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Are you planning to go out somewhere with your friends where you can have all the typical fast-food items like burgers and a hot dog? If so, then I have a great recommendation for you and the name of the restaurant is La Belle Province.

La Belle Province Store

La Belle Province is the hub for food items like poutines, hot dogs, burgers, pitas, sous-marins 10″, the plates, fries and beverages. Here, in La Belle Province, you will get a decent meal for around $30.00.

So in this blog, I will tell you about the latest menu prices of La Belle Province, their nutritional breakdown and the ways you can use to contact them. But first, let’s start with their history.

Peter Kivetos started La Belle Province, a Canada-based fast-food restaurant chain, in 1970. He opened the first restaurant on Sherbrooke Street East. The headquarters of their company is in Quebec, Canada.

People love to go to La Belle Province because they have a live kitchen available and the food is prepared in front of the customers.

La Belle Province Menu Prices

La Belle Province Food

La Belle Province Menu includes popular fast-food items with delicious hot dogs, mouth-watering burgers, tasty submarine sandwiches with fries and onion rings.

Besides all this, there are also chicken items on their menu for all the chicken lovers. There are poutines, sides, dishes, sauces and refreshing drinks as well.

La Belle Province’s ambiance is very peaceful and humble; the staff they had is friendly and welcoming. They make food daily and their food is fresh always. Their restaurants are made to make a peaceful environment.

La Belle Province prices are quite high as compared to other restaurants. Most of the items on their menu come under $15.00. So, without waiting more, let’s check the latest prices La Belle Province menu.


Poutine Italieene/ Italian Poutine$9.25
Poutine Viande Fumee/ Smoked Meat Poutine$10.75
Poutine Viande Fumee Italienne / Italian Smoked Meat Poutine$13.15
Poutine Au Poulet / Chicken Poutine$10.75
Poutine Saucisses / Poutine Sausages$10.75
Poutine Viande Hachee / Ground Meat Poutine$10.75
Poutine Pepperoni / Pepperoni Poutine$10.75
Poutine Familiale / Family Poutine$19.15
Poutine Italienne Familiale / Family Italian Poutine$20.75

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Hot Dogs

Hotdog Vapeur/ Steam Hot Dog$1.20
Hot Dog Toaste$2.35
Hot Dog Big Foot$4.95
Hot Dog Michigan$2.99
Hot Dog Toaste Michigan$3.65
Pogo $3.55


Hamburger Double/ Double Hamburger$4.65
Cheeseburger Double / Double Cheeseburger$5.65
Burger Poulet Grille / Grilled Chicken Burger$7.17
Veggie Burger$7.15

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Gyros Pita$6.55
Pita Poulet/ Chicken Pita$7.15
Végétarien Pita / Vegetarian Pita$6.55

Sous-Marins 10″

Steak $14.75
Végétarien / Vegetarian$8.35
Poulet / Chicken$16.75
Régulière / Regular$12.55
Spécial / Special$15.55

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Les Assiettes / The Plates

Club Sandwich$14.35
Spaghetti Viande Fumee / Smoked Meat Spaghetti$14.75
Hamburger Michigan / Michigan Hamburger$13.75
Salade Régulière / Regular Salad$11.95
Salade Au Poulet / Chicken Salad$14.25
Salades Céasar / Ceaser Salad$13.95
Salade Céasar au poulet / Ceaser Salad with Chicken$16.95
Fish and Chips$15.95

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Fromage Jaune$1.00
Fromage Blanc$2.00
Fromage Poutine$2.25
Bacon $2.00
Pita Bread$1.00
Piments Forts$1.00
Onions Frit$0.75
Petit Chou$1.95
Sauce Poutine$2.25

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Breuvages 591 ML / Beverages 591 ML$3.00
Brisk Lemonade$3.00
Bouteille D’eau$3.00
Brisk Iced Tea$3.00
Diet -Pepsi$3.00
Ginger Ale$3.00
Mug (Root Beer)$3.00
Mountain Dew$3.00

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Les Frites / Fries

Frite Sauce / Fry with gravy$5.15
Frite Sauce Italienne / Italian Fry Sauce (meat sauce )$6.30
10 Personnes / 10 Person$19.99
Frite Familiale 4-6 personne / Family Fries (4-6)person$10.75

La Belle Province Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on La Belle Province Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

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La Belle Province Contact Information

La Belle Province Corporate Office Address: 10 Bromont, Bromont, Bromont, Quebec, J2L 3H1, Canada

La Belle Province Corporate Office Phone Number: (450) 534-0075

To contact the team of La Belle Province, you can also fill the contact form on their website.

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