Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Are They Same Or Different?

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The world of confectioneries is really wide and competitive. Each day we come across new candies or bars which are delightful. Have you ever spotted Whoppers at your local store and tried them? Do you know that Maltesers are just like Whoppers but a better version?

Balls of Maltesers

When we talk about Whoppers, many of us are familiar because we get these at our nearby local store, but recently packets of Maltesers are starting to pop out of nowhere.

When it comes to Maltesers vs. Whoppers, it is interesting to note that they are sweet candies with malted milk in the center, yet they have very different tastes, textures, and nutrient contents.

Maltesers have cocoa butter which gives them a real chocolate taste, whereas Whoppers have a crunchy and chewy texture. Both are coated with chocolate, but Maltesers have thick coats compared to Whoppers.

Maltesers are also higher in protein and are low in sodium, whereas Whoppers have high sodium content.

In today’s discussion, Maltesers vs. Whoppers, we will jump into the major differences between the two and the top dishes you can make with both candies.

So without further delay, let’s get into the debate but first thing first, let us have an overview of the major differences between Maltesers and Whoppers.

Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | The Difference Table

Basis Of Differences
Maltesers Whoppers
TasteMalted milk flavor with richness of chocolateMalted milk flavor with flavor of artificial chocolate flavor
TextureSmooth and melts in mouth easilyChewy and crunchy
IngredientsMalted milk and cocoa butter Malted milk and chocolate flavoring
ShapeRound and sphericalRound and spherical

What Are Maltesers? 

A packet of maltesers

If you live in the US, you might have noticed that packets of small round chocolates have appeared in your nearby stores. These small chocolate balls are called Maltesers which are made of a light and airy malted milk center surrounded by a layer of smooth milk chocolate.

Now, these chocolate balls were first marketed for women with the tagline, “The lighter way to enjoy chocolate.” Later on, they became widely popular in the UK, and in 2017, they were introduced to US customers.

The Maltesers are manufactured and sold by Mars, a leading company manufacturing confectionery, pet food, and other products. 

When Maltesers were introduced to US customers, people considered it an expensive version of Whoppers by Hershey as they looked the same. Still, their unique taste and flavor made them stand apart from Whoppers by Hershey.

The size of each Maltesters is almost the same and looks like a marble covered in chocolate, making it easy to eat because it is small and handy.

What Are Whoppers?

A packet of Whoppers

Whoppers are not a new candy for US people as they existed for a long time when they were sold loosely. Later on, Whoppers got fancy and were sold in good packets.

They were also marketed with the name ‘Giants,’ but when relaunched in later years, the name whopper got really common and popular. Whoppers are round candies that have a malted milk center and chocolate-flavored coating.

With a smooth exterior, just like Maltesers, they are easy to pop into the mouth and eat.

Whoppers are manufactured and sold by a leading company – Hershey, and we already love so many products from Hershey’s. Many other versions of Whoppers were launched, like egg-shaped Whoppers, which were called Mini Robin Eggs for the Easter festival.

They came in multiple flavors, too, like strawberry and vanilla. Blueberry and orange cream were also some of the flavors, but they were discontinued after some time.

Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Similarities Between The Two

Balls of maltesers

1. Shape

 The shapes of Maltesers and Whoppers are almost the same. They both are small, round, spherical balls that come in a small packet of candy. If both are kept side to side, we can not find much difference in their shape as both are round balls with chocolate covering.

2. Size

Besides shape, the size of  Maltesers and Whoppers resembles each other. They both are small spherical balls, and their size makes them easy to carry and eat 2-3 balls at the same time.

3. Appearance 

Unless you break Maltesers and Whoppers in half, you will not find any major difference between their appearance. They both are coated with chocolate, and their shape and size are quite similar to each other.

Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Major Differences 

Whoppers balls

Maltesers and Whoppers may look alike in shape and size, but they are very different candies with distinct tastes, textures, and nutrient contents. We will discuss all these differences extensively one by one.

