Does KFC Have Gluten-Free Options On The Menu?

Your gluten intolerance can’t stop you from enjoying KFC ‘the finger-lickin’ goodness. Trust me! There are several gluten-friendly options on the menu that everyone loves to enjoy (even those who are not on a gluten-free diet). Curious to know all these gluten-free options on the KFC menu? Read this article and try these dishes on your next visit to KFC. 


Gluten-free options at KFC are delicious homestyle sides like corn on the cob, sweet kernel corn, house side salad, etc. House side salad is served without croutons and with Marzetti light Italian dressing. Gluten-free condiments on the menu are BBQ dipping sauce, honey sauce, lemon juice packet, etc. 

KFC has been serving irresistible and crispy fried chicken since 1930. Its first casual-dining restaurant was established in North Corbin, Kentucky, U.S. KFC is primarily famous for America’s favorite fried chicken, but it also serves many other comfort foods.

The foundation of this famous fried chicken brand was led by Sanders Court & Cafe and is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands. This restaurant chain has more than 24000 branches worldwide. 

All the dishes served at KFC are fresh-made with local ingredients. Salads, many delicious sides, and the beverages served at KFC are gluten-friendly. You can enjoy these dishes all day, from breakfast to dinner hours.

KFC Gluten-Free Menu

Soft dinks at KFC

Some of the best gluten-free choices available among condiments are honey BBQ sauce, grape jelly packet, honey sauce, ketchup, lemon juice, strawberry jam, etc. Honey BBQ sauce is filled with spicy, smoky flavors. Honey BBQ and mustard sauce can be enjoyed with any dish at KFC. 

Most of the fried chicken dishes offered at KFC are hand-battered or breaded in a seasoning flour mixture. So, to enjoy a gluten-friendly fried chicken, you need to ask the staff not to batter or coat the chicken with seasoning four before frying the chicken.

The chicken is seasoned or marinated in delicious flavors of KFC’s 11 spices. Also, avoid croutons in the house side salad for its gluten-free version. 

The house side salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, sweet kernel corn, etc., are the other gluten-free edibles served here. House side salad is dressed in Marzetti light Italian dressing.

The drinks offered at KFC like Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Lemon Tea, raspberry tea, sweet iced tea, etc. You can also enjoy unsweetened no lemon iced tea. All the drinks served at KFC are gluten-free and delicious. 

Potato wedges and green beans are house-made fresh, and healthy gluten-free sides served here. Read the tables below to know all the gluten-free items served at KFC. The prices of these menu items depend on the location of the restaurant. 

Homestyle Sides

BBQ Baked Beans
Corn On The Cob
Sweet Kernel Corn
Potato Wedges
House Side Salad (without croutons, with Marzetti Italian dressing)


Apple Turnover


BBQ – Dipping Sauce Cup
Grape Jelly Packet
Honey Sauce Packet
Lemon Juice Packet
Strawberry Jam Packet


Mountain Dew Sweet Lighting
Diet Pepsi
Mountain Dew
Sierra Mist
Iced Tea
Classic Lemonade


Visit your nearest KFC and enjoy all the gluten-free foods listed above! Check out the entire menu along with KFC’s catering menu from our platform. You’ll also find KFC’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours on our website. 

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