Klenger Burger Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

Klenger burger is famous for its large-sized burgers, with different sizes that can be as huge as 25 cm. If you plan to visit there, make sure you know their latest menu. In this post, I will be sharing the latest menu and prices of their outlets.

Klenger Burger Outlet

Klenger menu includes klenger burger gourmet, pasta klenger, klenger burger, montreal steak klenger, sub klenger gourmet, rice klenger, various klenger cake, klenger smoothies. Their prices are mostly near Rp 25.00 for their burgers.

I hope you got an overview of their menu but make sure you see all the details down below. Before jumping to their menu, let’s have a quick look at their history.

Klenger burger is an Indonesian-based burger chain based in Jakarta. The chain was started by a couple, Velly Kristanti and Gatut Cahyadi. They had 70 outlets, but now many of their outlets have been closed.

Klenger Burger Menu With Prices

Food From Klenger Burger

Klenger Burger is mostly famous for its diverse variety of burgers. If you’re a burger lover, they have got many options for you, such as Klenger burger gourmet, Klenger burger, and many more. They also have burgers which have a size of 25 cm and can serve upto seven people.

If you want to try something different, you can also try their pasta klenger, Montreal steak longer, sub-klenger gourmet, various klenger cake, fruit shakes, klenger smoothies, Indonesian.

Klenger Burger is where you can come with your friends and family to experience their delicious burgers. Klenger Burger’s burgers are mostly handcrafted and made from scratch daily with fresh ingredients.

Klenger Burger menu prices are relatively high, but the services they provide are quite impressive. So, without wasting more time, let’s move towards Klenger Burger menu.

Klenger Burger Gourmet

Beef Klenger Burger GourmetRp 39.827
Cheese Klenger Burger GourmetRp 41.558
Chicken Crispy Klenger Burger GourmetRp 38.095
Chicken Steak Klenger Burger Gourmet Rp 44.156
Salmon Klenger Burger GourmetRp 39.827
Wagyu Klenger Burger GourmetRp 49.565
Double Klenger Burger Gourmet Rp 46.957
Premium Klenger Burger GourmetRp 49.351
Super Klenger Burger Gourmet Rp 42.424

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Pasta Klenger

Spaghetti BolognaiseRp 27.706
Spaghetti Aglio Olio TunaRp 27.706
Spaghetti Balado Chicken CrispyRp 27.706
Spaghetti Balado Chicken SteakRp 38.961

Klenger Burger

Super Duper Klenger Burger GourmetRp 52.814

Montreal Steak Klenger

Rib Eye Aus Rp 86.580
Sirloin USRp 98.701
Wagyu NZRp 105.628
Tenderloin NZRp 125.541
Chicken Steak Rp 44.156

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Sub Klenger Gourmet

Super Duper Klenger GourmetRp 52.814
Super Sub Klenger GourmetRp 42.424
Cheese Sub Klenger GourmetRp 41.558

Rice Klenger

Klenger Mixed RiceRp 35.498
Fried Chicken with RiceRp 32.035

Various Klenger Cake

Cheese CakeRp 25.108
Avocado CakeRp 25.108
Rainbow MozaicRp 25.108
Triple CheesecakeRp 25.108
Red VelvetRp 30.303
Apple Crumble with Ice CreamRp 30.303

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Ice Blended

Green Tea LatteRp 20.779
TaroRp 20.779
Milk TeaRp 20.779
Ice Cappuccino Original Rp 25.108
Ice Cappuccino Float Rp 25.108
Ice Cappuccino OreoRp 25.108

Fruit Shakes

Passion Fruit Rp 25.108
Apple Cinnamon Rp 25.108
Klenger Nojito Rp 25.108
Klenger Mocktail ( Pitcher 1 Litre with 4 glasses) Rp 40.693
Klenger Mocktail ( Pitcher 500ml with 2 glasses)Rp 30.303

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Klenger Smoothies & Indonesian Cola

