Mango Phirni with Rice Flour | Aam ki Phirni

mango-phirni pudding ingredients recipe method

Here is an addition to taste people…

When summer season is around the corner, yummy mangoes already water our mouth to extremes. A dessert is a worthy addition to the taste of mangoes. So mango lovers can add on to the taste of their favorite fruit with the savor of this delightful Mango Phirni’s taste in your mouth.

Mango Phirni is a sweet pudding with the rich taste of rice, milk, dry fruits and mangoes especially. Such is the richness of its ingredients, can also be used in different festivals as one of the festivity, ‘to create magic around’. A quick dessert as this can also add on to your lives, by its melting richness on your tongue.


How Much Time It Will Take:

Preparation Making Total

10 minutes


30 minutes


40 minutes

These 40 minutes spared happily to add TWIST to your taste.

Ingredients for Mango Phirni with Rice Flour:

Ingredients Quantity
Milk 4 cups
Rice flour 2 tbsp
Mangoes 1 bowl pulp



According to the sweetness of mangoes
Cardamom powder(elaichi)  

½ tsp

Almonds and pista  

Sufficient for garnishing


Rich ingredients followed by an even richer dessert.

How to Make Mango Phirni with Rice Flour | Aam ki Phirni Recipe:

  • Take a pan and heat two cups of milk.
  • Take a bowl and add two tbsp of rice flour and two cups of milk to it.
  • Mix it and add it to the pre heated milk.
  • Keep stirring for about five minutes.
  • Now add sugar and cardamom powder to it.
  • Boil it till a thick texture.
  • Now in a bowl take this mixture and add mango pulp to it.
  • Mix it thoroughly, add garnishing items and layer it with silver leaves.
  • Serve cold.

Taste the pudding of simply richness…

This rich, smooth and creamy MANGO PHIRNI pudding gives our mouth the ultimate taste. It is filled with mango pulp in every bite that sends us to a pretty day somewhere around the hills, in total peace and satisfaction. And well before coming back it gives us the happiness of the moment.

So this recipe serves all a good dessert for a party, festival and also a good taste in daily life.  This is to brighten your dessert and life with a sunny color.

Stay tuned for more recipes to add on to your life…

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