1. Taste

When it comes to taste, we eat candy only to enhance and uplift our moods. Maltesers and Whoppers are malted candies, but when we taste both types of sweets, we can clearly note the premium flavor in Maltesers. 

The centers of these candies are the main factor that makes them stand apart. The center of Whopper was crunchy with a malty flavor that overpowered the taste of chocolate. On the other hand, the center of Maltesers was like crunchy cookies, which were perfectly blended with the chocolate.

On a personal note, the flavor of Whoppers was a little artificial, but Maltesers tasted like they were coated with premium-quality chocolate and milk.

The simple reason for the distinct taste is that Maltesers have real chocolate made from Cocoa, whereas Whoppers don’t. Also, the outer shell of Maltesers is coated with a thick layer of chocolate, enhancing flavor.

The coating of Whoppers is crunchy and brittle, which is opposite to the coating of Maltesers which is smooth and milky.

2. Texture 

Maltesers and Whoppers are both malted milk candies; besides their taste, the texture is also very distinct. The center part of Malteser feels light, like air with a little crunchiness.

The best thing about the center of Malteser is that, unlike Whoppers, they melt down very quickly and smoothly with delicious malted milk flavor. 

On the other hand, Whoppers have a denser texture that is crunchy and chewy simultaneously. The filling takes longer to break down; until that happens, all the chocolate coating is dissolved in the mouth.

We can say that Whoppers, because of their dense texture, take a longer time by first giving you the chocolate flavor and then comes the crunchy and chewy center.

In contrast, Malteser dissolves quickly in the mouth, giving the chocolate and malted milk flavor altogether.

3. Ingredients

The key difference in terms of ingredients between Maltesers and Whoppers is the use of cocoa butter in Maltesers.

Cocoa butter makes the taste of Maltesers better than Whoppers, and that is why many people mention that Whoppers feel like artificial chocolate, whereas Maltesers have a real chocolate taste.

The other main ingredient in both candies is sugar; this goes without saying because, after all, you are eating these candies because of their sweetness. However, Maltesers are made with glucose syrup, and Whoppers are made with corn syrup.

These both types of syrup are used interchangeably as there is not much difference between them. When it comes to sodium content, Whoppers have twice the amount of sodium as compared to Maltesers.

The sugar, carbs, and calorie counts in both are nearly the same in both items, but Whoppers have more sodium, fat, and cholesterol, whereas Maltesers have less sodium, sugar, and carbs and are higher in protein.

4. Origin 

Whoppers are native to America and were introduced by Overland Candy Company in 1939 with the name of ‘Giants.’ On the other hand, Maltesers are candies from the UK produced by Mars in 1937.

Through this, we can say that Maltesers came first and were popular in the UK, but they took time to spread in other countries, especially in the United States.

5. Packaging 

Whoppers are packed in small flat cardboard boxes or bagged packages, whereas Maltesers come in small packets and also in recyclable cardboard boxes.

The packet of Whopper has a creamy shade, and the Maltesers have a nice red color pack. Both have round chocolate balls on the packet’s cover with their respective names on top.

6. History 

Maltesers were first manufactured in 1937 in England and referred to as energy balls. They were marketed as candies for women as the manufacturers claimed they could help in weight loss.

Maltesers malted milk center is one-seventh as fattening as ordinary chocolate centers. 

When it comes to Whoppers, we already know that they were discovered in the United States in 1939 and are still available in the US market.

Whoppers were first sold in loose packets, and later on, they were sold in packages. In 1996, Whoppers officially became part of the Hershey Company and is now sold as a Hershey product only.

7. Popularity 

Maltesers are highly consumed in the UK as they have been popular in the UK since they were manufactured. Whoppers were produced for the US audience, and US people enjoyed popping 2-3 in their mouths.

It will be unfair to compare the sales and popularity as both have recently entered the global market.

