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Were you searching for the latest LYFE Kitchen menu prices on the internet? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because, in this article, I will tell you the latest LYFE Kitchen menu with prices. But the menu isn’t the only thing I will tell you in this article.

Besides the menu, I will also tell you the Franchising Details, Contact Information and the Nutritional Breakdown of the items present on the LYFE Kitchen menu. But before knowing all of this, I will tell you some history about LYFE Kitchen.

LYFE Kitchen is an American fast-casual restaurant chain that was founded by Mike Roberts, Stephen Sidwell, and Mike Donahue. The first restaurant of the LYFE Kitchen was opened in Palo Alto, California.

Some of you must be wondering what LYFE stands for? LYFE stands for Love Your Food Everyday”. This shows the motto of LYFE Kitchen and how much LYFE Kitchen is committed in providing the best food to its customers.

LYFE Kitchen Menu Prices

LYFE kitchen menu

LYFE Kitchen menu includes a wide selection of entrees of meat and fish, sandwiches, salads, soups, and breakfast items, as well as several desserts. And there are also Gluten-free and vegan options available on the LYFE Kitchen menu.

The food served in the LYFE Kitchen is also one of the healthiest that you’ll ever find in the market. Most of their foods have less than 1,000 milligrams of sodium and 600 calories. So if you are a diet conscious person, the LYFE Kitchen is the best place for you.

But similar to the prices of The Flame Broiler, the LYFE Kitchen menu prices are also a little bit expensive as compared to other restaurants in the market. So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest LYFE Kitchen menu with prices.

Breakfast Entrees

Classic Breakfast$6.99
Spinach and Avocado Frittata$6.99
Breakfast Burrito$6.49
Morning Tofu Wrap$6.99
Egg and Turkey Sausage Sandwich$5.99
Art’s Oatmeal Start$4.99
Quinoa Buttermilk Pancakes$4.99
Greek Yogurt Bowl$3.99
Banana Chia Budino$3.99
Child’s Buttermilk Pancakes$3.99

Gluten-Free Breakfast Entrees

Gluten-Free Classic Breakfast$6.99
Gluten-Free Spinach and Avocado Frittata$6.99
Gluten-Free Egg and Turkey Sausage Sandwich$5.99
Gluten-Free Egg Scramble$6.49
Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt Bowl$3.99
Gluten-Free Banana Budino$3.99

Breakfast Sides

Carrot-Zucchini-Walnut Muffin$2.99
Harvest Seeded English Muffin$1.99
Turkey Breakfast Sausage$2.99
Gardein Sausage$2.99
Chipotle Potato Hash$2.99
Berry Bowl$2.99

Gluten-Free Breakfast Sides

Gluten-Free Turkey Breakfast Sausage$2.99
Gluten-Free Berry Bowl$2.99
Gluten-Free Chipotle Potato Hash$2.99


Edamame Hummus and Veggies$6.49
Grilled Artichokes$7.99
Chunky Guacamole and Chips$6.49
Unfried Buffalo Chicken Strips$6.99


Sweet Corn Chowder Soup$3.99


Farmer’s Market Salad$8.99
Antipasto Salad$8.99
Kale Caesar Salad$7.49
Quinoa Crunch Salad Bowl$8.99

Sandwiches and Burgers

Fish Tacos$9.99
Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich$8.99
Gardein Crispy Chicken Sandwich$8.99
Quinoa Crunch Wrap$8.99
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$9.49
Garden Burger$8.49
Grass-Fed Burger$8.79


Margherita Flatbread$8.49
BBQ Chicken Flatbread$9.49
Roasted Mushroom and Goat Cheese Flatbread$9.99


Art’s Unfried Chicken and Gardein Chicken$12.99
Italian Gardein Sausage and Mozzarella Ravioli$11.99
Barramundi Noodle Bowl$13.99
Tal’s Grain Bowl$11.99
Roasted Salmon, Tomato and Fennel$14.99
Chicken, Mushroom and Spinach Penne$11.99
Thai Curry Bowl$11.99
Grass-Fed Steak and Potatoes$19.99

Entree Sides

Sweet Potato Fries$2.99
Garlic Sweet Fries$3.49
Marinated Baby Kale Salad$2.99
Simple Greens$2.99
Roasted Brussels and Squash$3.49

Gluten-Free Starters

Gluten-Free Edamame Hummus and Veggies$6.49
Gluten-Free Grilled Artichokes$7.99
Gluten-Free Chunky Guac and Chips$6.49

Gluten-Free Soups

Gluten-Free Sweet Corn Chowder$3.99

Gluten-Free Salads

Gluten-Free Farmers Market Salad$8.99
Gluten-Free Kale Caesar Salad$7.49
Gluten-Free Antipasto Salad$8.99
Gluten-Free Quinoa Crunch Bowl$8.99

