Laurel Kratochvila’s Hamantaschen For Ukraine Campaign

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Almost everyone has one or the other reason to celebrate in the month of March. Some of those reasons include basketball season, St. Patrick’s day, Women’s Day, Pancake Day, Pi Day, etc. The Jewish holiday, Purim, is also celebrated in March, on the 17th every year.


On Purim, the jews exchange gifts of drink and food among themselves and donate charity to the poor. One of these traditions includes baking hamantaschen. 

Hamantaschen is a filled-pocket pastry and is triangular in shape. The traditional fillings include poppy seed, Mohn along with powidl or lekvar. The fillings have been modified to people’s taste.

The most popular among these fillings are the apricot and raspberry jams. Others include nuts, raisins, apple, date, vanilla pastry cream along with chocolate chips, fig, cherry, dulce de leche, chocolate, caramel, cheese, etc.

Every year, Laurel Kratochvila and her crew make hamantaschen in the month of March. Kratochivla and her crew make hundreds of hamantaschen every year and roll them out for sale at her shop located in Berlin, Fine Bagels.

This year, Kratochvila plans on putting out about 2,000 hamantaschen by the time Purim arrives. This effort is in support of Ukraine in the whole Russia and Ukraine conflict.

She plans on raising money to donate to relief funds for Ukraine via the sale of her shop’s hamantaschen. She calls this effort “Hamantaschen For Ukraine.” This used to be a local sale, but this news is now making headlines internationally.

A major part of Ukraine’s population is Jewish, including President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The Haman in Hamantaschen stands for the villain in the story of Purim.

Keeping that in mind, Kratochvila referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as “modern-day Haman”. She said, “I suppose the parallel that I draw is that of the modern-day evil — here being Putin and what he’s doing to the Ukrainian people.”

She further added, “But also the possibility of good triumphing. It’s pretty universal.” In a duration of 24 hours, the Hamantaschen For Ukraine launched its own logo, its network of bakers around the world, a website, and an Instagram page.

Kratochvila said, “I have a really nice network of bakers around the world. Bakers tend to do a lot of exchange and support amongst each other. I figured they were also looking for any small way to help. So I reached out, and people started to get on board.”

The campaign “Hamantaschen For Ukraine” is encouraging everyone around the world to do the same this Purim and donate the profits towards Ukraine. The estimated amount of funds raised via this campaign is said to be $20,000.

In a statement, Kratochvila said, “Even though Purim is in a week and this movement will fade, Ukrainians are still going to need aid for a long time. So bakers should consider continuing with any of the other movements happening, like #cookforukraine.”

This campaign is receiving love and support internationally, as it should. We wish good luck to all those participating in this campaign and donating to the same. People of Ukraine, we see you, and we’re fighting for you!

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