Mango Rp 20.779
Strawberry Rp 20.779
KiwiRp 20.779
Klenger SaperellaRp 15.584

Soft Drink

Lemon Tea (Pitcher 1 Litre with 4 glasses) Rp 35.498
Black Currant (Pitcher 1 Litre with 4 glasses)Rp 35.498
Tebs (Pitcher 1 Litre with 4 glasses)Rp 35.498
Coffee Cream Soda (Pitcher 1 Litre with 4 glasses)Rp 35.498
Lemon Tea (Pitcher 500 ml with 2 glasses)Rp 20.799
Black Currant (Pitcher 500 ml with 2 glasses)Rp 20.799
Tebs (Pitcher 500 ml with 2 glasses)Rp 20.799
Coffee Cream Soda (Pitcher 500 ml with 2 glasses)Rp 20.799
Lemon Tea (Glass of Free Refil (Max 2x))Rp 15.584
Black Currant (Glass of Free Refil (Max 2x))Rp 15.584
Tebs (Glass of Free Refil (Max 2x))Rp 15.584
Coffee Cream Soda (Glass of Free Refil (Max 2x))Rp 15.584

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Coffee/Tea/ Chocolates

Kopi TetesRp 18.182Rp 20.779
Kopi Tubrunk with Lapis Legit Rp 20.779
Black Coffee with Lapis LegitRp 20.779
White CoffeeRp 18.182Rp 18.182
Jasmine Tea Rp 20.779
Tea with Lapis Legit Rp 18.182
Teh TarikRp 18.182Rp 20.779
Ice Lemon Lychee TeaRp 25.308
Ice Lemon Mix Fruit TeaRp 25.108
Dark CXhocolatesRp 20.779Rp 25.108

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Snack And Side Dish

Snack BasketRp 32.900
Chicken WingsRp 32.900
French FriesRp 18.182
Fresh Klenger SaladRp 25.108

Klenger Waffle

Cheesy Meat LoverRp 30.303
Choco Cheese BananaRp 30.303
Strawberry CheeseRp 30.303
Blueberry ServedRp 30.303
Original WaffleRp 25.108

Klenger Milkshakes

ChocolateRp 20.779
Strawberry Rp 20.779
VanillaRp 20.779
Ice Cream 1 Scoop Rp 3.463


Super DuperRp 30.00
Beef Klenger BurgerRp 19.091
Cheese Klenger Burger Rp 22.727
Super Klenger BurgerRp 23.636
Double Klenger BurgerRp 27.273
Premium Klenger Burger Rp 30.00
Wagyu Klenger Burger Rp 30.00
Chicken Crispy Klenger Burger Rp 19.091
Chicken Steak Klenger Burger Rp 25.455
Solmen Klenger Burger Rp 20.00

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Super Duper Sub KlengerRp 30.00
Cheese Sub Klenger Rp 27.727
Super Sub Klenger Rp 23.636


Fried Chicken with RiceRp 31.818
French FriesRp 17.273
Chicken WingsRp 32.727
Snack BasketRp 32.727


Baby Klenger Rp 45.455
Raja Klenger Rp 136.364

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Now that you have read the article, you would have a clear understanding of what to order from the Klenger Burger menu. Don’t wait anymore and visit the restaurant to relish the delicious gourmet burgers. Let us know your dining experience in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Klenger Burger Menu [FAQs]

What types of rice dishes can I expect to find at Rice Klenger?

Rice Klenger may offer a variety of rice-based dishes from different cuisines, such as fried rice, rice bowls, and rice pilaf, with options for meat, vegetables, and sauces.

What varieties of gourmet subs are offered at Sub Klenger Gourmet?

Sub Klenger Gourmet may offer a range of gourmet sub sandwiches with premium meats, cheeses, and toppings, served on freshly baked bread or rolls.

What types of cuisine does Klenger Burger offer?

Klenger Burger likely offers a variety of gourmet burgers with different toppings and flavor combinations. Customers may also find options for sides, drinks, and desserts.

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