I’d still go for the McGriddle or biscuits and sausage. Therefore, we give McDonald’s breakfast burrito three stars.

Is McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito Healthy?

McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos

No, McDonald’s breakfast burrito is not healthy. It comes with a high calorie and sodium content. However, it doesn’t affect your health when eaten in moderation.

For a better understanding of its nutritional profile, here is the nutritional value of McDonald’s breakfast burrito.

Calories310 Cal
Carbohydrates25 g
Protein13 g
Fat17 g
Saturated Fat7 g
Cholesterol170 mg
Sodium800 mg
Potassium170 mg
Fiber1 g
Sugar2 g

To understand these nutritional values better, look at our detailed article on McDonald’s breakfast burrito calories

Can You Make A Better Version Of The McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito At Home?

McDonald’s Breakfast Burritos

You can make a better version of McDonald’s breakfast burrito at home. You can do so by opting for healthier and better ingredients to make it comparably healthy.

For example, you can try whole wheat or multigrain tortillas instead of a regular flour tortilla. Moreover, the McDonald’s breakfast burrito includes diced bell peppers and onions. You can, however, add or substitute other vegetables according to your preference.


McDonald’s breakfast burritos have been a popular item on the breakfast menu. However, it has received mixed reviews from customers. Although it tastes decent, it is bland compared to the other menu options.

Therefore, McDonald’s breakfast burritos can be hit or miss. So, after reading this review, if you are wondering what to order from McDonald’s breakfast menu, I recommend you take a look at some other delicious options like McDonald’s McGriddle, McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin Review, McDonald’s Steak, Egg, and Cheese Bagel, and McDonald’s Pancakes.

These reviews will help you decide the best option for you regarding what tastes better and how healthy it is for you.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Are McDonald’s breakfast burritos good?

Yes, McDonald’s breakfast burritos are good.

What are McDonald’s breakfast burritos made of?

McDonald’s breakfast burritos are made with scrambled eggs, pork sausages, onions, veggies, cheese, and tortillas.

Are McDonald’s breakfast burritos healthy?

No, McDonald’s breakfast burritos are not healthy to eat daily.

Can we make McDonald’s breakfast burritos at home?

Yes, you can make McDonald’s breakfast burritos at home.

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