Kenrick’s Thanksgiving Treats On The Menu

If you are on the lookout for wholesome meals for the Thanksgiving season, then Kenrick’s Thanksgiving menu is what you need to take a look at. It’s one stop for all the traditional food items that you need to organize a stunning Thanksgiving table. 

Kenrick's Thanksgiving Menu

Kenrick’s offers traditional Thanksgiving turkey along with delicious accompaniments like stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pies, yams, corn, and a lot more. All these Thanksgiving menu items at Kenrick’s range between $3.49 to $87.92. 

In the article below, I will share with you all of Kenrick’s Thanksgiving menu items and their prices that you can purchase individually. Moreover, you can also opt for Kenrick’s Thanksgiving feast menu, specially curated for small to large gatherings. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick side dish or pie to add to your home-cooked meal or a restaurant to take care of the whole Thanksgiving spread for you, Kenrick’s is here to take care of all your needs. 

Kenrick’s Thanksgiving Menu With Prices

Kenrick's thanksgiving menu

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your options for the quintessential holiday meal. To help you plan a lavish Thanksgiving feast, below are all the items that you can choose from.

1. Kenrick’s Creamy Giblet Gravy

Giblets are the heart, gizzard, liver, and neck of the chicken or turkey. Kenrick’s flavorful, creamy giblet gravy can be purchased in 16 oz, 22 oz, 24 oz, and gallon sizes. They range between $3.49 – $24.99.

Kenrick’s Creamy Giblet Gravy 16 oz.$ 3.49
Kenrick’s Creamy Giblet Gravy 22 oz.$ 5.24
Kenrick’s Creamy Giblet Gravy 24 oz. $ 24.99

2. Southern Cornbread Stuffing

A perfect combination for any holiday meal, the southern cornbread stuffing at Kenrick’s features their signature poultry broth, buttered and sauteed onions & celery, and fresh herbs. It is sold per Lb., Small Tray (8 Serving), Large Tray (15-18 Servings), and priced between $4.59 – $22.99.

Southern Cornbread Stuffing $ 4.59/ Lb.
Southern Cornbread Stuffing Small Tray (8 Serving)$12.99
Southern Cornbread Stuffing Large Tray (15-18 Servings)$ 22.99

3. Kenrick’s Delicious Traditional Stuffing

Kenrick’s delicious traditional stuffing features white bread combined with signature poultry broth, buttered sauteed onions & celery with fresh herbs. This Thanksgiving item is sold by the Lb., Small (8 Serving Trays), Large (15-18 Serving Tray), and priced between $4.59 – $22.99.

Kenrick’s Delicious Traditional Stuffing$ 4.59/ Lb.
Kenrick’s Delicious Traditional Stuffing Small (8 Serving Trays)$ 12.99
Kenrick’s Delicious Traditional Stuffing Large (15-18 Serving Tray)$ 22.99

4. Cranberry Relish Salad

Enjoy a sweet and tangy salad this Thanksgiving by indulging in Kenrick’s cranberry relish salad. This salad features delicious ripe cranberries crushed with a hint of orange. It is priced at $4.99 per Lb.

Cranberry Relish Salad$ 4.99/ Lb.

5. Kenrick’s White Castle Stuffing

Add something different to your holiday feast this season with Kenrick’s White Castle stuffing. Kenrick’s white castle stuffing is a traditional white bread stuffing mixed with St. Louis’s own White Castle Hamburgers. They are combined with Kenrick’s signature poultry broth, buttered sauteed onions & celery with fresh herbs. This stuffing is sold by Lb and is priced at $6.99.

Kenrick’s White Castle Stuffing$ 6.99

6. Kenrick’s Whole Cooked Turkey (Bone-In)

Do you enjoy carving a whole turkey? Well then, try Kenrick’s whole cooked bone-in turkey weighing between 12-24 Lbs. This turkey is priced at $7.49 per Lb. You can buy it whole or carved. 

Kenrick’s Whole Cooked Turkey (Bone-In)$ 7.49 per Lb

7. Kenrick’s Cooked (Bone-in) Turkey Breast

Don’t want the whole turkey? Buy Kenrick’s cooked (Bone-In) Turkey breast, available in 10-12 Lbs. This turkey breast is priced at $8.29 per Lb. You can buy this turkey whole or carved. 

Kenrick’s Cooked (Bone-in) Turkey Breast $ 8.29/ Lb.

8. Kenrick’s Smoked Whole Turkey

Move over the traditional plain turkey and try Kenrick’s smoked whole turkey, available as a whole and uncarved. It is served with honey mustard dipping sauce on the side. This smoked turkey is available in 12-16 Lb and is priced at $8.99 per Lb.

