McDonald’s Breakfast Bundle | What’s Inside & Review

From meals and combos to different bundles, McDonald’s has always come up with interesting offers on their menu. One such amazing offer was the McDonald’s breakfast bundle. 

McDonald's bundle

McDonald’s breakfast bundle included your favorite breakfast items like McDonald’s hash browns, McDonald’s sausage McMuffin, and McDonald’s sausage biscuit. You could get this bundle at an excellent discounted price of $2.29.

This price is amazing considering that  it is less than the price of hash browns separately. How amazing is that!

You could easily mix and match hash browns with McDonald’s sausage McMuffins or even pair it with McDonald’s sausage biscuits and make your own breakfast bundle. This deal is desirable, primarily because of its price.

Many of you may be familiar with this exclusive deal, but let’s explore all the aspects of the McDonald’s breakfast bundle. Stick with me till the end, and we shall clear out all the ifs and buts with a lot more insights.

What Is McDonald’s Breakfast Bundle?

Breakfast Bundle

McDonald’s breakfast bundle is an amazing McDonald’s combo meal which mixes and bundles a few items from their breakfast menu.

The purpose of introducing the McDonald’s breakfast bundle was to lure customers into having breakfast from McDonald’s, and this particular idea was a success. 

Most of us love hashbrowns, and pairing it with sausage biscuit or Sausage McMuffin at a discounted price is just the cherry on the cake. 

Obviously, McDonald’s always brings offers and deals from time to time and experiments with customers and the market. For those of you curious as to what do you actually get in breakfast bundle, keep scrolling!

What Comes In A McDonald’s Breakfast Bundle? 

This breakfast bundle is unique because all the items are only available during the breakfast hours. Those in a hurry every morning can skip the part of deciding what to eat and simply order this incredible bundle. 

The items in the breakfast bundle include- 

  • McDonald’s Hash Browns
  • McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin
  • McDonald’s Sausage Biscuit.

It is a really subtle bundle that combines all your favorite breakfast items. You can easily choose any two, and you won’t be disappointed. 

A good tip is to include hash browns along with your sausage biscuit/ McMuffin. Ask the McDonald’s employee to make them well done for extra crunch in the morning. Let’s glance at its price, shall we? 

McDonald’s Breakfast Bundle Price? 

The McDonald’s breakfast bundle costs around $2.29. Yes, yes, you heard it right. You could get any two of the mentioned breakfast items at such a low price. I might have mentioned this more than twice, but you get my excitement, right? 

If you buy McDonald’s hash browns separately, it will cost you $3.79, and if you add sausage biscuit or Sausage McMuffin, your bill goes above $7. So now you know why this breakfast bundle is a real deal. 

McDonald’s Breakfast Bundle Review

McDonald's bundle

McDonald’s Breakfast bundle is obviously a great deal. You can easily stuff yourself without spending much. All the three options in the bundle pair well with each other. 

When it comes to the price, obviously, the bundle is a super saver for your pocket. 

If you ask me, I really loved this bundle not only because it was pocket friendly but also because it was fulfilling without compromising on the flavors. As McDoanld’s says ‘Do Breakfast right’. With this bundle you can actually do your breakfast the right way.

Is McDonald’s Breakfast Bundle Still Available?

McDonald's bundle

Unfortunately, McDonald’s breakfast bundle is not available anymore, and there has yet to be an official notification whether McDonald’s will bring this super-saving offer back. 

For sure, those of you who have tried this fantastic pocket friendly breakfast option want this to make a comeback desperately; let the prayers go on because any wish can come true. 

If McDonald’s re-launches the breakfast bundle or announces a similar pocket friendly bundle, I will be the first one to run and tell you.

Meanwhile, you can visit the Mcdonald’s outlet and check their ongoing deals and offers. McDonald’s often introduces different bundles or meals and combos.


McDonald’s breakfast bundle may not be available right now, but you could always try bundle items separately or look for other offers and deals.

McDonald’s has various bundles like McDonald’s $3 bundle, McDonald’s cheeseburger bundle, or McDonald’s dinner box, which are again super friendly to your pocket. We will be back with more information related to McDonald’s.

Until then, order a well-done hashbrown for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does McDonald’s still have breakfast bundles?

No, McDonald’s does have breakfast bundles in the current date and there is no official announcement if this is coming back. 

Does McDonald’s have any  family bundles?

McDonald’s did have various bundles offers and deal and one of them was family bundle at $21 which had McDonald’s Filet-o-fish, Big Mac, 9 pieces Chicken Nuggets, McSpicy, 4 pieces of McWings, 3 medium fries, 2 apple pies and 3 coca cola. Unfortunately, it is not available as it was introduced only for a limited time.

What is McDonald’s 2  for $3 breakfast bundle?

McDonald’s $2 breakfast bundle had hashbrowns and sausage burrito which you could enjoy at a discounted price of $3.

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