8. Uses In Cooking

It will come as a surprise, but these candies are really versatile because there are many recipes in which Maltesers and Whoppers are used in many milkshakes or brownies.

They are easy to eat directly from the packet or can be added to many desserts or drinks recipes. 

Top Recipes To Make With Maltesers 

1. Malteser brownies 

Maltesers brownies

Malteser brownies are very delicious brownies and easy to make at home. Melt some dark chocolate with butter. In a bowl, whisk some eggs and sugar. Now add the melted chocolate to the egg mix and combine it with flour.

Add Maltesers to the mixture. Pour the batter into the tin and bake for 40 minutes. After this, let it cool for around 4 hours, cut the pieces, and serve.

2. Malted Chocolate Cake 

malted chocolate cake

The malted chocolate cake requires not only Maltesers but malted chocolate drink powder also. Take some melted chocolate drink powder and cocoa powder into a large bowl, pour over two tablespoons of water and make a paste.

Add the other cake ingredients and beat until smooth. Bake the cake for 20-25 minutes. Prepare the icing and place it on top of the cake. Now take some Maltesers and decorate the cake with some icing sugar.

3. Maltesers Fudge 

Malteser Fudge

Maltesers fudge only requires three ingredients: milk chocolate, condensed milk, and Maltesers. Heat the condensed milk by adding milk chocolate for 5 minutes. Add the Maltesers and carefully stir the mixture.

Now, add more Maltesers from the top and pour the mixture into the tin. Refrigerate it for around 6 hours and then enjoy.

4. Malt Chocolate Doughnuts


Malt chocolate doughnuts are an interesting twist on regular doughnuts. Add flour, malt powder, baking powder, and salt into a bowl and stir them properly. Whisk sugar, egg, and vanilla extract into a large bowl. Add some melted butter and mix them well.

Add the crushed Maltesers and transfer the batter into a piping bag. Using piping bags, pipe the batter into each doughnut hole. Place it in the oven for 8-10 mins. Let them cool, dip them in chocolate, and sprinkle some crushed Maltesers on top.

 5. Chocolate Fridge cake

chocloate fridge cake

Chocolate fridge cake is a very easy and yummy cake recipe. Melt some milk chocolate and butter in a pan. Meanwhile, crush some digestive biscuits and chocolate Easter eggs. Mix the melted chocolate and crushed biscuits, and chocolate eggs.

Add Maltesers and combine them well. Add more melted chocolate to coat the cake properly. Top the cake with more Maltesers and refrigerate it for around 2 hours.

Top recipes To Make with Whoppers 

1. Whopper Brownies 

whopper brownies

Whopper brownies are a very easy and delicious brownie recipe. The recipe calls for chopped whoppers along with malted milk powder. Simply prepare your wet ingredients by whisking sugar, eggs, vanilla, and salt. Melt some chocolate and butter in the microwave.

Add both the mixture together. Now gradually add the flour and malted milk powder and stir it well. Spread the batter in the pan. Add Maltesers and then pour more batter over the candies. Bake it for 30 mins.

Now prepare your ganache like usual and spread it on the brownie after they cool down.

2. Whopper Chex Mix

whopper chex mix

Whopper Chex mix is very easy. Whoppers and Chex cereals mix can be eaten as a sweet dessert. Simply melt some butter and chocolate chips. Whisk some malted milk powder in the melted chocolate.

Add Chex cereal and marshmallows and combine well. When the mixture is cool, then add Whoppers and chocolate chips. You can store this in an airtight container.

3. Malted Milk and Whoppers Chocolate Chips Cookies

Malted cookies

 Malted milk and whoppers chocolate chip cookies might be a new recipe, but they are very delicious. Combine the butter, sugars, egg, and vanilla, and beat them well. Add flour, malted milk powder, pudding mix, and baking soda in another bowl, and combine them well.

Now add the Whoppers and chocolate chips. Make the cookie dough from the mixture and flatten it with your hands. Refrigerate them for at least 2 hours, bake them for 10 minutes, and serve them when they are cool.

