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Louisiana Popeyes Appoints A Rooster As Their Unofficial Mascot

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Who doesn’t love mascots? They bring so much energy along with a heap of good luck and they are just so much fun! Be it a sport or a brand; mascots make it all worth trying and attract a larger audience.

Popeyes Louisiana

Many food brands like KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc., have their own mascots. From KFC’s Colonel Sanders to the King from Burger King, each one of them has their own fan base and are loved by many across the world.

While there are several food chains that have the best of mascots, there are others that don’t even have one. The most prominent one being Popeyes. This fast-food chain doesn’t have a mascot yet.

Popeyes is an American fast-food chain and is known for fried chicken. It first started serving food to its customers in 1972. Popeyes has now expanded to over 30 countries and has about 3,451 restaurants in America itself.

Now when you think about a possible mascot for Popeyes, the first idea that would pop up in your head would be “Popeye, the sailor man,” right? But I hate to break it to you, Popeyes doesn’t have a mascot, not even Popeye himself.

Since “Popeye, the sailor man” is known for eating spinach, associating it with a brand that sells fried chicken won’t seem right, will it? That is why Popeyes refrained from opting for it as their mascot.

What Popeyes did instead of going for a mascot is that they created several jingles, commercials, etc., for promoting their brand and marketing about the same. Word of mouth did them a lot of good as well and paid off the quality service they offer.

Now call it good luck or something, but recently, one of the Popeyes in Louisiana has now appointed an unofficial mascot. This mascot is no other than a rooster himself.

The rooster goes by the name Rocco. Now, you might be thinking that it’s a bit strange for a place whose specialty is chicken to have a rooster as their mascot? Well, let me reassure you.

Rocco, the rooster, is not to become a meal anytime soon. He is a dear member of the Popeyes team and has become their popular, unofficial mascot as well. Bearer of happy news, aren’t I?

According to reports, Rocco just showed up at the place one day and never left. The employees at Popeyes began a search for Rocco’s owner and when none was found, they grew to like him.

They built him a cute, little coop right next to the drive-thru. It has become Rocco’s permanent home and he walks around there, looking at customers’ cars and eating his food.

The General Manager at Popeyes in Louisiana, Muhassin Shepherd, considers Rocco to be a “blessing” or a “guardian angel”. Well, it seems like Rocco is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier for him!

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