5 Best Substitutes For Light Cream To Try

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Did you run out of light cream and need instant solutions in the absence of it? Then you have come to the right place. This article talks about the most used ingredient, light cream, in various recipes and how it can be replaced with the best light cream substitutes. 

light cream in a bowl

Light cream is a dairy product made from boiling milk and skimmed off the cream over it. It is one of the richest forms of milk with heavy fat that contains 18-20%. Light cream is mostly used as a thickening agent in soups, stews, and vegetable gravy. It has a creamy, velvety, and rich texture that enhances the flavor of your recipes. 

But what if you are out of it when you need light cream? Or say you want to try and experiment with alternatives to light cream that can give you a better experience. In that case, you can give a try to these light cream substitutes. So, wondering what the substitutes are? The best light cream substitutes are whole milk solution, evaporated milk, pureed tofu, half and half, and plain yogurt.    

In this article, we will explore light cream – what exactly light cream is and some alternatives of a light cream that can be easily accessible. Worry not because I will clear up all your queries.

Quick Peek: Light Cream

light cream in a bowl

The following sections tell you what light cream is, its flavor, texture, uses, and health benefits.

What Is Light Cream?

Light cream is an excellent choice if you want to add a creamy, rich element to your creations without using too much fat or calories. The fat content of light cream is still significantly lower than whipping cream, heavy cream, and double cream, although it does not eliminate fat. It is also referred to as single cream sometimes.

Light cream is made by separating raw milk while it is boiling into a creamy layer and then skimming off the cream to be processed before whisking it until it becomes whipped.

In most homes, we find light cream, a delicious ingredient with great texture. Rich cream-based dishes can be substituted with this healthy alternative. Light cream is a milk product that has a fat content ranging from 18-30%. It is also known as table cream and is most commonly used in mixed drinks or as coffee cream. The fat content of light cream is usually indicated on the container; many dairies produce versions with around 20% fat.

Describing Coconut Butter: Flavor and Texture

Light cream has a creamy texture and richness in it. Light cream is ivory in color, luscious in feeling, velvety in texture, and richer than milk. It is known for being the richest cream in the milk varieties. Light cream shares a similar taste to whip cream. Its many uses in the recipes can give you the best texture in your milk-based recipes. 

Talking about its flavor and taste, light cream has a rich, mild, and unsweetened taste. Light cream is a milk product with a fat content ranging from 18-30%. It is most commonly used in mixed drinks or as coffee cream.

Uses of Light Cream

Light cream contains more fat than half-and-half. Light cream typically contains around 18-20% milk fat. Aside from coffee, light cream is great in sauces, soups, and for drizzling over desserts like fresh fruit or pound cake.

Light cream is lighter than whipping cream, so it can be used on top of sundaes or hot chocolate for a more creamy flavor. Adding light cream to veggies and gravies will increase the creaminess and enjoyment. It is used to flavor spicy foods and to make dal thicker and creamier.

Light Cream On Health Radar | Looking Through The Wellness Telescope

Light cream is a dairy product and contains a significant amount of vitamin B2. It promotes good health in the body. It promotes tissue growth and development and also aids in the formation of healthy tissues in the eyes, skin, connective tissues, and mucous layer. 

It even improves the condition of your hair, nails, and skin. As a result, light cream promotes overall health and immunity for body growth. As light cream contains heavy fat, it aids in the recovery of lost energy. People suffering from immune diseases or recovering from illnesses should include cream in their daily diet.

Why Should We Substitute Light Cream?

Despite all its amazing qualities and uses, light cream may not be available in the kitchen when you need it. That’s a major setback. So, it’s better to find light cream substitutes that save you at the last moment. Most of the below-mentioned light cream substitutes are easily available in your kitchen pantry, so you never stop making great recipes.

One needs to mimic the perfect taste, nutritional qualities, and texture of light cream. It is not as easy as it sounds. Also, there can be times when you decide to cook a dish and find yourself fresh out of light cream. 

If some people don’t like the thick texture of their sauces and soups, they can always opt for light cream substitutes. Light cream can also change the color of your dishes, so changing the substitutes with pureed tofu will help maintain the texture and the color. Last but not least, light cream is heavy in fat and contains about 18-20% fat. If you are looking for low-fat alternatives to light cream, these substitutes will help you. 

