Kumquat Vs. Loquat | Do They Taste Alike?

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Kumquat and loquat are two delicious exotic underrated fruits. These two are so versatile and tasty that everyone must try these at least once. However, they don’t get the hype they deserve and are often overlooked by most people. 


Not only do they not receive much attention, but most of the time, they are referred to by each other’s names. So in this article, we will talk all about kumquat and loquat. Read the article fully, and next time when you see either of the two fruits, get them!

Kumquat and loquat are not the same fruits. Kumquat is a type of citrus fruit with a tarty sweet taste. They look like oblong oranges. On the other hand, loquat belongs to the same fruit category as apples, pears, and peaches. It has a sweet taste to it and has orange skin. 

Now that we understand both fruits, it’s time to plunge into the article. If you are someone who is new to these fruits, read this article before getting them. Both kumquat and loquat are great, but read this article to find which one is better!

Kumquat Vs. Loquat | Difference Table

Basis Of Difference Kumquat Loquat
Origin/ NativeSouthern ChinaSouthern China
FamilyRutaceaeRosaceae family
Eaten AsRipe/ CookedRipe/ Cooked
TasteSlight tart flavor with a sweet undertone. Some varieties could be even slightly bitter.Tart or Sweet
AppearanceLooks so much like orange but in a much smaller size. Round, oval, or pear-shaped.
TextureSmooth skinFluffy skin with cream or yellow flesh
UsageEaten as raw or cooked Eaten raw or cooked 
NutritionGreat source of provitamin A, vitamin C, and calciumGreat source of folate, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin B6. 
SubstitutionCalamondin, clementines, diced oranges, limequats, and tangerines are some of the best kumquat substitutes.Apricots, apples, and plums are some of the best loquat substitutes.

What Is Kumquat?


Kumquat is a small flowering plant that bears the kumquat fruit. The word kumquat borrows the Cantonese word gangwat, which means golden orange. These are small fruits and are grown on shrubs like kumquat trees. 

Kumquat is hard to find in the UK and the US. However, they are very common herbs in Asian countries, especially in China. The fruit’s shape resembles so much that of an orange, but in a smaller size. It is almost like an orange in big olive size. 

Not only do they look similar to an orange, but they also belong to the same citrus family as lemons and oranges. Kumquat has a slight sweetness, with an overflowing sourness and tart taste. If you love the zesty taste, you are going to love this fruit.

There are many varieties of Kumquat available to us. Given below are some of the varieties you could try this kumquat season.

  • Hong Kong Kumquat – These kumquats are characterized by their smaller size and bigger seed. They are small in size and thus have very little pulp to them. This type of Kumquat often has slight bitterness along with tarty sweetness. It is often found as an ornamental plant in China. 
  • Meiwa Kumquat – This hybrid variety of Kumquat was brought to Japan from China in the 19th century. It is characterized by its oval shape. The best part about this fruit is that you can eat this along with its skin.
  • Nagami Kumquat – Oval Kumquat , also called as nagami Kumquat has an oval shape to them. These can be eaten as a whole fruit, including its skin. The best part about the fruit is that its skin is sweet. Thus the tartness of the flesh is perfectly balanced by the skin when eaten together. 
  • Marumi Kumquat – Also called by the name Morgani Kumquat, this variety is round in shape. Unlike the other varieties, this variety comes in golden yellow color and has distinctive sweet skin and sour flesh. These small trees are often kept as houseplants and used as gifting plants. These varieties are mostly used for cooking purposes. 
  • Fukushu Kumquat – Also known as Jiangsu Kumquat, this is an edible variety of Kumquat that can be consumed either in raw form or cooked form. This can be either in round shape or in bell shape and gets a bright orange color when it is fully ripened.

What Is Loquat?


Also known as Japanese loquat, this fruit is widely cultivated in Asia. This fruit belongs to the Rosaceae family. These are commercially cultivated not just for their fruits but also for their leaves, often used to make herbal teas. 

Loquat belongs to the same fruit family as apples, peaches, and pears and comes in a round or oval shape depending upon their variety. Their taste varies from sweet to tangy. Loquat grows in a similar shrub to the citrus plant and grows in clusters. 

Loquat is a fruit harvested during the summertime and tastes best when eaten ripe. If you are looking for some ornamental fruit plants, these loquat trees are best. The loquat tree has a white blossom which is not just beautiful to look at but also smells amazing.

Loquat has a natural peachy flavor to it with hints of apples. California Advance, Golden yellow, and Mammoth are some of the common varieties of this fruit.

Kumquat Vs. Loquat | Similarities Between The Two


Undoubtedly kumquat and loquat have so many similarities and may sound confusing to many people. Therefore, before jumping into their differences, let’s quickly look over their similarities. 

Both Have Asian Origins 

Neither kumquat nor loquat is a common sight in any Western country. They have their origin in Asia, especially in China. They are commonly grown in Asian countries for commercial purposes and as ornamental plants. 

