How to Make Espresso at Home Without an Espresso Machine


Coffee is an integral part of Italians’ daily routine. They just cannot imagine their day without a cup of this aroma drink. Espresso has been a classic coffee drink for over a century, ever since the first coffee machine was invented in 1901, and it only made espresso.

It was invented by the Italian who worked upon request of owners of big manufacturers interested in reducing the lunch break for ordinary workers who devoted a lot of time to brewing and drinking coffee. Interested in shortening this time, the owners of factories dreamed of a device that could handle large volumes of the popular drink in a matter of minutes. And they succeeded.

The inventor presented the huge coffee machine that brewed coffee in just 30 seconds. It was a real breakthrough. After that, they immediately began to produce various coffee machines, having redeemed the patent from the developer. Espresso machines have been improved since almost all other coffee drinks are based on espresso. However, can you make it home?

Can you make espresso at home?

A special feature of the drink is that it is brewed at 9 bar pressure, which can be achieved at home only with a special espresso machine. It should be designed for a given internal pressure and temperature up to 92 degrees. If you use another device for making coffee: an ordinary coffee maker, a French press or a cezve, then you can get a drink that will only resemble espresso.

Choose the Best Espresso Bean

So, if you want to make espresso at home from the best beans, you should take care of some key moments. If you translate the word espresso from its original language, Italian, you will find out that it means “made right for you at this moment.” Therefore, it is crucial to choose only fresh ingredients. And good coffee starts with good beans. But alas, you cannot find it on supermarket shelves. All you see in grocery stores is low-quality commercial coffee. Even the Italian flag on the package will not save you from the bitterness that many people mistake for authentic taste.

Espresso Beans

Good coffee is sold only in beans. You can find good options in coffee shops. They will help you choose the right variety and tell you about the different cooking methods. The grinding directly depends on brewing: there is no universal grinding suitable for all types of coffee. It is worth remembering that ground coffee loses its aroma and quality very quickly, so you need to make and drink it right away.

When buying coffee, pay attention to the packaging: it must have a degassing valve to release carbon dioxide and keep oxygen out. It is crucial since oxygen oxidizes the coffee and destroys the aroma, and the coffee beans naturally release carbon dioxide after roasting. You don’t need to chase the freshest beans, as they still give off carbon dioxide, which will prevent you from appreciating the coffee’s taste.

Prepare all the Required Ingredients

Thus, choose Arabica beans of medium roast. The color of beans should be from brown to dark brown. You can add a bit of Robusta if you like bitterness and dense foam, or you can buy a ready-made espresso mix. The grinding should be medium without thick grains like sugar and fine ones like flour. It should more resemble sand.

There are special espresso grinders. Too fine grinding will add acid to the drink, and if it is coarse grinding, the extraction of substances from the coffee slows down, and the drink will be thin and weak. Boiling water must be soft, purified from impurities through a filter Pitcher, or mineral water. It should be heated to about 40°C when mixed

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