How to Make Non-freezing Mocha Frappe with Blender | Recipe

Mocha Frappe ingredients, recipe, method

Here is a quick, easy, delicious and totally refreshing FUN LOVERS MOCHA FRAPPE drink. All the more we just have to reach those hot deserts to take its right feel. The beauty of both will have the same color. Having this drink handy in such heated places just gives you the right feel.

Mocha frappe provides you with the pleasure of caffeine and the delight of chocolate sauce. It is a soft, creamy delightful drink. It melts down the cores of our heart with its savor as it is most desirable drink with its chocolaty taste. Its color match perfectly to those deserted sand dunes. Make you feel the heat properly in order to make its taste heavenly, desired and pleasurable. It just simply adds on to another harsh, undesirable sight of your life; the beauty and fills your glass with its vastness, just to add to your prettier phase of life.

Let’s have fun with a quick drink softly textured to send your taste buds to a different world.

How Much Time it Will Take:

Preparation Total
5 Minutes 5 Minutes

It is a quick drink soothing our thirst with its pleasurable taste.

Ingredients for a non-freezing Mocha Frappe:

Ingredients Quantity
Milk 1 cup
Cream 2 tsp
Sugar 6 tsp
Chocolate sauce 2 tsp
Coffee powder 1 tsp
Vanilla ice cream 1 scoop
Chocolate sauce and coffee powder enough to garnish

Now blend these pleasurable ingredients into a delightful, creamy drink.

How to Make Non-freezing Mocha Frappe with Blender | Recipe:

  • Take a mixer jar. Add milk, cream, sugar, chocolate sauce and coffee powder. Mix it with a blender until it turns into soft textured syrup.
  • Add vanilla ice cream in a glass. Pour the syrup into it. Garnish it with chocolate sauce and sprinkle coffee powder on it.
  • Serve cold.

At last savor, the vast presence of the most pleasurable and desirable MOCHA FRAPPE drinks just to add on to your life. This is to make you see the negative sights in your life in a positive way, to lead a better life.

Stay tuned for more recipes to add on to your life…

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