Both Have A Similar Appearance 

One of the major similarities between the two is their appearance. Both kumquat and loquat have bright orange skin. Thus if you are not someone who has used these fruits before, you might find it hard to differentiate between the two.

Culinary Usage

Kumquat and loquat have almost similar culinary uses. Both of the fruits can be eaten on their own or can be cooked into fruits or jellies. They are also great for making pies and taste best when they are ripe.

Kumquat Vs. Loquat | What Are The Major Differences?


Now that we have addressed the similarities between the two, it’s time for us to look into the major differences between the two. 

1. Family 

Even though kumquat and loquat belong to the same region, they are two different fruits belonging to two different families. Kumquats are citrus fruits belonging to the Rutacea family and come with fruits such as lemons and oranges.

On the other hand, loquat belongs to the Rosacea family, which includes apples, pears, and peaches. Thus even though they come from the region, they have very different origins.

2. Taste & Aroma

Kumquat and loquat belong to two different families, and this is reflected in their taste. Kumquat belongs to the citrus family. It has a flavor profile similar to that of oranges. They are sweet and tart; some might even have a little bitterness. 

But the best thing about kumquat is its skin. The skin of kumquat has a sweet taste to it. Thus you could often eat this fruit as a whole. When eaten with their skin, the sweetness of their skin perfectly balances the tartness of its flesh.

Loquat can be tart or sweet, depending upon its variety. It has a tangerine undertone, but the taste might remind you of apricots. They are extremely fruity and juicy when ripened and have a floral aroma. It has a tropical fragrance to it. 

3. Appearance

If you are worried you have never seen a kumquat before, don’t worry! Kumquat looks too much like orange but in a small size. They are literally oranges in an olive size. The Nagami variety is the most common of kumquat and comes in yellowish to bright orange color. 

Loquat can be round, oval, or bell-shaped. They have smooth orange skin. Some of the varieties could also be orangish yellow or white. Their skin is a little fluffy in nature. They have a creamy yellow flesh and often come with 2 to 4 seeds. 

4. Nutrition 

Both kumquat and loquat are highly nutritious fruits. Kumquat is a great provitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium source. On the other hand, loquat is also a great source of folate, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin B6. 

Besides this, both fruits are great sources of carbohydrates and fiber and contain a lot of water. They also contain protein and calcium in small amounts. 

5. Substitutes 

Now that we have learned so much about kumquat and loquat, you might want to try either. There are so many recipes you could try making with these. However, if you cannot get a hold of either, look for their substitutes.

As we have said, Kumquat has a citrusy sweet taste. Calamondin, clementines, diced oranges, limequats, and tangerine are some of the best kumquat substitutes. All of these can be substituted for kumquats. 

Loquats have a unique taste and are a little hard to come by! Thus knowing some good loquat substitutes can be of good use. Apricots, apples, and plums are some of the best loquat substitutes.

6. Health Benefits 

Both loquat and kumquat are extremely delicious fruits. But recently, both these fruits are coming into the front row not for their taste but for their health benefits. We have already seen the nutritional value of both fruits; now, let us look at their health benefits.

Kumquats are highly nutritious food. They are a great source of limonene and help in gallstone depletion. Gallstone is a nasty build caused by gall deposits. Not just that, kumquat is a great source of fiber and helps you with weight loss. 

Not just that, kumquats, like all other citrus fruits, help you to achieve good gut health and glowing skin. They are filled with vitamin C and other nutrients. Thus they are also great for controlling diabetes. 

Loquats, on the other hand, are little fruits with miraculous benefits. They are small in size, low in calories, and contain too many vitamins and minerals essential for our body. 

Loquats are a great source of carotenoids, a form of vitamin A. This compound helps in our cellular health as well as improving vision. They are also a great source of magnesium and potassium, essential for our nerves. 

Can Kumquat And Loquat Be Used Together?

Kumquat and loquat aren’t often used together. They are two different fruits and are available in two different seasons. You can’t have them together unless you have some of them frozen. There are not so many dishes that use both of them together.

However, if you have both, make some jelly or jam using both. You can also include both of them in your favorite fruit salad bowls. 

Top Dishes To Make Kumquat

 If you only have kumquat at hand and want to try some dishes, here are some of the easiest and tastiest dishes to make with kumquat.

1. Kumquat Marmalade 

Kumquat Marmalade 

If you become a fan of kumquat and want to relish its taste often, the best way is to make some Kumquat marmalade out of them. They are extremely easy to make and are too yummy. It is a perfect mix of sweet and tangerine flavors.

2. Candied Kumquats

Candied Kumquats

Not all candies have to be sweet; some can be a bit tart too! Thus if you want to bring a twist to your regular fruit candies, try the candied kumquats. They are sweet and are balanced with just enough tartness. If you have kids at home, this is something they will love!

3. Kumquat Rosemary Tart

Kumquat Rosemary Tart

If you are planning to host a party any time soon and want to serve some special dessert to your dear ones, try this kumquat rosemary tart recipe. They perfectly combine tangerine flavor and floral, herby aromatic taste.