4. Whopper Candy Pie

whopper candy pie

Whopper candy pie is an easy and yummy pie recipe. Add the Whoppers and chocolate chips with one cup of milk in a bowl and blend together using a wire whisk. Add crushed Whoppers to the pudding mix.

You can garnish the pie with whipped cream, freeze it for 2-3 hours, and serve it with your tea or coffee.

5. Chocolate Malted Ice Cream

chocolate malted ice cream

Chocolate Malted Ice Cream are easy to make. Heat the milk, heavy cream, sugar, and chocolate malted milk powder in a pan saucepan. Let the sugar and malted milk powder dissolve. In another bowl, whisk some eggs with the hot cream mixture prepared.

Cook the mixed ingredients for 3-4 minutes and thicken the mixture. Cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let it chill overnight or at least 4-6 hours. Churn your ice cream and add Whoppers and then continue churning it.

Let it cool for another 4-5 hours, and then serve.

6. Chocolate Malted Pudding


Chocolate malted pudding is a treat that everyone will love. Simply whisk pudding and milk and then add malted milk powder. Chill the mix for 5-10 mins. Make your whipped topping and place it over the pudding.

Top it with Whopper candy and enjoy your chocolate malted pudding.

Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Which is healthier?

Whopper packet

When we compare the nutrient components of Maltesers and Whoppers, there is not much difference in the sugar content. However, Whoppers have higher calorie counts as compared to Maltesers. Maltesers, on the other hand, have higher protein content.

The sodium quantity between these two types of candies also varies. Whoppers have higher sodium content than Maltesers. 

So we can easily conclude that Maltesers are healthier than Whoppers.

Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Which is Tastier?

A apcket of maltesers

Maltesers have cocoa butter as the main ingredient, which gives the real chocolate flavor, but Whopper misses this factor. Maltesers have a rich flavor and dissolve in the mouth quickly. 

Whopper is chewy and takes time to dissolve; until then, all the coated chocolate vanishes. Clearly, Maltesers have a better taste as it is smooth, have a real chocolate flavor, and are crunchy.

Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Which is more versatile?

Whopper and maltesers packets

Whoppers and Maltesers both have malted milk flavors with a chocolate coating. Regarding versatility, Maltesers are more versatile simply because it has real chocolate flavor.

Many people have commented that Whoppers have an artificial chocolate flavor which clearly reduces the points. Also, when it comes to recipes where these candies are used, Maltesers can be easily added to any sweet recipe as there is a very low sodium content.

Therefore, we can conclude that Maltesers are more versatile than Whoppers.

Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Which is better?


So far, we have discussed the difference between Maltesers and Whoppers on various bases, and it is very clear that Maltesers are better. They have better flavor than Whoppers with a smooth texture. They are also low in carbs and sodium and filled with protein richness. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Maltesers vegan?

Maltesers are not vegan, as they have cow’s milk as an ingredient.

Can you bake these candies?

Many bakers have come up with delicious recipes using Maltesers and Whoppers.

Can we make malted milk balls at home?

Yes, you can make malted milk balls at home, as they do not have any such extraordinary ingredients. It’s only some malted milk powder, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, salt, milk, and vanilla extract. So you can definitely give it a try.

Which is more healthy?

Maltesers are a better option than Whoppers as they are low in sodium and carbs and have a good amount of protein.


Now we are at the end of the discussion on Maltesers Vs. Whoppers, and without any doubt, we know that Maltesers have extra points because of their rich flavor and nutrients.

Whoppers and Maltesers are great candies that can be easily consumed; obviously, the chocolate coating is the best thing about these candies. I hope this was helpful, and next time, whenever you spot any of the two candies, you will definitely try it.

We will be back with more debates. See you next time. Until then, pop some Whoppers from the packet and enjoy.Maltesers Vs. Whoppers | Are the same Or Different?

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