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Are you one of those people who drink water when they come back from work or from somewhere else? I have a drink for you all that will make you feel refreshing and energetic in these scorching summers. The name of that drink is Lemon Soda.

If I talk about myself, my mother used to make this drink when I return home back from school in summers and after having this lemon soda, I always felt refreshing. Today, I am in Greece and as we all know the weather in Greece is very hot and sticky. So I always make Lemon Soda for myself.

But while drinking it, a thought came into my mind that I should share Lemon Soda Recipe with my lovely people you can use it as an energy booster in summers. But first, let’s gather the ingredients for Lemon Soda recipe from supermarkets or from the corner of your kitchen.

Ingredients For Lemon Soda

Sugar1 tsp
Roasted Jeera Powder1 Pinch
Salt1/4 tsp 
Chilled Water1/2 Cup 
Soda1 Cup
Ice Cubes3

You must have most of the ingredients in your home that I’ve mentioned above. When I was watching my mother preparing Lemon Soda, I was very curious and I can’t wait to have this, let’s see how much time you have to make this lemon soda.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeTotal Time
10 Mins10 Mins

Finally, the wait is over for the Lemon Soda Recipe. It is just one step away from us.

Lemon Soda Recipe

Lemon Soda Recipe
  1. To extract the juice of lemon, cut the lemon into half and squeeze.
  2. In a tall glass add lemon juice, salt, and sugar.
  3. In the glass add water and mix it well with ingredients added before.
  4. In the end add ice cubes, soda, and to garnish place fresh lemon slices over the drink.
  5. Serve Immediately.

Finally, Lemon Soda is ready. Make it in summers and I bet that it’ll make you feel refreshing and energetic.

Nutritional Facts Of Lemon Soda

For health-conscious people, I have mentioned the nutritional breakdown of the Lemon Soda below.

Carbohydrates11 g

How To Make Lemon Soda at Home | Video

From my experience, I understand one thing that watching something live will make your task easy. So, I’ve added this video of how to make Lemon Soda at home.

Video By Food Paradise

I hope you’ve liked this recipe of a healthy Lemon Soda. Try this recipe at your home when you want something refreshing and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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