Kenrick’s Smoked Whole Turkey$ 8.99/ Lb.

9. Kenrick’s Smoked Turkey Breast

You can also skip on the whole smoked turkey for a smoked turkey breast available for $9.99/Lb. This turkey can be purchased carved or left whole with honey mustard dipping sauce.

Kenrick’s Smoked Turkey Breast$ 9.99/Lb

10. Deep Fried Whole Turkey

If you enjoy fried meats, then at Kenrick’s, try the deep-fried in peanut oil whole turkey Carved or Left Whole with Blues Hog Dipping Sauce on the Side. This turkey is priced at $9.99/Lb. 

Deep Fried Whole Turkey$ 9.99/Lb

11. Deep Fried Turkey Breast

A perfect twist for Thanksgiving Meal, try the deep-fried turkey breast available as a carved or left whole with Blue’s Hog dipping sauce on the side. It is priced at $87.92. 

Deep Fried Turkey Breast$ 87.92

12. Turkey Breast in Creamy Giblet Sauce

Why settle for just the same-old traditional turkey when you can savor more flavors in Kenrick’s turkey breast in creamy giblet sauce? This dish is priced at $10.99. The order for this dish needs to be placed two business days in advance and can be picked up hot or cold.

Turkey Breast in Creamy Giblet Sauce$10.99

13. Kenrick’s Boneless Turkey Breast in Creamy Giblet Gravy

One portion of Kenrick’s Boneless Turkey Breast in Creamy Giblet Gravy is priced at $10.99. To pick up this dish, the order needs to be placed 48 hours in advance.

Kenrick’s Boneless Turkey Breast in Creamy Giblet Gravy$ 10.99

14. Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is incomplete without a pumpkin pie. Do you love pumpkin-flavored pies? If yes, then indulge in a 10″ home-baked pumpkin pie available for $ 11.99.

Pumpkin Pie$ 11.99

15. Whole Green Bean Casserole

No thanksgiving meal is complete without a whole green bean casserole. So, try out Kenrick’s whole green bean casserole with mushroom sauce and topped with crispy fried onions. This dish is available in Small Trays good for 8 Servings or Large Trays sufficient for 15-18 Servings. The price ranges from $12.99 – $22.99.

Whole Green Bean Casserole $ 12.99
Whole Green Bean Casserole $ 22.99

16. Creamy Buttered Mashed Potato

Mashed potatoes are a pure delight. They can be paired with any dish. But they hold a special place on the Thanksgiving menu. So, this year, try out the Yukon gold mashed potatoes served with gravy on the side from Kenrick’s.

This dish is available in small trays fit for eight servings or large trays fit for 15-18 servings. The price ranges from $12.99 – $22.99.

Creamy Buttered Mashed Potato Small$ 12.99
Creamy Buttered Mashed Potato Large$ 22.99

17. Mashed Sweet Potato Casserole 

If you are on the lookout for a dish that screams holidays, then try out the mashed sweet potato casserole at Kenrick’s. This dish is topped with pecans and mini marshmallows and is available in small trays fit for eight servings or large trays fit for 15-18 servings. The price ranges from $12.99 – $22.99.

Mashed Sweet Potato Casserole Small$ 12.99
Mashed Sweet Potato Casserole Large$ 22.99

18. Kenrick’s Signature Mac & Cheese Casserole

Do you like macaroni? Try out Kenrick’s signature mac & cheese casserole that features a three-cheese blend, bacon, and macaroni. This dish is topped off with panko bread crumbs.

You can order the mac and cheese casserole in a small serving tray that is good enough for eight people. Or you can purchase a large mac and cheese casserole fit for 15-18 servings.

Kenrick’s Signature Mac & Cheese Casserole Small$ 12.99
Kenrick’s Signature Mac & Cheese Casserole Large$ 22.99

19. Whole Baked Yams

Whole-baked yams are a stellar dish to add to your Thanksgiving meal. At Kenrick’s, you can try this dish topped with marshmallows and chopped pecans, available in small and large tray sizes. The price ranges from $12.99 – $22.99.

Whole Baked Yams Small$ 12.99
Whole Baked Yams Large$ 22.99

20. Bacon Braised Green Beans

If your meals are incomplete without a bacon dish, you should try out Kenrick’s bacon braised green beans, which look and taste great. This Thanksgiving dish features green beans, bacon, butter, salt, and pepper. You can pick up this dish hot or cold. It is available in small and large sizes, priced at $12.99 – $22.99.

Bacon Braised Green Beans Small $ 12.99
Bacon Braised Green Beans Large$ 22.99

21. Fresh Vegetable Medley

Fresh vegetable medley is the most basic dish to pack on all your greens. It makes for a great dish. You can purchase fresh vegetable medley from Kenrick’s in small and large quantities priced at $12.99 – $22.99.