For making this recipe, start by baking the rosemary tart crust. For this, mix some all-purpose flour, sugar, and eggs. Warm some butter in a pan along with some chopped rosemary. Remove the rosemary and add this butter to the mix and bake it. 

Make some kumquat curd and pour it over the cake. Your kumquat rosemary tart is ready to be served. 

4. Kumquat Chicken 

Kumquat Chicken 

Everybody loves tangerine chicken; now it’s time to show some love to this kumquat chicken. Kumquat chicken comes in a lot of flavors. They are exceptionally juicy and are a little sweet and sour, along with some heat. 

Thus if you are ready to experience a unique flavor, this dish is ideal. You can have it with any flatbread. But it tastes best when served with some rice. 

5. Kumquat Marinade 

Kumquat Marinade 

If you are looking for a yummy marinade recipe, try this kumquat marinade recipe. These are so easy to make and go well with both vegetables as well as chicken dishes. Just mix some kumquat juice, rice wine, soy sauce, vegetable oil, and sugar. Your kumquat marinade is ready to serve!

Top Dishes To Make Loquat 

Loquats aren’t that easy to get! But once you manage to get some, make sure to use it in the right way. They are great fruits to have in the ripened form. However, there are also dishes you can cook with them, and here are some!

1. Loquat Jam 

Loquat Jam

If you manage to get a lot of loquats this season, make sure to preserve them as jams. Loquat jams are extremely delicious and can be eaten with bread and your morning oats. All you need is some loquats, sugar, and lime juice. You can make it in the same way you make all other jams.

2. Loquat Vodka Cocktail

Loquat Vodka Cocktail

Even if you are not on vacation and are simply sitting on your porch, a good tropical drink could bring you the feel of a vacation. Thus if you want a similar feeling, try this exceptionally tasty loquat vodka cocktail

To make this recipe, prepare some loquat syrup using sugar and water. Then add this syrup to a glass and one shot of vodka, half shot of lemon juice, soda, and some ice cubes. Give it a stir and gulp it down.

3. Loquat Custard 

Loquat Custard

If you are looking for an ideal dessert that is tasty and healthy, try this loquat custard recipe. They are too easy to make and are a perfect addition to your lunch or dinner parties. 

Start by beating some egg yolk and sugar in a bowl to make this recipe. Into this, add some loquat syrup along with the pulp. Add some orange essence and cold milk into the mix. Add more sugar if needed!

4. Loquat Salsa 

Loquat Salsa

Just like all other fruits, you can also make a loquat salsa. It has a fresh and radiating taste to it. Add some chopped green onion, jalapenos, tomatoes, bell peppers, and tomatoes into a bowl to make this recipe.

Remove the seeds of loquat fruit and add them to the bow. Add some salt, pepper, and lemon juice for some extra flavor. Serve it as a side dish or as a salad bowl!

5. Loquat Pickle 


If you manage to have some raw loquat, don’t throw them away. Instead, try making a loquat pickle. They are a little spicy and go well as a side dish for your bread and rice bowl. 

Kumquat Vs. Loquat | Which Is Healthier?


Both kumquat and loquat are very healthy fruits. Both are great sources of many vital vitamins and minerals. However, when compared between the two, loquats are much healthier than kumquats as they contain much fewer calories. 

Kumquat Vs. Loquat | Which Is Tastier?


When it comes to taste, choosing between kumquat and loquat is a little hard. They are both flavorful fruits with similar flavor profiles. However, when compared between the two, kumquat is tastier than loquat. 

Kumquat Vs. Loquat | Which Is More Versatile?


When it comes to versatility, we have to give it up for kumquat. There are so many varieties of kumquat available to us. Each one has its own specification and slightly different flavor profiles. Also, there are so many dishes we can cook using a kumquat. 

Kumquat Vs. Loquat | Which Is Better?


Now that we are at the end of the article, it is time for us to decide the best of the two. If you have never had either of the two and want to start with the best, go for kumquat. 

Kumquat comes in many varieties and tastes and is easy to get compared to loquat.

Loquats are also great in taste and nutritional profile. Thus if you don’t prefer much of a tangerine taste, you better go for loquat!


We have reached the end of the article, and I hope you enjoyed learning everything there is to know about kumquats and loquats. The seasonal fruits kumquats and loquats each have distinctive flavors.

But when comparing the two, we may say that kumquats are superior to loquat in a number of ways. Kumquats and loquats are both very tasty fruits! However, if you enjoy tropical flavors choose kumquat instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you tell a kumquat from a loquat?

Even though they look similar, they belong to different families and have different flavor profiles.

What is loquat fruit called in English?

Loquat is often called as Japanese plum.

Which is better kumquat or loquat?

Kumquat comes in many varieties and tastes and is easy to get compared to loquat. Hence we could say that Kumquat is better than loquat.

Is loquat fruit tasty?

Yes. Loquat is an extremely tasty fruit with slight sweet and tart flavor.

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