Lay’s G.O.A.T Collaboration With The G.O.A.T Himself

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If you love chips and football, then I’ve got the best news ever for you! The football legend Lionel Messi is collaborating with Lay’s. He has agreed to be the face of Lay’s exciting, new range of flavors. 

messi and lay's collab

The company celebrates the soccer season every year with different campaigns, and this year they’ve chosen to work with the G.O.A.T himself, Lionel Messi. Lay’s will soon be launching its very own range of limited edition cheese-based flavors. 

This range of flavors is named the “G.O.A.T Series” and is being released to commence their annual soccer campaign/celebrations. Only the first two of these flavors will be featuring Messi. 

The first two cheese flavors in this range are “US Cheddar Jalapeño” and “Argentina Queso & Pimienta Caramelized Onion”. These flavors will be available all over the world but in selected stores. 

When asked about his collaboration with Lay’s, Messi replied, “I’ve worked with Lay’s for many years now, and of course been featured on their packaging. But this is a new level.”

He further added, “I am so excited Lay’s was able to make this happen for fans and hope they can get their hands on one of Lay’s G.O.A.T. bags!” You know it’s good when the G.O.A.T himself is excited about it.

The price of these chips costs around $4.09. Since these are limited editions, each person is allowed a maximum of ten bags. To get your hands on these limited-edition flavors, you can order some via

Being a limited edition entity and a collaboration of the biggest brands, it’s evident that these will sell out quickly. So, before they do, get your hands on them now!

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