Fresh Vegetable Medley Small$ 12.99
Fresh Vegetable Medley Large$ 22.99

22. Sweet Creamy Buttered Corn

Delicious sweet, creamy buttered corn is always a popular side dish. It brings a beautiful color to your dinner table and tastes amazing. You can get some sweet, creamy buttered corn from Kenrick’s in small and large portions priced at $12.99 – $22.99.

Sweet Creamy Buttered Corn$ 12.99
Sweet Creamy Buttered Corn$ 22.99

23. Apple Pie

Thanksgiving is incomplete without a good classic apple pie. So, let your sweet tooth enjoy the goodness of apples in a sweet apple pie from Kenrick’s.

Kenrick’s apple pie features a golden crust filled with chunky apples. This 10″ home-baked apple pie is priced at $13.99.

Apple Pie$ 13.99

24. Dutch Apple Pie 

Want something extra special this year? Try the Dutch apple pie for Thanksgiving. The difference between an apple pie and a Dutch apple pie lies in the topping. Most Dutch apple pies have a crumb topping, whereas an apple pie is usually topped with pastry dough. This 10″ home-baked Dutch apple pie is priced at $ 14.99.

Dutch Apple Pie $ 14.99

25. Peach Pie 

Move over apples for peaches and try out Kenrick’s 10″ home-baked peach pie priced at $ 16.99. This pie can be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. To purchase this pie, an advanced order should be placed at Kenrick’s.

Peach Pie$ 16.99

26. Home Baked Blueberry Pie

Sweet and sour, blueberry pie is a great sweet treat to enjoy for festive holidays. This pie can be savored on their own or served with a scoop of ice cream. So, this Thanksgiving season, try out Kenrick’s 10″ home-baked peach pie priced at $ 18.99.

Home Baked Blueberry Pie$ 18.99

27. Pecan Pie

Enjoy the goodness of crunchy and nutty flavored pecans with Kenrick’s 10″ home-baked pecan pie, available for $19.99. To purchase this pie, an advance order should be placed. This sweet treat is definitely worth trying.

Pecan Pie$ 19.99

28. Cherry Pie

Cherry pies are an absolute delight as they are packed with sweet and tangy flavors. They look beautiful, with red cherries spilling out from the golden crust. Try out Kenrick’s cherry pie, available for $ 19.99.

Cherry Pie$ 19.99

How To Order Kenrick’s Thanksgiving Menu?

Kenrick's Thanksgiving Menu

After reading that extensive Thanksgiving Menu from Kenrick’s, I’m sure you must be excited to place your order. To do so, you can visit Kenrick’s website, go to the thanksgiving menu and select your dishes. 

Do keep in mind that for every dish you choose to buy, the order needs to be placed 24-48 hours in advance. Therefore, check out the minimum order time before picking up to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, while placing the order, you can also mention whether you want to pick up your order hot or cold. 

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  5. IHOP – IHOP serves some of the best pancakes possible, but that really isn’t all! This chain of restaurants also will be serving some really great Thanksgiving specials for adults and seniors too, which are truly delectable. 
  6. Romanos Macaroni Grill – Romanos Macaroni grill has incredible Italian food. So, keeping that in mind, the chain has got a new twist for its Thanksgiving menu, which is a three-course meal worth trying out! 
  7. Ruths Chris Steak House – For Thanksgiving, Ruths Chris Steak House is offering not just a pre-fixe meal but also turkey dinner to go and sides to go, which will make your Thanksgiving celebration much better! 
  8. Cooper Hawks – Cooper Hawks will be serving a lovely set meal on Thanksgiving at their restaurant, along with some really great pre-packaged meals for a home celebration. Click the link to check these out! 


Like every year, Kenrick’s brings you a delicious Thanksgiving spread consisting of sweet and savory items. You can place an order through their website Kenrick’s. The chefs at Kenrick’s require 24 to 48 hours for preparation. Before pick-up time, call to verify whether your order is ready.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

What items does Kenrick’s have for Thanksgiving?

At Kenrick’s, you can buy Thanksgiving menu items like whole or carved turkey, mashed potatoes, casserole, green vegetables, and pies.

Does Kenrick’s deliver food at home?

Yes, Kenrick’s does home delivery. Delivery charges vary by location and appear in your shopping cart after you select your city and zip code before you check out.

Does Kenrick’s offer catering services?

Yes, Kenrick’s offe 

How do I decide the pounds of meat required according to gathering size?

Kenrick’s provides a reference chart to decide the amount of meat required depending on the gathering size

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