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Are you in Dubai and you are looking for burgers everywhere but you are not able to find some? Fret not! This food blog is just the right place for you Check out the menu prices of Marrybrown further in the article.

Marrybrown store

Marrybrown has got many tasty chicken items on its menu. You can order a cheesy chicken mashed bowl, chicken nuggets, chicken burgers, crispy chicken and beverages from the menu.

So, I must say you are at the right place because, in this article, I will provide you with information related to the Marrybrown menu prices, franchise details, contact information, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Marrydown Menu. I will start with the history of Marrybrown first.

Dato Lawrence Liew and Datin Nancy Liew, a Chinese couple, founded the Malaysian fast-food chain in 1983 in Johor. They founded there the first restaurant in Wong Ah Fook Street, Johor Bahru. They have more than 488 outlets locally and internationally.

Marrybrown Menu Prices

Marrybrown menu

Marrybrown menu includes burgers, chicken items, local malaysian items, fish meals, nasi bowls, fries, nuggets, drinks, desserts, and combo meals as well. There is also a special Kids menu in Marrybrown.

They serve the best food and their staff is so humble and friendly. Their atmosphere is very calm and relaxing. The thing for which it is famous is that they serve combos at reasonable rates on the weekends as compared to its competitors.

Marrybrown Menu Prices are very low as compare to other restaurants. Prices are $1 and $30. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Marrybrown menu prices.

MB Berbaloi Puasa

MB Berbaloi PuasaPrice
Berbaloi ARM 21.90
Berbaloi BRM 45.90
Berbaloi CRM 55.90

MB Gangjeong Chicken Promo

MB Gangjeong Chicken PromoPrice
Gangjeong Burger – SingleRM 13.90
Gangjeong Burger – ComboRM 17.80
2 Pcs Gangjeong Chicken – SingleRM 13.40
2 Pcs Gangjeong Chicken – ComboRM 19.40
3 Pcs Gangjeong Chicken – SingleRM 19.90
3 Pcs Gangjeong Chicken – ComboRM 23.60
Gangjeong Rice Bowl – SingleRM 10.70
Gangjeong Rice Bowl – ComboRM 12.90
Gangjeong BoxRM 27.80

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MB Bowl-Baloi

MB Bowl-BaloiPrice
Nasi Lemak MB BowlRM 5.50
Bubur Ayam MB BowlRM 5.50
Bubur Pedas BowlRM 5.50
Cheesy Chicken Mashed BowlRM 5.50
Chicken Salad BowlRM 5.50

Side Orders

Side OrdersPrice
Cheesy WedgesRM 6.50
Onion RingsRM 4.90
Chicken Nuggets 6 PcsRM 9.20
Chicken Nuggets 9 PcsRM 16.90
Regular Mashed PotatoRM 3.00
Large Mashed PotatoRM 6.90
Regular Vegetable SaladRM 3.00
Large Vegetable SaladRM 6.90
MB RiceRM 3.40
Fragrant RiceRM 3.40

Burger Meals

Burger MealsSingleCombo
Cheesy BurgerRM 7.90RM 13.50
Chicken BurgerRM 6.50RM 11.70
Hotouch BurgerRM 10.80RM 15.30
Tower BurgerRM 15.90RM 19.50
Fish Fillet BurgerRM 8.90RM 14.80

Ultimate Chicken

Ultimate ChickenSingleCombo
Lucky PlateRM 14RM 16.90
Happiness PlateRM 17.90RM 20.20
Chick-A-LiciousRM 15.90RM 18.80
Double Chicken DelightRM 11.40RM 17.40

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Fish ‘N’ Chips

Fish ‘N’ ChipsSingleCombo
Fish ‘n’ ChipsRM 15.90RM 18.20

Local Delights

Local DelightsSingleCombo
Nasi Lemak MB™ 1 PcRM 11.20RM 13.80
Nasi Lemak MB™ 2 PcsRM 15.20RM 17.80
Nasi Ayam MB™RM 10.80RM 13.50
Nasi Kandar 1 PcRM 13.10RM 15.80
Nasi Kandar 2 PcsRM 17.10RM 19.80
Bubur Ayam MB™RM 7.70RM 10.40
Bubur PedasRM 9.70RM 12.40

MB Crispy Chicken

MB Crispy ChickenPrice
2 Pcs MB Crispy ChickenRM 10.60
5 Pcs MB Crispy ChickenRM 26.50
9 Pcs MB Crispy ChickenRM 45.90
15 Pcs MB Crispy ChickenRM 75.50

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Nasi Bowl

Nasi BowlPrice
Nasi KariRM 7.70
Chick-O-RiceRM 7.70

Happy Sharing Meals

Happy Sharing MealsPrice
Buddy MealsRM 34.90
Happy ComboRM 62.90
Ultimate Variety MealRM 59.90

Cold Beverages

Cold BeveragesPrice
Coca-Cola 320mlRM 3.70
Coca-Cola 1.5LRM 5.90
Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea CanRM 3.70
Dasani Drinking WaterRM 3.00

Marrybrown Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Marrybrown menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Marrybrown Franchise Details

Marrybrown franchise

Marrybrown has more than 138 restaurants in Malaysia and 350 in all over the world mainly in Asia and Africa. So if you want to open a Marrybrown store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Franchise FeeAED400,000 and AED500,000
Start-Up CostAED150,000 
Food Court OutletAED200,000

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Important Links

Official Website
MB Delivery

Contact Information

Marrybrown Corporate Office Address: Marry Brown. No.3 & 5, Jalan Dewani 3 Kawasan Perindustrian Dewani. Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 81100 

Marrybrown Corporate Office Phone Number: +607 331 6590

You can also contact the team of Marrybrown by using the contact form on their website.

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