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Are you a doughnut fan and the first name that comes to your mind is Krispy Kreme? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place because, in this article, I will tell you the latest Krispy Kreme menu prices.

But Krispy Kreme menu isn’t the only thing I will tell you in this article. I will also tell you the Contact Information, Franchising Details, and the Nutritional Breakdown of the items present on the Krispy Kreme menu. But before knowing all this, let’s check out some history about Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme (also known as Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc.) is an American based doughnut company and coffeehouse chain that was founded by Vernon Rudolph on July 13, 1937. The first store of Krispy Kreme was opened in  Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Since then, Krispy Kreme is widely popular for its variety of coffee and doughnuts. These two items are their specialization and they have been practicing for quite a long time. Due to this, the brand has managed to maintain its spot among the best producers of doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices

krispy Kreme menu

Krispy Kreme menu includes doughnuts, sandwiches, hot beverages like coffee and hot chocolate, and frozen and iced drinks. But the reason why they are so popular is because of their wide variety of doughnuts.

Their doughnuts are still made from the secret recipe used by its founder- Vernon Rudolph. Their doughnuts come in a dozen flavors that include glazed cruller, chocolate iced cake, glazed lemon filled, and more. You can also choose from their variety of toppings that are candy sprinkles, dried fruits, and whipped cream.

After doughnuts, coffee is the second most selling item on their menu. The menu has a wide selection of coffee that you can enjoy with your doughnuts. From Iced Vanilla Latte to Frozen Mocha and Hazelnut Latte to Cappuccino, Krispy Kreme menu got it all.

The Krispy Kreme menu prices are also very affordable as you can get a doughnut here for around $1 and coffee for around $2. This is what makes Krispy Kreme special from its competitors. So without more, let’s check out the latest Krispy Kreme menu with prices.


Original Glazed (1 Pc.)$0.99
Original Glazed (Dozen)$7.99
Assorted Varieties (1 Pc.)$1.09
Assorted Varieties (Dozen)$8.99
Specialty Doughnut (1 Pc.)$1.29
Specialty Doughnuts (Dozen)$11.39
Double Dozen Deal – Original Glazed and Assorted Varieties (2 Dozen)$14.99
Doughnut Holes (Cup)$1.99
Doughnut Holes (24 Pack)$3.99
Doughnut Holes (48 Pack)$5.99

Hot Beverages

Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf) (Small)$1.59
Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf) (Medium)$1.79
Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf) (Large)$1.89
Brew Box (96 oz.)$11.99
Bagged Coffee (12 oz.)$7.99
Latte or Cappuccino (Small)$2.49
Latte or Cappuccino (Medium)$2.99
Latte or Cappuccino (Large)$3.49
Hot Chocolate (Small)$2.39
Hot Chocolate (Medium)$2.69
Hot Chocolate (Large)$2.99
Hot Tea (Small)$1.59
Hot Tea (Medium)$1.79
Hot Tea (Large)$1.99


Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or Hazelnut Latte (Small)$2.99
Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or Hazelnut Latte (Medium)$3.49
Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or Hazelnut Latte (Large)$3.99


Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry (Limited Time) (Small)$2.79
Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry (Limited Time) (Medium)$3.29
Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry (Limited Time) (Large)$3.79

Cold Beverages

Soft Drink (Small)$1.39
Soft Drink (Medium)$1.59
Soft Drink (Large)$1.79
Milk (Small)$1.29
Milk (Large)$1.79
Bottled Soda$1.79
Bottled Water$1.79
Bottled Juice$1.79

Iced Beverages

Iced Tea (Small)$1.39
Iced Tea (Medium)$1.59
Iced Tea (Large)$1.79
Iced Coffee (Small)$1.89
Iced Coffee (Large)$2.19
Bottled Iced Coffee$2.49
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time) (Small)$2.99
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time) (Medium)$3.49
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time) (Large)$3.99

Kool Kreme

Cones (Very Vanilla or Deep Chocolate)$1.69
Doughnut Sundaes$3.3

Krispy Kreme Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Krispy Kreme menu, you can visit the link mentioned above.

Krispy Kreme Franchise Cost

Krispy Kreme franchise

There are around 1000 stores of Krispy Kreme all over the world. If you want to open a Krispy Kreme store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Name of FeeCost
Development Fee (per Fresh Shop)From $12,500 to $25,000
Initial Franchise Fee (per Fresh Shop)From $12,500 to $25,000
Real Estate and Improvements – 3 MonthsFrom $8,000 to $75,000
Construction CostsFrom $15,000 to $1,600,000
Equipment/Signage/Furniture/FixturesFrom $85,000 to $230,000
Truck (per truck)$0 to $50,000
Equipment and Displays for Authorized Off-Premises Sales (excluding truck costs)$0 to $100,000
Initial InventoryFrom $5,000 to $50,000
Production Equipment$0 to $380,000
Grand Opening Marketing ProgramFrom $20,000 to $45,000
Training ExpensesFrom $15,000 to $50,000
Security Deposits and Other Pre-PaidsFrom $2,500 to $20,000
Additional Funds (3 months)From $25,000 to $100,000
ESTIMATED TOTALFrom $200,500 to $2,750,000
Royalty4.5% of Gross Sales

Krispy Kreme Contact Information

Krispy Kreme Corporate Office Address- 259 South Stratford Road Winston-Salem, NC 27103 United States

Krispy Kreme Corporate Phone Number- 1-336-724-2484

Social Profiles

Facebook Page-

Instagram Account-

Twitter Handle-

LinkenDin Profile-

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