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Krispy Kreme’s St. Patrick’s Day Deal | Comeback of O’riginal Glazed Donut

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Nobody celebrates holidays as Krispy Kreme does! Be it Christmas or Halloween, Krispy Kreme has got you covered! Following this suit, Krispy Kreme is now prepping up for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Krispy Kreme St. Patrick's Day Themed Donuts

Krispy Kreme is popularly known for serving both entertainment and deliciousness through their themed donuts. On Halloween, a particular “SpookySprinkle Donut” was released and was loved by its customers.

So, given that they always go all out on every holiday, this St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! Krispy Kreme is releasing its range of St. Patrick’s Day-themed donuts, and they’re so cool!

The range features four new St. Patrick themed donuts, and these will be available for a limited period of time. These new themed donuts will be available for you to devour from March 10.

The four themed donuts include- Lenny Leprechaun Donut, Luck O’ the Rainbow Donut, ​St. Patrick’s Shamrock Donut, ​Green Iced with Sprinkles Donut.

The “Lenny Leprechaun Donut” is a hand-decorated glazed donut with a  leprechaun made on it using black and green icing, buttercream, and a fondant hat.

The “Luck O’ the Rainbow Donut” is an original glazed donut that is dipped into green sprinkles and green icing. It is then topped with a sugar piece rainbow and buttercream.

The “St. Patrick’s Shamrock Donut” is a donut with Krispy Kreme’s original Kreme filling inside. It is then dipped into white icing along with a topping of shamrock sprinkle blend. ​

The “​Green Iced with Sprinkles Donut” is an original glazed donut dipped into green icing. It is lastly topped with St. Patrick’s sprinkle blend. The “O’riginal Glazed Donut” is also a part of this range but will only be available for sale on March 16 and March 17.

This deal can be availed by anyone who dresses up in green on St. Patrick’s Day and visits a Krispy Kreme location. These donuts can be bought in a special holiday-themed box.

On March 16 and 17, you can get an “O’riginal Glazed Donut” for free. Dave Skena, the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “While many have questioned what’s really at the end of a rainbow, this year we’re all in luck that it’s a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.”

He further added into his statement, “Whether you share a dozen of our new St. Patrick’s Day collection with friends and family or enjoy our classic O’riginal Glazed Donut while wearing green, discover the real pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day at a Krispy Kreme shop near you.”

Krispy Kreme always makes holidays happier and merrier! So, go and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Krispy Kreme’s very own St. Patrick’s Day-themed donuts!

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