What Is The Biggest McDonald’s Burger | Let’s Find Out

McDonald’s has many famous menu items bigger than their standard burgers or sandwiches, like their iconic Big Mac burger and quarter pounder burger with cheese. But among all these, what is the McDonald’s biggest burger? Let’s find out.

What Is The Biggest McDonald's Burger

The biggest McDonald’s burger is the double quarter pounder with cheese. It’s a double-layered burger with two big beef patties, buns, and other contents. 

Speaking of big burgers at McDonald’s, they also introduced a supersize option in 1990. McDonald’s offered bigger-size fries and soft drinks compared to the large-size provided meals. Moreover, the McDonald’s menu also offers various other big burgers on their secret menu, like Monster Mac, Grand big mac, etc. 

This article will discover the size difference and calorie counts behind these famous Big Mac burgers and quarter-pounder burgers. Moreover, we will also talk about other secret menu burgers which are bigger. So, let’s discover. 

Biggest McDonald’s Burger On The Official Menu

Biggest McDonald's Burger On The Official Menu

The biggest McDonald’s burger on the menu is a double-quarter pounder with cheese.  

The double quarter pounder on McDonald’s original menu contains two beef patties and is a two-layered burger. It’s a bigger burger on the menu, considering the size of the burger, weight, height, meat content, and bun size. 

The big mac burger is the second giant and triple-layered burger. It consists of two beef patties which are small in size. 

One of the former employees mentioned that a double quarter pounder has two pieces of the larger meat and two pieces of bread. A standard Big Mac burger has two pieces of smaller meat and three slices of bread.

If you order a double quarter pounder with two patties, that’s now 1/2 pound of meat. That’s more meat than the 1/5 pound in the Big Mac. 

Stating that it’s confirmed that the double quarter pounder burger is bigger than the big mac burger in terms of meat content and weight of the burger. 

Which Is Bigger: A Big Mac or Quarter Pounder?

The double quarter pounder burger is more significant in size than the big mac burger and has bigger meat patties. 

A double quarter-pounder cheeseburger is more enormous because of various factors. Here is a different table that suggests these two burgers’ factors.

FeatureDouble Quarter Pounder With CheeseBig Mac Burger
Height4.25 inches4.50 inches
Weight6.8 oz5.3 oz
Patty Size4 oz each1.6 oz each
Bun Size9 inches9.5 inches
Other ContentsKetchup, mustard, lettuce, pickles, onionsSpecial sauce, lettuce, pickles, onions

Looking at the quarter-pounder vs. Big Mac size battle, both burgers have two beef patties; the quarter-pounder patties weigh more than the Big Mac patties. 

This is because quarter-pounder beef patties weigh around 4 oz, totaling eight oz. While the Big Mac burger patties weigh around 1.6 oz, totaling 3.2 oz. This data shows that a double-quarter burger has more meat content than a Big Mac. 

Hence, the double quarter pounder wins on three features compared to the big mac burger. Therefore, a double quarter-pounder wins the battle. 

Does McDonald’s Have A Bigger Version Of The Big Mac?

Yes, McDonald’s does have a bigger version of the Big Mac called the Grand Big Mac. The Grand Big Mac burger was introduced in 2019 and is a larger version of the Big Mac burger. 

It has all the same ingredients as the Big Mac burger but is more extensive. The beef patties are ⅓ pound each, which is about 1.5 times the size of the patties in a Big Mac. Even the buns are more significant in length, with two slices of cheese instead of one. 

As you can see, the Grand Big Mac burger is a significantly larger burger than Big Mac, and it also has more calories. The Grand Big Mac burger contains about 740 calories, whereas the Big Mac burger only contains about 590 calories.  

Biggest McDonald’s Burger On The Secret Menu

Biggest McDonald's Burger On The Secret Menu

You can get many more giant burgers from McDonald’s secret menu. Some are even larger than double quarter pounders and Big Mac burgers. So, let’s find them out.

1. Land, Sea, And Air Burger

Land, sea, and air burgers are truly decadent burgers. It’s big and an excellent choice for people with good appetites. Moreover, to order this large-size burger, order a filet-o-fish burger, one McChicken, and one Cheeseburger. Disassemble them so you can have each burger’s ingredients in the middle of the sandwich. Talking about size, it’s around 3.5 inches long and has approximately 1330 calories.   

2. Monster Mac

The monster mac burger is one of the biggest burgers on McDonald’s secret menu. This burger is a giant version of the Big Mac burger. It features eight beef patties and traditional Big Mac burger toppings like onions, cheese, pickles, and special sauce. 