Gluten-Free Flatbreads

Gluten-Free Margherita Flatbread$8.49
Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken Flatbread$9.49
Gluten-Free Roasted Mushroom, Goat Cheese and Roasted Onion Flatbread$9.99

Gluten-Free Sandwiches and Burgers

Gluten-Free Fish Tacos$9.99
Gluten-Free Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich$8.99
Gluten-Free Grass-Fed Burger$8.79
Gluten-Free Pizzadillawich$7.99

Gluten-Free Entrees

Gluten-Free Art’s Grilled Chicken$12.99
Gluten-Free Barramundi Bowl$13.99
Gluten-Free Roasted Salmon Tomato and Fennel$14.99
Gluten-Free Grass-Fed Steak and Potatoes$19.99

Gluten-Free Sides

Gluten-Free Baked Sweet Potato Fries$2.99
Gluten-Free Roasted Brussels and Squash$3.49
Gluten-Free Baked Garlic Parmesan Sweet Fries$3.49
Gluten-Free Simple Greens$2.99
Gluten-Free Marinated Baby Kale$2.99

Vegan Breakfast Entrees

Morning Tofu Wrap$6.99
Vegan Art’s Oatmeal Start$4.99
Banana Budino$3.99

Vegan Breakfast Sides

Gardein Sausage$2.99
Chipotle Potato Hash$2.99
Berry Bowl$2.99

Vegan Starters

Edamame Hummus and Veggies$6.49
Vegan Grilled Artichokes$7.99
Chunky Guac n’ Chips$6.49
Vegan Unfried Buffalo Gardein Chick’n Strips$6.99

Vegan Soups

Sweet Corn Chowder$3.99

Vegan Salads

Vegan Farmer’s Market Salad$8.99
Vegan Antipasto Salad$8.99
Vegan Kale Caesar Salad$7.49
Quinoa Crunch Bowl$8.99

Vegan Sandwiches and Burgers

Tofu Tacos$9.99
Crispy Gardein Chick’n Sandwich$8.99
Quinoa Crunch Wrap$8.99
Garden Burger$8.49

Vegan Entrees

Art’s Unfried Gardein Chick’n$12.99
Tal’s Grain Bowl$11.99
Gardein Italian Sausage and Mozzarella Ravioli$11.99
Vegan Chick’n, Mushroom and Spinach Penne$11.99
Vegan Thai Curry Bowl$11.99

Vegan Sides

Baked Sweet Potato Fries$2.99
Baked Garlic Sweet Fries$3.49
Roasted Brussels and Squash$3.49
Marinated Baby Kale$2.99
Simple Greens$2.99

Vegan Child’s Menu

Child’s Vegan Chick’n Tenders$4.99
Child’s Tofu Taco$5.99
Vegan Child’s Pasta with Tomato Sauce$3.99

Gluten-Free Child’s Menu

Gluten-Free Child’s Cheesy Flatbread$4.49
Gluten-Free Child’s Fish Taco$5.99

Child’s Menu

Child’s Cheesy Flatbread$4.99
Child’s Art’s Unfried Chicken Strips$4.99
Child’s Fish Taco$5.99
Child’s Gardein Chick’n Tenders$4.99
Child’s Pasta with Tomato Sauce$4.49

Vegan Desserts

Chocolate Budino$3.99
Banana Budino$3.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.49

Gluten-Free Desserts

Gluten-Free Chocolate Budino$3.99
Gluten-Free Banana Budino$3.99


Chocolate Budino$3.99
Banana Chia Budino$3.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.49


Iced Tea$2.49
Kale Banana Smoothie$4.99
Mango Cucumber Lime Smoothie$4.99

Coffee and Tea

Intelligentsia Certified Organic Coffee$1.99
Cafe Americano$2.99
Cafe Latte$2.99
Cafe Mocha$2.99
Hot Tea$1.99

Lyfe Waters

Cucumber Mint Lyfe Water$2.99
Hibiscus Beet Lyfe Water$2.99
Orange Ginger Chia Lyfe Water$2.99
Ginger Mint Chia Lyfe Water$1.99

Fresh Squeezed

Orange Juice$2.99
Classic Lemonade$2.49
Ginger Pomegranate Lemonade$2.99

LYFE Kitchen Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informatiom

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the LYFE Kitchen menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

LYFE Kitchen Franchise Details

LYFE Kitchen franchise

LYFE Kitchen as only 3 restaurants in Illinois, United States. But if you want to open a LYFE Kitchen restaurant, then you can’t because all of the 3 restaurants are corporate-owned and the company has no plans in providing franchise opportunities to individuals.

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