Marrybrown Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

The Marrybrown menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. I’ve provided the menu of Marrybrown with prices from Maldives. The menu is updated on the 1st of April 2024.

Marrybrown Restaurant

For accurate prices, look for the menu of the nearest outlet Marrybrown from its official websiteandroid app, iOS app, or any other food app.

Marrybrown menu with prices has got many items on its menu like burgers, chicken items, MB specials, MB sallad, happy sharing meals, kiddy meals, tillbehor, and kall dryck, as well. All of the food items are below SEK459.

So, in this article, I will provide you with information related to the Marrybrown menu prices, franchise details, contact information, and nutritional information. But first let’s checkout the history.

Dato Lawrence Liew and Datin Nancy Liew, a Chinese couple, founded the Malaysian fast-food chain in 1983 in Johor.

They founded there the first restaurant in Wong Ah Fook Street, Johor Bahru. Currently there are 488 outlets locally and internationally.

Marrybrown Menu With Prices

Marrybrown Food

Marrybrown menu includes burgers, chicken items, MB specials, MB Sallad, happy sharing meals, kiddy meals, tillbehor, and kall dryck, as well.

In section MB specials at Marrybrown menu offers chick-o-rice, curry-licious. All these costs SEK110, SEK 110.00 respectively.

Marrybrown menu also offers section of burger meals like chicken burger, cheesy burger, tower burger, flexi burger, etc. You can also enjoy fish ‘n’ chips at Marrybrown menu.

Moreover, Marrybrown offers a section of chicken meals which includes lucky plate, happiness plate, snack plate, jumbo meals, and much more.

Not only Marrybrown offers a section of MB sallad and happy sharing meals which includes chick-o-sallad, halloumi sallad, buddy meals, family meals, etc.

Apart from this Marrybrown have a separate section of kiddy meals which includes chicken burger, crispy chicken, chicken nuggets, and halloumi burger.

Not yet completed, the restaurant also offers a section of tillbehor and kall dryck which includes coca cola, sprite, fanta orange, sprite zero, smakis, hot wings, cheesy wedges, and many more.

They serve the best food and their staff is so humble and friendly. Their atmosphere is very calm and relaxing.

The thing for which it is famous is that they serve combos at reasonable rates on the weekends as compared to its competitors.

Marrybrown menu prices are very low as compare to other restaurants. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Marrybrown menu with prices.

Featured Items Menu With Prices

Crispy ChickenSEK 35.00
Hot WingsSEK 45.00
Mozza SticksSEK 32.00
Chicken FilletsSEK 50.00

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Burger Meals Menu With Prices

Chicken BurgerSEK 85.00
Cheesy BurgerSEK 100.00
Hotouch BurgerSEK 110.00
Tower BurgerSEK 125.00
Black Pepper BurgerSEK 100.00
Flexi BurgerSEK 85.00

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Chicken Meals Menu With Prices

Lucky PlateSEK 105.00
Happiness PlateSEK 125.00
Chick-A-LiciousSEK 125.00
Cheesy Chicken PlateSEK 105.00
Snack PlateSEK 95.00
Jumbo MealsSEK 155.00

MB Specials Menu With Prices

Chick-O-RiceSEK 110.00
Curry-LiciousSEK 110.00

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MB Sallad Menu With Prices

Chick-O-SalladSEK 105.00
Halloumi SalladSEK 105.00

Happy Sharing Meals Menu With Prices

Buddy MealsSEK 235.00
Happy MealsSEK 265.00
Family MealsSEK 459.00

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Kiddy Meals Menu With Prices

Kiddy Meals – Chicken BurgerSEK 75.00
Kiddy Meals – Crispy ChickenSEK 75.00
Kiddy Meal – Chicken NuggetsSEK 75.00
Kiddy Meal – Halloumi BurgerSEK 75.00

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Tillbehor Menu With Prices

Crispy ChickenSEK 35.00
Hot WingsSEK 45.00
Chicken NuggetsSEK 40.00
Chicken FilletsSEK 50.00
Greek SalladSEK 60.00
Cheesy Wedges SEK 60.00
Mashed PotatoSEK 25.00
Hawaiian ColeslawSEK 25.00
Mozza SticksSEK 32.00
Spicy Onion RingsSEK 32.00
Pommes FritesSEK 25.00
Sliced CheeseSEK 12.00
MB ChurrosSEK 35.00
DippsasSEK 12.00

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Kall Dryck Menu With Prices

Coca ColaSEK 30.00
Coca Cola ZeroSEK 30.00
SpriteSEK 30.00
Fanta OrangeSEK 30.00
Fanta ExoticSEK 30.00
Sprite ZeroSEK 30.00
MineralvattenSEK 30.00
SmakisSEK 20.00

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How To Order Online From Marrybrown?

Let me give you some insights into how to order online from Marrybrown. The menu items of Marrybrown can be ordered from its official website, android app, or iOS app

You can also look for Marrybrown menu on other food delivery platforms like Grubhub and UberEats.

Finding The Latest Marrybrown Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the restaurant’s official website and place the order online.

McDonald's Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest Marrybrown restaurant.

Marrybrown Location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Marrybrown Menu

4. Select your favorite food items and add them to your cart.

Marrybrown Checkout

5. Proceed further to checkout and confirm the online order.

Marrybrown Checkout

6. The checkout page will guide you to add personal details.

Panera Bread Personal Details

Marrybrown Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Marrybrown menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Marrybrown Franchising Details

Marrybrown Outlet

Marrybrown has more than 138 restaurants in Malaysia and 350 in all over the world mainly in Asia and Africa. So if you want to open a Marrybrown store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial Investment$ 300,000 – $ 500,000
Liquid Cash Requirement$ 100,000 – $ 250,000
Initial Franchise Fee$ 25,000
Ongoing Royalty Fee5%

Marrybrown Contact Information

Marrybrown Corporate Office Address: Marry Brown. No.3 & 5, Jalan Dewani 3 Kawasan Perindustrian Dewani. Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 81100 

Marrybrown Corporate Office Phone Number: +607 331 6590

You can also contact the team of Marrybrown by using the contact form on their website.

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Watch the First Impressions of Marrybrown

Video by Rihab Garci

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Marrybrown(FAQs)

Why is Marrybrown famous for?

Marrybrown famous for its burgers, fried chicken, local delights, fish-based meals, kiddy meals, nasi bowls, beverages, desserts, and more. Nothing out of the ordinary for fast-food places, but what made it unique was its proudly Malaysian roots.

Do Marrybrown provide gift cards?

Yes, Marrybrown provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Where is Marrybrown from?

Marrybrown is from Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Who is the owner of Marrybrown?

The owner of Marrybrown is Lawrence and Nancy Liew.

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