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Are you bored of eating that same pizza from pizza join over and over again and now you a new place to explore where you can have something more than just pizza? If so, then you’ve come to the best place because today, I will tell you about the King of Donair.

I will provide you information about their latest Menu Prices, their contact information and their social media profiles from where you can get their latest updates. But let’s start with the history first

King of Donair, a chain of restaurant, was started in 1973 by a Greek Peter Gamoulakos and the first store he opened was in the city Halifax, Nova Scotia. The headquarters of their company is in Nova Scotia and at present, they have nine restaurants running.

People love to go to King of Donair because instead of pizza, you will find garlic fingers, donairs, poutine, chicken wings, poppers, egg rolls, and most celebrity chefs filmed in their restaurants.

King Of Donair Menu Prices

King Of Donair menu

King Of Donair Menu includes some popular items with mouth-watering world-famous donairs and they have a wide selection of pizzas that you can order in different sizes like 16′, 12′, 9′.

King Of Donairs also has crispy garlic fingers, appetizing hot blonde, appealing apps and more, healthy and delicious submarine sandwiches, palatable Panzerottis and delectable Poutine. And if you are craving for something sweet or want something to drink, you can also order desserts and drinks from their menu.

King Of Donair is famous for its world-famous donair, which is available only in King Of Donairs and their chefs are well-trained and well-qualified. All the food they serve is fresh always.

King Of Donairs prices are not so high and not so low, they are economical and everybody can afford it. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest King Of Donair Menu Prices.

Popular Items

Regular Donair$7.49
Large Donair$11.49
12″ Garlic Fingers$12.99
9″ Garlic Fingers$9.99
2l Drinks$4.50
Supreme Donair$13.49
Medium Donair$9.49
Donair Egg Rolls$4.49
Donair Plate$7.99
Original Poutine$7.99

World Famous Donairs

Regular Donair$7.49
Medium Donair$9.49
Large Donair$11.49
Supreme Donair$13.49
Donair Sub$9.99
Donair Panzerotti$9.99
Donair Pizza$9.99
Donair Plate$11.99
Donair Poutine$9.99
1 Lb of Donair Meat$14.99
Donair Sauce$4.99

16″ Large Specialty Pizzas

16″ Kod Donair Pizza$21.99
16″ Works Pizza$21.99
16″ Funky Chicken Pizza$21.99
16″ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$21.99
16″ Bbq Chicken Pizza$21.99
16″ Meat Lovers Pizza$21.99
16″ Vegetarian Pizza$21.99
16″ Hawaiian Pizza$21.99

16″ Large Pizzas

16″ Cheese Pizza$14.99
16″ Pizza with 1 Topping$17.49
16″ Pizza Up to 3 Topping$22.49

12″ Medium Specialty Pizzas

12″ Kod Donair Pizza$17.99
12″ Works Pizza$17.99
12″ Funky Chicken Pizza$17.99
12″ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$17.99
12″ Bbq Chicken Pizza$17.99
12″ Meat Lovers Pizza$17.99
12″ Vegetarian Pizza$17.99
12″ Hawaiian Pizza$17.99

12″ Medium Pizzas

12″ Cheese Pizza$11.99
12″ Pizza with 1 Topping$13.99
12″ Pizza Up to 3 Toppings$17.99

9″ Small Specialty Pizzas

9″ Kod Donair Pizza$11.99
9″ Works Pizza$11.99
9″ Funky Chicken Pizza$11.99
9″ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$11.99
9″ Bbq Chicken Pizza$11.99
9″ Meat Lovers Pizza$11.99
9″ Hawaiian Pizza$11.99
9″ Vegetarian Pizza$11.99

9″ Small Pizzas

9″ Cheese Pizza$8.99
9″ Pizza with 1 Toppings$10.49
9″ Pizza Up to 3 Toppings$13.49

Garlic Fingers

9″ Garlic Fingers$9.99
12″ Garlic Fingers$12.99
16″ Garlic Fingers$16.99

Hot Blonde

Regular Hot Blonde Donair$7.98
Medium Hot Blonde$9.98
Large Hot Blonde$12.98
Supreme Hot Blonde$14.98

Apps and More

Appetizer Combo$11.49
Mozzarella Sticks$6.49
Donair Egg Rolls$4.49
Garlic Poppers$8.99
Onion Rings$5.99
Garlic Bread$3.99
Garlic Bread with Cheese$4.99


12″ Donair Sub$10.99
12″ Bbq Chicken Sub$10.99
12″ Pizza Sub$10.99


Donair Panzerotti$10.99
Bbq Chicken Panzerotti$10.99
Pizza Panzerotti$10.99


Original Poutine$7.99
Chicken Poutine$9.99
Donair Poutine$9.99


Cinnamon Fingers$8.99
Cinnamon Poppers$8.99


2I Drinks$4.50
500ml Drinks$2.50

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King Of Donair Contact Information

King Of Donair Corporate Office Address: 6420 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A8, Canada

King Of Donair Corporate Office Phone Number: +1 902-421-0000

To contact the team of King Of Donair, you can also fill the contact form.

Social Media Handles

Instagram Account:

Twitter Handle:

Facebook Page:

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