Lion’s Choice Menu With Prices [Updated September 2023]

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If you want to have some tasty fast food and roast beef sandwiches, then Lion’s Choice can be a good option for you guys. But before giving them a visit, I suggest you know their latest updated menu. So, let’s see their updated menu.

Lion's Choice restaurant

Lion’s Choice is mainly famous for roast beef sandwiches. Their menu includes sandwiches, original meals, large and king meals, meal deals, cub meals, feed a crowd, soups & salads, side items, drinks, desserts and condiments. A good meal there will cost you $8.

But their menu isn’t the only thing I will tell you in this article, and I will also tell you the franchising details, contact information and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Lion’s Choice menu. But before knowing all this, let’s check some history about Lion’s Choice.

Lion’s Choice (also known as Red Lion Beef Corporation) is an American fast-food restaurant chain that was founded by Marv Gibbs and Clint Tobias in 1967. The first store of Lion’s Choice was opened in Ballwin, Missouri. The restaurant has set high standards for the quality of its food and customer service back in its days of the 1960s. And since then, the brand is known for serving fresh and top-quality food items to its customers.

Lion’s Choice Menu Prices

food from Lion's Choice menu

Lion’s Choice menu is all about fast food. If you love to eat fast food, then you can order sandwiches, original meals, large and king meals, meal deals, cub meals and side items. The most famous thing on their menu is the roast beef.

If you are going with a group of people, then their Feed a Crowd will be good for you. In the feed a crowd, you can order Pride Pack, Take Home Custard, Roast Beef 1 LB ea, Turkey 1 lb ea and more.

If you don’t like eating fast food, then try something healthy in their soups & salads section. At last order their beverages and desserts and enjoy your meal.

So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Lion’s Choice menu with prices.


French Dip$5.65
Italian Beef$5.65
Hot Dog$2.19
Cheese Sandwich$1.89
Roast Beef$3.89$5.15$6.15

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Original Meals

Original MealsOriginal
Roast Beef Meal$7.09
Turkey Meal$6.89
Ham Meal$6.89
Hot Dog Meal$6.89
French Dip Meal$8.85
Italian Beef Meal$8.85

Large and King Meals

Large and King MealsLargeKing
Roast Beef Meal$8.85$9.85
Turkey Meal$8.59$9.59
Ham Meal$8.59$9.59
French Dip Meal$9.35N/A
Italian Beef Meal$9.35N/A

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Meal Deal

Original Roast Beef Sandwich$5.55
Original Turkey Sandwich$5.55
Original Ham Sandwich$5.55
Hot Dog$5.65

Cub Meals

Cub Meals$4.39
Club Sandwiches$1.89

Feed a Crowd

Pride Pack$25.00
Take Home Custard$3.50
Roast Beef 1 LB ea$17.00
Turkey 1 LB ea$10.00
Ham 1 LB ea$10.00

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Soups & Salads

Chicken Bacon Chipotle Ranch Salad$7.99
Butcher Block Cobb Salad$7.99
Side Salad$1.99
Mac n’ Cheese$3.99
Soups & SaladsCupBowl
Organic Black Bean Soup$2.69$3.99
Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup$2.69$3.99

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Side Items

French Fries
French Fries
Chili Cheese Fries$2.99
Veggie Sticks$1.89
Side Salad$1.99
Apple Slices$0.99
Cole Slaw$1.79
Cheddar Sauce Cup$0.69
Baked Potato$2.39
Steamed Broccoli$1.50

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Soft Drinks$1.90$2.10
Shakes and Freezes$2.89$3.29
Bottled Water$1.49


Take Home Custard$3.50
Dish of Custard$1.85
Ice-Cream Cones$0.50$2.15
DessertsRoyale CookieSugar CookieChocolate Chip Cookie3 Pack of Cookies

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Cup of Cheddar$0.69

Lion’s Choice Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Lion’s Choice menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Lion’s Choice Franchise Details

Lion's Choice franchise

Lion’s Choice has 30 locations in the United States of America. But if you want to open a Lion’s Choice restaurant, then you can’t. Lion’s Choice doesn’t offer franchise opportunities to individuals. All of the Lion’s Choice restaurants are corporate-owned.

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Lion’s Choice Contact Information

Lion’s Choice Corporate Office Address- 12015 Manchester Rd, St Louis, MO 63131

You can also contact the team of Lion’s Choice by using the contact form on their website.

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