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People usually enjoy cooking food at home. But, I think there is nothing like having a relaxing meal at a restaurant. So, to get that relaxing meal Lee’s Sandwich is always on the top of my list. It is a perfect place with amazing food and a soothing atmosphere.

Lee’s sandwiches is a Vietnamese-American fast-food restaurant chain. Its menu features Euro baguette Sandwiches , Euro croissant sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, and also Asian sandwiches. You can also order coffee drink, tea drink, fruit tea drink, roasted drink etc. They also have café pour over section in their menu. You will have a great meal under $20 only.

Till now, what you have read was just a glimpse of the restaurant and its menu. Further in this article, I have put forward in-depth details of the restaurant that you should know about it like nutritional information, franchise details, important links and many more. But before that, we will go through a brief of its history.

Lee’s sandwiches were founded in June 1983 by Chieu Le and Henry Le. Its headquarter is in San Jose, California, United States. There are around 61 locations. It has become one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in the western United States. 

Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices

sandwich with a coffee

On the menu of Lee’s Sandwiches, you are going to get a variety of sandwiches, as this place is known for its high-quality sandwiches that will satiate your taste buds. You will get a variety of breakfast sandwiches, which are made with the help of ingredients like ham, egg and cheese.

Lee’s Sandwiches has also a variety of Euro baguette Sandwiches and Euro croissant Sandwiches. All of these sandwiches have a ton of stuffing options such as ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, salami, roasted beef, BBQ pork, cheese and many others as well. You can also have Asian sandwiches here like sandwich grilled chicken, sandwich sardine, sandwich grilled pork etc.

With your delicious sandwiches, you can order Lee’s drinks like coffee drinks, signature tea drinks, frappe blended drinks, milk tea drinks, and fruit tea drinks. You can get these drinks in larger as well as smaller size with a price difference of $1 only. From their café pour over section you can order café pour-over New Orleans and café pour-over Parisian.

It is said that when it comes to drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, you should always prefer freshly roasted coffee. Lee’s sandwiches is also offering you roasted coffee like Parisian roasted ground coffee, French roast roasted ground coffee, French roast roasted whole bean coffee etc.

In their special meal section, you can get a coffee filter, Lee’s pork roll gio lua, and Lee’s condensed milk full cream can. The prices of Lee’s food items are also very affordable. You can get a great meal there for under $20. So, without wasting any more time, let’s check out the detailed menu with prices.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham, Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Ham, Egg, Cheese CR$3.99
Egg & Cheese CR$3.99

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Asian Sandwiches

SW Combination$5.99
SW Pork Roll$5.99
SW Grilled Chicken$5.99
SW B.B.Q Pork$5.99
SW Meatball$5.99
SW Sardine$5.99
SW Special Combo$6.49
SW Pork Roll, Pate$5.99
SW Jambon, Pork Roll$5.99
SW Op La$5.99
SW Vegetarian$6.49
SW Op La, Pork Roll$6.49
SW Grilled Pork$5.99

Euro Baguette Sandwiches

Ham Cheese Baguette $7.99
Turkey Cheese Baguette $7.99
Roasted Beef Cheese Baguette $7.99
Ham & Turkey Cheese Baguette $7.99
Veggie Avocado Baguette $7.99

Euro Croissant Sandwiches

CR Ham, Cheese$8.49
CR Turkey, Cheese$8.49
CR Ham Turkey, Cheese $8.49
CR R. Beef, Cheese$8.49
CR Lees Club$8.49
CR Veggie Avocado$8.49

Lee’s Coffee Drinks

Beverage Small Large
Lee’s Coffee Original$3.59 $4.59
Hot Lee’s Cafe Original $3.59 $4.59
Lee’s Coffee Vanilla$3.59 $4.59
Hot Lee’s Cafe Vanilla $3.59 $4.59
Iced Black Coffee$1.99 $2.99
Hot Black Coffee$1.99 $2.99
Lee’s Coffee Mocha$3.59 $4.59
Iced Americano $1.89 $2.89
Hot Americano $1.89 $2.89

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Lee’s Signature Tea Drinks

Lee Coffee Milk Tea $3.99 $4.99
All Season Fruit Tea $3.99 $4.99
Lychee Mango Strawberry Fruit Tea $3.99 $4.99
Passion Mango Strawberry Fruit Tea $3.99 $4.99

Frappe Blended Drinks

Matcha Green Tea Frappe$3.59$4.59
Macha Frappe$3.59 $4.59

Milk Tea Drinks

Lee Milk Tea$2.99$3.99
Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99$3.99

Fruit Tea Drinks

Passion Fruit Tea$2.99$3.99
Mango Fruit Tea$2.99$3.99
Strawberry Fruit Tea$2.99$3.99

Roasted Coffee

Parisian Roasted Ground Coffee 16oz/pack$8.99
French Roast Roasted Ground Coffee 12oz/pack$8.99
Double French Roast Roasted Ground Coffee 12oz/pack$8.99
Buon Me Thuot Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 12oz/pack$8.99
French Roast Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 12oz/pack$8.99
Double French Roast Roasted Whole Bean Coffee 12oz/pack$8.99

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Cafe Pour Over

Cafe Pour-Over New Orleans$5.99$12.99
Cafe Pour-Over Parisian$5.99$12.99


Coffee Filter LC $3.00
Lee’s Pork Roll Gio Lua 13 OZ$4.49
Lee’s Condensed Milk Full Cream Can 14 oz$2.69

Lee’s sandwiches Nutritional Information

What you eat becomes your diet, and your diet plays a major role in deciding how healthy you are and how well your body functions. However, knowing the menu only is not enough, it is important to know about the nutrition as well. So, below is the link given in order to know the nutritional information of the food that you are eating in Lee’s Sandwich restaurant.

Nutritional Informationwww.nutritionix.com

Franchise Details Of Lee’s Sandwiches

Lee's Sandwiches Franchise

It was founded by Lee’s family by owning a sugar refinery in a Giang province in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States as a boating family in July 1979. They settled in San Jose, California, in 1980. The family opened the first Lee’s Sandwiches location in San Jose on Santa Clara street and 6th street. Now, they have 61 working branches.

Lee’s sandwiches is a drive-through joint franchise emphasizing Vietnamese cooking. In spite of the fact that the café started cooking for Vietnamese clients, its customer base has limitlessly extended. So, in order to open a lee’s Sandwich restaurant, you can check out the details given below.

Initial Investment$35,000 to $75,000
Total Investment$192,830 to $1,935,000
Working Capital$20,000 to $120,000
Royalty Fee6.9%

If you are looking to start a business in the foodservice chain industry because nowadays the food industry is flourishing everywhere. So, lee’s Sandwich is a great platform to grow your business. You can check out the details here.

Contact Information Of Lee’s Sandwiches

Lee’s sandwiches corporate address: 660 East Gish Road, San Jose, CA 95112

Lee’s Sandwiches corporate Phone number: (408) 280-1595

Fax Number: (408) 275-0416

If you want to ask anything or you have a donation request you can click here. Fill in the details asked and also give the description of your query.

Important Links

Official Websiteleesandwiches.com
Franchise Detailsfranchisehelp.com/franchises
Order Onlineleesandwiches.olo.com

Social Media Links

Linked in: linkedin.com/lee-sandwiches

Facebook Profile: facebook.com/LeesSandwiches

Twitter handle: twitter.com/leesandwiches

Youtube channel: youtube.com/leesandwiches

Instagram page: instagram.com/lees_sandwiches

Check out preparation of sandwiches in lee’s sandwiches

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