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How to Make the Perfect Birthday Cake?

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Birthdays are a big deal, and we want to make sure that our loved ones feel like the most important person in the world on their special day. That is why it’s important to get creative when baking a cake! It can be difficult to choose what kind of decoration would be best for your loved one, but don’t fret – this blog post will give you some ideas for cakes that anyone would love.

chocolate birthday cake

Who Are You Baking For? 

This is what you need to bear in mind, first of all. Kids might want a cartoon character, football player or their favourite football team. The subject matter of the cake in question will dictate what molds and colours you will need for your fabulous cake creations.

What Are The Odds? 

To make a cake that is not only delicious but also fun to look at and play with, there are some essential tools you will need in your kitchen arsenal: fairy cake tins for round shapes; Cookie cutters (any shape) for more detailed decorations; Standard sized serving cake tins, 6 to 8 inches are the standard sizes. 


Butter, plenty of butter (or a free-from alternative if you are baking for a vegan), eggs (or oil for the vegan), caster sugar and self-raising flour.

The Secret is in the Mixing 

Sugar mixed with butter and then eggs give a good cake mixture that will rise easily once it has been baked; self-raising flour is a must for most cakes to provide that lovely light texture you are aiming for but not all recipes use this so check first before buying any ingredients. 

Start with your Basic Cake First

Regardless of the finished result, you will want to start with a basic square or circular cake unless you are an expert already. The decoration will add the personalised aspect. You’ll need to define what flavour of cake you want (kids generally love chocolate!) but vanilla is also a popular choice for a birthday cake. 

The rising power of self-raising flour is the secret ingredient for a light and fluffy cake. Add butter, sugar and eggs to your dry ingredients, then sieve in some milk. The mix should be the consistency of double cream; the cake will rise well because of the raising agent in the self-raising flour. Beat vigorously with an electric mixer (or whisk if you have one). 

Now for the Decoration

If you are handy and love molding stuff with your hands, feel free to create the subject matter freestyle (you can view a great range of cake designs here). Alternatively, loads of different molds can be purchased online. We’ve seen cake molds for shoes, footballs and tons of different cartoon characters. You can decorate your cake with an airbrushes for beginners and some art skills. The decoration is generally made using dyed buttercream but you can use fondant or marzipan. We recommend using coloured icing and then piping with royal icing for the perfect finish, plus it will keep your hands clean!

The cake is made, but what about the birthday boy/girl? Don’t forget to leave a candle on top of their favourite character cake!

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