Kroger Releases Two New Ice Cream Flavors

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Did you hear or read the scoop? Well, the scoop is that Kroger just rolled out two new delicious ice cream flavors! Ice cream-ed as well when I got to hear about it!

Ice Cream

For those of you who don’t know what Kroger is, it is an American supermarket chain company. It is known for supplying the best groceries. Kroger announced the release of two new ice cream flavors, and its customers are sure to love them un-cone-ditionally!

This news went viral when an Instagrammer, with the username “@candyhunting,” made an Instagram post, captioned, “Kroger is launching two new ice cream pints under their Private Selection brand!”

The caption further read, “Amber Whiskey Cake has brown sugar ice cream, white cake pieces, chocolate chunks, and whiskey flavor swirls. Brown Butter Banana French Toast has banana cobbler ice cream, French toast pieces, and a brown butter swirl.”

This happened when the user went shopping and came across Kroger’s Brown Butter Banana French Toast and Amber Whiskey Cake ice creams. Fellow users went wild with excitement after getting to know about these ice cream flavors.

Several people commented on the post to express their excitement. One user commented, “That banana one sounds amazing! I wish there were Kroger stores near me!”

Another one went, “Need need need that Brown Butter Banana French Toast!” It would be fair to say that people are melting to try these new ice cream flavors.

A few users had the chance to get a taste of these new Kroger ice cream flavors. They reviewed them to be absolutely delicious. One user said, “Just had the banana French toast last night! Amazing!”

These ice cream flavors have already become Kroger shoppers’ favorite, and we can’t wait to see how much more love it gets from people nationwide!

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