Additionally, the burger weighs about 1.5 pounds and is 10 inches long. It has about 1480 calories.  

To order a monster mac burger, tell the server to get a Big Mac burger and add eight beef patties. There you go! Monster Mac burger is ready. Oh, by the way! Even the calorie of a monster mac burger is around 1499 calories, which suggests an unhealthy burger too.   

3. McRicky

The McRicky burger is a unique secret menu burger inspired by Rick and Morty. It’s a huge burger that will fill up your stomach quite well.

In terms of size, the McRicky burger weighs 6 oz and is about 4 inches in diameter. It contains about 450 calories. 

To order McRicky, get a double quarter pounder burger and request an extra cheese slice and an extra beef patty. Moreover, you also need to order four-piece chicken McNuggets. 

Then take the top off the quarter pounder, which contains three patties, place chicken nuggets, and spread sweet and sour on the top bun. That’s it. Your McRicky burger is ready. 

4. Big McChicken

Another spin on the Big Mac burger is this big McChicken burger on McDonald’s secret menu. It’s quite a considerable burger compared to the Big Mac burger. To order this, request three McChicken sandwiches and a Big Mac, remove the Big Mac buns, and replace the buns with McChicken. 

The Big McChicken weighs about 5.5 oz and contains about 460 calories. 

The big McChicken is ready to enjoy. Furthermore, it’s quite high in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. So, one can enjoy it occasionally. 

5. Surf And Turf

The next one is a surf and turf burger. You need to order a filet-o-fish and set a cheeseburger on top of it for a delicious combination of fish and hamburger patty. This particular burger is about 2 inches and has 830 calories. It’s not too big compared to a big McChicken or monster mac, but it’s heavy in calories.  

6. The McGangBang

Out of all the secret menu burgers, the McGangBang burger is quite famous. It’s so easy to order this burger. All you need to do is place the order for McChicken and McDouble. 

After that, place McChicken between the McDouble patties, and there you have the fantastic McGangBang burger. This burger contains both chicken and beef patties, making it a giant burger. It contains about 760 calories. 

7. McKinley Mac

The McKinley Mac burger is another kind of Big Mac burger, but by adding additional patties. It contains two quarter-pounder beef patties and is a double-layered burger. The height of the burger is the same as a quarter pounder, which is about 4.25 oz. The burger weighs approximately 6.7 oz. Moreover, it contains about 824 calories. 

To order this, get a Big Mac burger and ask for extra two-quarter pounder beef patties instead of traditional Big Mac patties. Enjoy the McKinley mac burger.

How Can You Order These McDonald’s Burgers From a Secret Menu?

Follow the simple steps to order McDonald’s secret menu burgers below:

  1. Go to the order counter at McDonald’s and tell the server the secret menu you want to order.
  2. Give them proper instructions as to which burgers you want to club together. As secret menu burgers are not on the official menu, the server may need help to help you with the secret burger.
  3. Order in clear words, like what kind of burger you need. For example, if you want a monster mac burger, then tell the server to add eight beef patties to the Big Mac burger. 
  4. If they say yes, pay for your secret menu burger, and the cook will prepare your customized secret menu burger. 


In conclusion, we have found that the double quarter-pounder burger is the giant in terms of meat content, whereas the Big Mac burger is the biggest. 

However, many other secret menu burgers are available on the McDonald’s menu, like Poor Man’s Big Mac Burger, which you can check out in detail on our blog. 

Some other burgers are more prominent, and we have compared all the burgers with each other, like Big Mac Burger vs. Whopper and Grand Big Mac vs. Big Mac. Other famous promotional burgers were released, like Big Mac N’ Cheese Burger and the famous Chicken Big Mac. You can check out the information on them for their availability on our blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which McDonald’s burger is the biggest?

The Double quarter pounder burger is the biggest McDonald’s burger.

Which is bigger, a Big Mac burger or a quarter-pounder?

A double-quarter pounder with cheese is the bigger burger. The quarter pounders consist of two bigger beef patties than traditional Big Mac burger patties. So, it contains more meat and calories compared to Big Mac burgers. 

Which is bigger, Whopper or Big Mac?

The Big Mac burger is bigger than the Whopper burger. The beef patties in Big Mac are large compared to Big Mac burger beef patties. 

Is there a burger bigger than a Big Mac?

Yes, a Grand Big Mac burger is bigger than a Big Mac. 

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