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A Taste of Singapore: The Ultimate Local Favorites You Should Try

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The time of year has finally arrived to begin thinking about where you wish to take your next exotic vacation. You wish to visit a place that possesses the luxury of tropical climates and a location where you can adopt the culture of the land and sample the delicious cuisine that the locals have to offer. Let’s face it, over the years, the world truly has been your oyster and the one thing that has always been the decisive factor amongst many of your worldly trips is what the location has to offer to satisfy your palate!

Singapore is the Ultimate Destination for Any Foodie

It’s true; you are what the people of the world would label “a dedicated foodie!” You have committed the entirety of your life to travel the globe far and wide in constant search of the next dish that will tantalize your lustrous taste buds and satisfy that never-ending curious appetite of yours! The fact is, food is your passion; it is the luxury in life that gets your juices flowing and it is embarking upon the ultimate mission of acquiring every taste of the local delicacies of the world that enthralls you with excitement and certainly succeeds in bringing you utter pleasure!

Singapore, the beautiful country located in Asia, attracts tourists from all around the globe each year and it really is no surprise why! This magnificent city not only possesses the label of being “the garden state,” praised for its greenery amongst the city but it is also known for its outstanding cleanliness, phenomenal marina bay skyline, and most importantly its delicious local cuisine! Known as one of the top food cities around the globe, Singapore truly is a treasure troth for its culinary offerings and is the ultimate destination for foodies across the land. Here are some local favorites you simply must try when visiting Singapore!

1. Bak Kut Teh

The dish named Bak Kut Teh is one of the most sought-after and popular dishes Singapore has to offer. This scrumptious meal is created in the form of a steamy, scrumptious soup, made with both succulent pork ribs and herbal tea and is sworn by natives to possess the quality of being the ultimate hangover remedy! This dish is often consumed at breakfast time due to its miraculous effects and can be the meal to put yourself back in fit form after a heavy drinking session! Bah Ku Teh is translated as “meat bone tea” and refers to the tea that one usually drinks when consuming the dish. 

2. Laksa

If you are one of the many people who perceive the perfect dish to consist of a little rice, a handful of noodles, and a taste of sea life then the Singaporean Katong laksa dish certainly will float your boat. This incredibly popular dish is produced by using fresh shrimp and is served within a luxurious broth made from coconut milk and spices, which results in forming a tasty curry-like mixture that will certainly have your palate screaming for more!

3. Durian


Another great way to adopt the local culture is by choosing to devour the local tropical fruit, especially that of the Durian! This tropical fruit is one of Singapore’s local delicacies and is well-known for its quality of possessing an acquired taste. Many people who have gobbled up the fruit known as “the king of fruits” describe it to resemble not only the taste of garlic but also the flavor of cheese, caramel, and almonds all at once, making it one of the most unique, controversial foods in the world. The tropical fruit is used in dishes such as various local soups, a number of desserts including ice cream, and is also used to produce the best handmade Durian Mooncake in Singapore. The delicious durian-based cakes are a culinary masterpiece and have proved an extremely popular dessert option for all occasions! The unique fruit is also evident in possessing nutritious qualities and is even used in traditional medicine.

4. Salted Egg Fish Skin Chips

This snack is one of the most recent foods to hit the streets of Singapore and successfully take the city by storm! Currently holding the number one spot as being the most popular, addictive snack on the market today, this tasty treat on the taste buds consists of crispy fish skin, smothered with spices and salted egg yolks, and truly is a force to be reckoned with! This culinary masterpiece is a must-try when visiting the Asian city!

5. Hainan Chicken Rice

Now, if you are a huge fan of all things rice then the Singaporean dish of Hainan Chicken Rice is the perfect option for you. The dish that actually originated in China has now become one of Singapore’s most loved national dishes. The creation of this delicious meal is carried out by poaching chicken and using the stock alongside ginger and garlic to craft rice that really does burst with flavor. Served with a scrumptious ginger and garlic dipping sauce, this tasty dish certainly will satisfy the appetite of all!

6. Chili Crab

Chili Crab

When visiting the city of Singapore, it is essential that you sample the land’s signature dish! The delicious meal known as the chili crab is without a doubt must-try for anyone who likes to indulge in a little seafood and is perfect for those who wish to adopt the city’s local culture! Prepared by using mud crabs that are cooked within a slightly spiced, tomato-based gravy, this full and flavorsome dish is a huge hit with both the natives and tourists. This dish will truly be a treat to the taste buds for anyone looking to satisfy their cultural appetite! 

7. Kaya Toast

Ever heard of the well-known saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Well, I couldn’t agree more! It is the meal that fuels us up from the get-go and provides us with the much-needed energy to get ready to embark upon our day. One of the popular breakfast options available in Singapore today is that of Kayan toast and is created with great simplicity! With just a slice of white bread, and a dollop of Kayan spread you can concoct one of the most indulgent morning meals in the city of Singapore. Kayan spread made with just eggs, caramelized sugar and coconut milk is one of the easiest and delicious Singaporean morning meals ever to be invented!
Yes, the city of Singapore certainly rises to the challenge of producing some of the most delicious dishes known to man. Many will strongly agree that it does not disappoint when it comes to creating some of the tastiest, tempestuous cuisines and that is why it wins pride of place on the list of top-ranking food cities in the world!

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