So, finding an alternative to light cream becomes very important. So, shall we get into the important part right away?

Other Food Substitutes You Can Try

5 Best Light Cream Substitutes 

I have done all the research, so you don’t have to. Here is a list of the best light cream substitutes for you. Let’s go!

1. Whole Milk Solution

whole milk solution in jug

Surprisingly whole milk solution ranks among the finest light cream substitutes. You can always add whole milk as the main component. The butter fat content in the whole milk solution is less than in light cream, which can ruin your soups sometimes.

 From all the milk, this is a common household pantry item. So you can always use it as a substitute without visiting the grocery shop.

2. Evaporated Milk

evaporated milk in a bowl

Evaporated milk, also known as condensed milk, has a long shelf life. So, evaporated milk is a good substitute for light cream. The taste of this ingredient is unsweetened.

This milk is essential to milk. It has water content also. To thicken and caramelize it, you just need to add some sugar. Evaporated milk is perfect for desserts. However, pasta and gravies may find it a little sweet.

To get the same finish as light cream, do not use it in the same ratio as your taste.

3. Pureed Tofu

pureed tofu in a bowl

Pureed tofu can be the best substitute for light cream. By chopping tofu and extracting its water, you can blend it and make pureed tofu. Pureed tofu does not have that much fat content, so it is a healthy option.

You can use pureed tofu in the same ratio of 1:1 as a substitute for light cream. A dish that calls for creamy cheese can benefit from using pureed tofu. You can make great cheesy lasagna with it. It can also be a meat alternative due to its thicker texture.

4. Half and Half

half and half in a bowl

Half and half is a better option than 2 percent milk for your dishes. It has a rich, creamy taste with high-fat content. So, it can become the best substitute for light cream. You should avoid using it in your gravies because it will make them lighter.

 Half and half is a blend of two equal parts whole milk and light cream. Half and half work well for baking goods. It has a very similar taste to light cream. It is also a dairy product like a light cream.

5. Plain Yogurt

plain yogurt in a bowl

Plain yogurt has a nice creamy quality. The same creamy texture can be the best substitute for light cream. Plain yogurt is the perfect replacement where you do not have to use it for baking. It is the ideal ingredient for desserts and drinks.

Making pasta salads and cold potato salad with plain yogurt can change the cooking scenario.

Plain yogurt has a good source of protein. It is made from whole milk. Plain yogurt is a better substitute when you do not want to add that much creaminess to your dish.

Short Recap Of Light Cream Substitutes

That was an extensive read on light cream and its substitutes. The following points will make things easy for you to remember about light cream and its substitutes:

Best Light Cream Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor –

  1. 1. Evaporated Milk
  2. 2. Pureed Tofu

Best Light Cream Substitutes That Are Not Milk Based-

  1. Pureed Tofu

Best Light Cream Substitutes Should Be Least Considered-

  1. 1. Plain Yogurt 
  2. 2. Half and half

How To Use Light Cream Substitutes In Your Recipes

light cream in a bowl

Best Light Cream Substitutes

Did you run out of light cream and need instant solutions in the absence of it? Then you have come to the right place. This article talks about the most used ingredient, light cream, in various recipes and how it can be replaced with the best light cream substitutes.
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  • Whole Milk Solution
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Pureed Tofu
  • Half and Half
  • Plain Yogurt


  • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
  • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
  • Use the substitute in the required amount and proceed to make the dish according to the recipe.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Light cream is an ideal ingredient that works as a thickener. Its flavor, texture, and consistency make it a versatile ingredient used for experiments in the kitchen. Its creaminess is a boon that complements many recipes like soups, stews, and pasta sauces.

Due to its high price and unavailability, it might need to be replaced by other items. Most of the light cream substitutes listed above are healthy and nut-based. Choose a substitute based on your recipe, and let me know what was best for you. See you soon with another write-up!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does light cream mean?

Light cream is a milk product that has less milk fat and it is perfect for your coffee to make it rich.

Is light cream healthy?

Light cream is a dairy product but it is rich in nutrients like vitamin A and calcium and it is higher in fat than other creams.

What is the difference between light cream and heavy cream?

Light cream has less fat content than heavy cream so you can not use it in a dish where you want rich texture.

What is a good substitute for light cream?

If you do not have light cream you can use coconut cream, evaporated milk, or 2 percent milk.

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