How KKN Exports Is Changing Post-Covid Scenario With Durable Dinnerware?

Areca Leaf Plates By KKN Exports

In a pre-Covid world, dinnerware was indeed a major contributor to the fine dining experience. As a customer, you were entitled to the whole Shebang with the ceramics, bone china, glassware, but this is a tale of a utopian world.  

However, the world took a drastic shift from this utopia when a global pandemic hit us from nowhere. The world economy is in great distress, making it even more difficult for businesses to stand back on their own two feet. While everyone was busy making dalgona coffee at home, food businesses were hanging by a thread.

The only aspect that helped restaurants to stay afloat during these unprecedented times was takeout services. Nonetheless, the regular takeout cutlery takes a huge toll on the environment. The carbon footprint of plastic is too heavy for mother nature to bear. 

The need for the hour is to come up with innovative and adaptable methods to offer a sense of security to the customers . This is done with top-notch standards of hygiene while keeping a sustainable approach for a greener tomorrow. KKN Exports emerged as a beacon of hope for the restaurant businesses with a wide range of durable and disposable dinnerware

Adapting To The Post-Covid World

Darwin’s concept of ‘the survival of the fittest’ stands true in today’s world now more than ever. Whether it is your business or your life, it is best to tiptoe when treading in dangerous waters. While the best of the best are trying to crack the formula for survival. The answer is right under your nose – Care for it! Once you start caring for the environment as well as the people involved in the business, you will emerge as a winner by the end of these unprecedented times. This is done through trivial green practices like turning to biodegradable and compostable dinnerware.

There is no need for you to make humongous changes overnight to get through the pandemic, but minor changes in your business practices can lead to paramount changes in your revenue. One of such trivial changes that you can opt for is using biodegradable dinnerware. 

The trend of shifting from regular disposable cutlery to sustainable one is no longer limited to the takeout services but is being imbibed by the restaurants for dine-in as well. What needs to be done is to optimize this shift in such a manner that we create a subtle balance between sustainability and productivity. This is when KKN Exports comes into the picture as your one-stop-shop for non-toxic, biodegradable areca leaf plates. Anyone can use these eco-friendly plates. 

Not only there is a sense of hesitation among the customers but the workforce of the restaurant to stay steer clear of the used plates, as they can be a carrier of the virus. Hence, it only makes sense for the restaurant to switch from the over the top reusable dinnerware to disposable ones. 

While there is still a lot for us to learn about the virus, the best thing one can do is be meticulous on their end. The only problem that emerged with disposable dinnerware is in terms of the presentation of the food. This concern can be resolved in a jiffy with the areca palm leaf plates from KKN Exports.

You can buy a collection of partition plates, bowls, round plates, special trays, boat plates, rectangle plates, square areca leaf plates from KKN Exports. and much more that is so aesthetically pleasing that you need not break a sweat when it comes to the presentability of the food. A production unit that runs round the clock to meet the dinnerware and tableware needs of your restaurant business with an exceptionally well alternative for plastics. 

KKN Exports- A Promise of Better Tomorrow

Areca Leaf Plates By KKN Exports

Every great idea is built on the foundation of creating a better future; similar is the case with KKN Exports. Founded back in 2007, KKN Exports is a vision more than a business to make the world a safe space for generations to come. Plastic and styrofoam release excruciatingly harmful chemicals in the soil, taking more than 400 years to decompose; the effects of greenhouse gases is prominently evident. 

Mitigating the harm caused by plastics is the prime goal of the company. To deal with the menaces of imperishable dinnerware, KKN Exports, a socially responsible business venture, has come up with a range of dinnerware and tableware products such as Areca Palm Leaf Plates. Those plates that are made from the fallen leaves of a palm tree are just another example of the level of creative production at which KKN Exports is operating at.  

One of the primary reasons that have helped KKN Exports to conquer the global market in the last three years is a very simple idea- A better future! The venture has a core belief that with the help of collective efforts, the food industry can bring about a massive eco-friendly transformation.

Why Choose Dinnerware From KKN Exports?

Areca Leaf Plates By KKN Exports

The world is experiencing an augmentation in the use of eco-friendly dinnerware. The growth in demand has visibly elevated the number of suppliers. However, as a consumer, it is your responsibility to find the best of the best platform that can present you with sustainable dinnerware which is not just safe for the environment but fits your budget as well. Here is a list of reasons that will compel you to use dinnerware from KKN Exports. 

  • Natural & Chemical Free– The primary factor that segregates KKN Exports from the others is that all of the products are biodegradable, and you can decompose them even at your home without any sort of hassle. Intuitive, mobile, durable, biodegradable, these plates are everything you ever need them to be. 
  • Microwavable– Feel free to place these products in the microwave as the integrity of the plates, bowls, and other products is not hampered by it. Thus, making it a much more convenient option as compared to other dinnerware articles. Make sure to not place it in a microwave for more than 5 minutes. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing– These products are available in different sizes and styles for you to buy as per your own requirements. Other than this, these plates will take the presentation of your dish to the next level. 
  • Leak-proof– Not only the Areca Leaf Plates are safe to use, but they are commercially viable as well. The durability offered by the plates reduces any chances of leakage. 

The Wrap-Up

Only after we take the initiative to educate and reform ourselves to opt for eco-friendly choices, then only we can hope to build a world free from the vices of imperishable products. They ruin the very essence of mother earth. What could be a better resort to achieve this goal than reaching out to KKN Exports, the flagbearer of nature-friendly dinnerware and tableware. 

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