How to Make Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight | Recipe

When I used to come home from school in summers what my mother used to do was, she used to prepare a drink which will refresh me but one day after my school, I went home and she served me a drink which is full of taste busters and I felt refreshed after having it.

After I drank the drink I asked my mother the name of dish she told me the name which is Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight.

If, I talk about now my mother use to do the same, and again one day she serves me the same drink, and that day I asked her about the Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight Recipe so, that I will share it with my lovely people.

With the luscious and fragrant minty taste, this cool drink relaxes your fuming head in this heated weather. It is also a delight with the unique taste of kiwi. The color of the drink further soothes our eyes on such a beautiful sight. Let’s blend beautiful grassy color in our glasses.

Come Let’s see how to make Kiwi Lemonade Delight Recipe.

Ingredients for Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight Recipe

Kiwi pulp½ cup
Sugar2 tsp
Mint leaves½ cup
Water½ cup
Vanilla essence or cream2 tsp
Lemon juice¼ tsp
Vanilla ice cream or fresh cream1 scoop or ¼ cup respectively
Soda¼  glass
Kiwi slice and mint leavesOne unit each

These aromatic ingredients are thus going to blend into a tasty drink worth having in summers.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
5 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes

Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight Recipe

Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight recipe
  • In a jar blend kiwi pulp and sugar. Then add mint leaves and water, blend. Add cream or vanilla essence and blend again. Add ¼ tsp of lemon juice to it.
  • Pour this mixture into a serving glass. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or cream on top of it. Add soda. Put a slice of kiwi and mint leaves on top of the glass to garnish.
  • Serve cold.

Now taste the GRASSY KIWI MINT DELIGHT’S luscious blend, savour it on your tongue and enjoy a refreshing sight of the lush green of the grass.

Stay tuned for more recipes to add on to your life.

Nutritional Information of Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight Recipe

Fat0.5 g
Carbohydrates42.6 g
Fibre6.4 g

How to Make Kiwi Mint Lemonade Delight at Home | Video

Video by Surbhi’s Kitchen

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