7 Pro Tips For Making Your Own Signature Cocktail Recipe

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By getting familiar with the different types of cocktail drinks, you don’t need to start from scratch. You can always inspire existing cocktail drinks such as Daiquiri, Old Fashioned, Sidecar family, Martini family, Flip, and Whisky Highball. 

Tips to Make Cocktail

Each drink has its distinct taste or flavor. It should help you get started in creating your signature cocktail recipe. Besides, you don’t need to be an expert at bartending; you need to know what type of cocktail drink you want. 

Hence, here are several tips that can help you with it: 

Make Your Own Cocktail | 7 Pro Tips

Make Your Own Cocktail | 7 Pro Tips

1. Pick A Base Liquor 

Start with a base liquor and think about the cocktail drinks you enjoy most. For example, summer cocktails like Mojitos, Margaritas, Pina Colada, and Sangrias, to name a few. 

These drinks are fruity and suitable for an afternoon happy hour with friends or ladies. So, if you’re into that, you can get inspiration from those drinks. Their base liquors are white rum, tequila, light rum, and brandy. 

2. Start Mixing 

After deciding on the base liquor, you can start getting other ingredients of the chosen drink. You can customize the recipe and ingredients according to your preference. 

When you’re out shopping for ingredients, you might also want to try other cocktail drinks. Or perhaps, you’d like to try rum recipes

You can now start mixing the ingredients altogether. In addition, in making any cocktail drink, always remember this ratio of 2:1:1, which is alcohol, a sweet ingredient, and a sour ingredient. 

3. Balance The Flavors 

You may get too excited about making the drink that you have added too many ingredients or mixed in the unnecessary garnish. It would help if you tasted everything as you go. 

Therefore, you need to balance the flavors because they may no longer taste like a cocktail drink if you put too much. It could taste more like a glorified kool-aid or punch. 

Cocktail Glass

4. Experiment With Existing Recipes  

If you get overwhelmed with all the flavors, you can always remedy it by creating new cocktails based on existing cocktail drink recipes. Try using alternative ingredients, or you can switch the base liquor.  

5. Pick Appropriate Glasses For Your Chosen Drink 

Once you’re done making the drink, you need to pick the right glass. This will complete the overall presentation of the drink. 

Here are a few glasses you can use for your signature cocktails. 

  • Coupe Glass– This is suitable for cocktail drinks that are shaken, stirred, or frozen drinks. Moreover, there are different coupe glasses you can choose from if you don’t like the ordinary couple glass. 
  • Highball Glass– It’s a tall glass suitable for drinks served with ice. 
  • Rocks Glass– It’s like a highball glass but smaller and wider.  
  • Traditional Martini Glass– Aside from Martinis, you can use this instead of a coupe glass for your newly invented cocktail drink. 
  • Double Rocks Glass– This is twice the size of a single rock glass. 
  • Nick And Nora Glass– It’s a bell-shaped glass that you can use for iced drinks. 
  • Margarita Glass– You can use this if you want a much shorter version of a Nick and Nora glass. 
  • Tiki Glass– It’s a decorative glass for plain frozen drinks. If you prefer not to garnish, you can use this instead of a single rock glass. 
  • Shot Glass– This can be used as a sampler at parties, and it doesn’t have to be purely for shots. 

6. Get Creative And Learn To Garnish 

A simple fruit or two on the side of the glass or floating tiny umbrellas can do wonders for any cocktail drink.  

Also, you can still do a few things with a fruit garnish. It’s a matter of how you cut and twist it before putting it on the glass.

However, choose a garnish used to make the cocktail drink as much as possible. 

Give Your Cocktail A Name

7. Give It A Name 

Give your invention a name. You can use whatever ingredients you have on hand or create something catchy and memorable from the entire experience. Otherwise, you can always ask your family and friends for name suggestions. 

It can be two words or more; after all, you created it. Don’t limit yourself to common or typical drink names. It doesn’t have to be traditional. It can be fun and quirky. 

Wrapping Up:

It’s a Friday night or the weekend, and you want to drink and unwind after a long week of working. But you want something new and a little personal.

Perhaps you can develop a new hobby of making your signature cocktail drinks. Who knows, eventually, it will be your business. 

The great thing about cocktail drinks is that you can start from scratch or take inspiration from existing ones. You have to get creative and mix different booze and flavors. Check out the list above for guidance.

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