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Shuvait Thusoo
Shuvait has lived in Pune alone for 4 years while studying engineering. This was the time period when he explored the South Indian Cuisines and experienced different spices and realised the beauty of food. So he started cooking and fell in love with the craft of it. We can say that Shuvait is a foodie who loves to share his food life experiences and resources with our readers.

Today let’s talk about some healthy food which is very easy to make and has various health benefits too. This food has its own history as it is considered as one of the oldest food that we humans used to eat from the biblical days. This food or the recipe is known as Manna bread.

The name “Manna” has its own stories of origin; different books tell different stories about its name and its meaning. Various books have mentioned that “Manna” means ‘the miraculous food which helped mankind’ and many other meanings also such as ‘Unexpected gift from God’. This sounds quite interesting, isn’t it?

So, let’s start making this Manna bread which everyone is eagerly waiting for. I have made it twice at my place and trust me, it is superb. The only thing that haunts me when I am about to make this recipe is the time.

You have to start making this bread 1 or 2 days before the day you want to eat it. I know this sounds really sad but the wait is worth, as when you will taste this bread, you will be filled with joy and happiness that you have never felt before.

Not wasting much of your time, let’s start with the ingredients that you will need. Have a look at the box below.

Ingredients for Manna Bread

Wheat berries2 cups
Sea salt1 tsp
Raisins½ cup
Cinnamon½ tsp

The ingredients are less in number and are easy to grab. You will find these ingredients anywhere at your nearest supermarket or grocery store. The ingredients that we are using are free from any type of included preservatives or any health-harming agents.

This bread will take enough of your time and will test your patience. You have to wait for 1 whole day to make this beautiful Manna bread. The time distribution is done below for your convenience.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
1 day3 hours1 day 3 hours

That’s a lot of time actually, but the more you wait, the greater will be the food. Just keep the patience and you will get exceptional bread that you have never ever tasted in your life.

So the next step is really interesting and my personal favorite. I think you may also like this step of this recipe. So, Let’s start making this Manna bread.

Manna Bread Recipe

Manna bread recipe


  1. Take a large bowl and fill it with water.
  2. Put the wheat berries into it and let it rest for the whole one day.
  3. After one whole day, after you see the size of the wheat berries has doubled then cover it with any cloth or breathable lid.
  4. On the next day wash and rinse the wheat berries again and let them dry completely and keep them aside.

Checking Sprouts

  1. On the next day check the sprouts and they should be as long as the kernel.
  2. Make sure the sprouts are not extra longer; it will make them taste bitter.
  3. Check their size and move accordingly.
  4. Now start making the bread and if you don’t want to make this on the same day then you can also freeze these sprouts for a couple of days also.

Bread Time

  1. Put all the ingredients and the wheat berries into a mixer or a food processor and keep mixing until a soft dough is formed.
  2. Take a parchment tray, grease your hands and mould the ready dough into a loaf shape.
  3. Make sure it is not thicker otherwise it will not cook properly.
  4. The last step is to let it bake for about three hours at 120 degrees Celsius.
  5. Let the bread cool on its own and then slice it into pieces.

And it’s finally done. Congratulations! You have made this Manna bread with great hard work and dedication. Now you can taste it and can tell if the wait was worth or not? Enjoy this Manna bread with your family and friends and make memories.

Manna Bread Nutritional Breakdown

This bread will add to your health as it contains no harmful ingredients, no excess oil, no extra fats and no other elements that everyone is scared of. But for you, I am providing a complete nutritional breakdown of this Manna Bread.

Protein6.1 gm
Carbohydrates34.6 gm
Fat 1gm
Cholesterol0 mg
Sugars 0 mg
Dietary fiber7 gm
Iron1.5 mg

Watch the Baking Process of Manna Bread | Video

Before trying this recipe at home, I recommend all of you to watch this baking process of Manna Bread.

Video by Julie Dawn

I hope you like this Manna Bread recipe. I think you should have tea or drink with it, which will make it taste even better. Do tell us your experiences and valuable reviews about this recipe in the comments box below. Till then, stay tuned for more such content.

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