McDonald’s Appreciative Gesture Towards A DoorDash Deliverer

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Food delivery persons don’t get the recognition and praise they deserve. There, I said it! It’s true. They work hard the whole day, delivering food to several different places, covering so much distance, and at the end of the day, it’s all for a little above minimum wage.

Doordash and McDonald's

This unfair behavior infuriates me but what soothes it down is the kind of stuff that McDonald’s did recently for a doordash food deliverer. One can say, I’m lovin’ it!

Well, a video was uploaded on TikTok by the user “Uber Chroniclez of S&J” and it went viral. The TikTok was captioned, “Thank you, McDonald’s.” But what exactly happened? 

Well, a DoorDash delivery man arrived at McDonald’s to pick up the order but was surprised with a “driver appreciation day” goodie bag gifted to him by McDonald’s. 

The goodie bag contained a thank you note, a bag of candies, and a free McDonald’s Combo Meal coupon. (Seems like it’s time for me to get a job as a food deliverer)

After getting the bag, the food deliverer went on and said, “I accepted all McDonald’s orders today.” He then moved the camera around a bit to give the viewers a glimpse of the goodie bag.

The video received several likes and comments appreciating the appreciation shown by McDonald’s for the delivery man. Some even went on to say that the video made their day.

The power that social media holds or TikTok, in general, holds is astronomical. After seeing the response that the video received, it’s certain that McDonald’s is going to see a spike in its sales. Good deeds go a long way, and this proves it.

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