Krispy Kreme Has Launched New Mini Thanksgiving Pie Doughnuts!

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Now that Thanksgiving is coming up really soon, we are officially entering pie season! But isn’t it strange how eating pies is usually reserved for this particular holiday? Not anymore, as with Krispy Kreme around, you can enjoy Thanksgiving pies in doughnut forms well before Thanksgiving too! 

Krispy Kreme Thanksgiving Pie Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme has introduced an all-new range of mini Thanksgiving pie doughnuts, which combine these two decadent desserts in the best way possible! The mini doughnuts will be available at all Krispy Kreme outlets across the United States until the actual holiday is here! 

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays centered around eating delicious food and spending time with family, of course, only after Christmas! But, considering how huge a part new food trends play around Thanksgiving, most restaurant and cafe chains always take the initiative to introduce something new and exciting for their customers! 

So, of course, Krispy Kreme would also be a part of it, considering how big this chain of doughnuts is worldwide! So, to know all about these delicious doughnuts launched by Krispy Kreme this year, along with more details, make sure you read this space till the end! 

What Are Krispy Kreme’s New Mini Thanksgiving Pie Doughnuts All About? 

Krispy Kreme Thanksgiving Pie Doughnuts 1

Pies and doughnuts individually define America, as they are some of the most sought-after desserts out there. Also, as I mentioned earlier, pie season is here, and fall and Thanksgiving are the perfect time to enjoy them! But the whole concept of combining these two delicious sweet treats is truly mind-blowing! So, what are these flavors all about? Let’s have a look! 

As per Krispy Kreme, they have launched four new flavors of pie doughnuts: mini pecan pie doughnut, mini pumpkin pie doughnut, mini lemon kreme pie doughnut, and mini dutch apple pie doughnut. Here is what each of them tastes like, as per Krispy Kreme: 

  • Mini Pecan Pie Doughnut – A mini original glazed donut topped with butter tart filling, chopped pecans, and snickerdoodle cookie pieces
  • Mini Pumpkin Pie Doughnut – A mini donut filled with pumpkin pie filling, dipped in pumpkin pie spice icing, topped with snickerdoodle cookie pieces, and a dollop of creme. 
  • Mini Lemon Kreme Pie Doughnut – A mini doughnut filled with lemon filling, covered in icing, and topped with a dollop of creme and a dusting of powdered sugar. 
  • Mini Dutch Apple Pie Doughnut – A mini donut stuffed with apple pie filling, smothered in caramel flavored icing and cinnamon, snickerdoodle cookie pieces, and more caramel icing on top. 

When Will The Mini Thanksgiving Pie Doughnuts Be Available? 

Krispy Kreme Thanksgiving Pie Doughnuts 2

After reading about these exceptional new flavors, I am sure that most of you cannot wait to gorge on them! Now, the real question is when these doughnuts will be available and how? As far as availability goes, these doughnuts are already available at all Krispy Kreme outlets across the United States and will be available until November 24th, which is Thanksgiving day. 

The doughnuts are, however, not available for individual purchase. These doughnuts are a part of a 16-count box, where you can mix and match any of these four flavors to make your own. I know a box of 16 doughnuts might sound like a lot, but it is Thanksgiving, after all, so indulgence has to be a part of your celebration! 

What is even better here is that if you purchase a box of these 16 mini pie doughnuts on November 18th and 19th, you can get a box of dozen original glazed doughnuts for just $ 1 ! I am sure that this makes this news even sweeter! As far as the price of the mini pie doughnuts goes, it will vary per location. 


Krispy Kreme has launched an all-new Mini Thanksgiving Pie Donuts range for Turkey day! These doughnuts will be available at all Krispy Kreme stores across the United States until the 24th of November, which is Thanksgiving Day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can these doughnuts be bought individually? 

No, these doughnuts are available only as a part of a 16-doughnut box. 

Will the offer for $1 dozen original glazed doughnuts be around on Thanksgiving Day? 

No, this offer is available only on the 18th and 19th of November. 

Will the price of these mini Thanksgiving pie doughnuts be the same everywhere? 

No, the mini Thanksgiving pie doughnuts will have prices that vary as per the location. 

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