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Everyone likes to relax on the weekends, and to make it more relaxing than ever, I have just the place for you! Maoathome is a restaurant set in Dublin that will not disappoint you. Explore Maoathome menu prices before you pay a visit.

Maoathome menu includes various eatables like snacks, noodles, non-veg dishes, rice, soups and drinks. But the most popular item from their menu is the Malaysian Chicken. If you consider the menu prices, you can get a great meal at Maoathome for around €15.

It was just an overview of the whole menu. I have listed the details below. Besides this, I will also tell you about the franchise details, contact information and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on their menu. But first, let’s check their history.

Maoathome, an Irish restaurant, was started in the year 1997 in Chatham Row, Dublin. They have more than nine restaurants in Dublin and the headquarters of the company is in Dublin, Ireland.

Maoathome Menu Prices

Maoathome menu includes appetizers like spring rolls, wings, ribs, noodles, chicken wok, beef wok. People can have refreshing drinks like beer and wine.

Maoathome menu has macro meals with less than 650 calories, delicious soups, savory sides with a kids menu. Their menu comprises noodles, wok with different varieties, rice, relishes curry in both veg and non-veg category.

It serves the best quality of food and the dishes they serve to their customers are fresh. The staff of their restaurant is mostly the students who work part-time. The chefs of their restaurant are experienced and friendly.

The prices are also very reasonable and comparable with other cafes. They range from €1 to €20. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Mao’s Menu.


Chicken Satay€6.50
Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls€5.75
Duck Spring Rolls€6.50
Ho Chi’s Wings€6.50
Ho Chi’s Ribs€6.50
Singapore Style roasted Duck€12.95
Mao Spice Box€9.95
Ho Chi’s Ribs and Wings to Share€12.75
Spring Roll Box€13.50
Sharing Dish€13.50


Singapore Noodles€12.95
Pad Thai€12.95

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Hong Kong Chicken€12.95
Black Pepper Beef€12.95
Black Bean€10.95
Five Spice Chicken€12.95
Chilli Lime Beef€12.95
Sweet and Sour€12.95
Thai Chicken with Cashews€12.95
Honey Sesame Chicken€12.95
Szechuan Chicken€12.95

Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng€12.95
Sweet Chilli Chicken Fried Rice€11.95
Vegetabel Nasi Goreng€11.95


Thai Green Curry€12.95
Thai Yellow Curry€12.95
Massaman Curry€12.95
Malaysian Chicken€12.95
Bang Bang Chicken€12.95
Satay Curry€12.95

Macro Meals

Macro Singapore Noodles€13.50
Protein Boost Beef Bowl€13.50
Macro Satay Chicken Curry€13.50
Vegan Power Bowl€13.50
Macro Nasi Goreng€13.50
Super Sambal Chicken Bowl€13.50

Soups and Desserts

Tom Khai Gai€6.50
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream €7.95
Tom Yum€6.50

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Jasmine Rice€2.95
Brown Rice€3.50
Egg Fried Rice€3.50
Steamed Edemame Pods€4.95
Large Shrimp Crackers€2.95
Naan Bread€3.50
Steamed Noodles€3.50
Pickled Cucumber€1.50
Roasted Savoury Nuts€2.95
Pickled Ginger€1.50
Wok Fried Greens€5.75
Steamed Broccoli€3.95
Potato Wedges€3.95


Sweet Chilli Fried Rice€7.50
Chicken Egg Fried Rice€7.50
Chicken Noodles€7.50
Mild Chicken Curry€7.50
Chicken Skewer€7.50

House Wines

Fortant Merlot Red$14.95
Ederra Rioja Red$14.95
Trulli Pinot Grigio White$14.95
Pasquiers Sauvignon White$16.95
Anapai Sauvignon White$16.95


Tiger Beer€5.95
Mac Ivors Dry Cider€5.95
Hop House€6.95

Soft Drinks

Diet Coca-Cola€1.75
Club Orange€1.75
Diet 7-Up€1.75
Coke Zero€1.75
Vit Hits€3.50

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Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Mao Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Franchise Details of Maoathome

Maoathome restaurant

Maoathome has more than 9 restaurants in Dublin and if you are thinking to buy their franchise, you have to wait because at this time they are not providing franchises to anyone.

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Contact Information of Maoathome

Maoathome Corporate Office Address: 55 Main Street, Ranelagh, Donnybrook, Co. Dublin, 4, Ireland.

Maoathome Corporate Office Phone Number: +353 1 207 1660

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