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Are you looking for a best bakery shop in Hyderabad from where you can buy the different variety of cakes and you are searching over the internet about the bakery shop. Now, while searching you came to my blog where I have written Karachi Bakery the best for bakery.

You want to know why I have written its name come let’s see in the information which I will provide you in the coming lines and it will cover Karachi Bakery Menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on Karachi Bakery Menu.

Let’s start with history and history say’s Khanchand Ramnani who was a migrant from Sindh and left Karachi (in Pakistan) in 1947 when India was India was divided into two parts to start Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad and at the present times, they have more than 27 stores in India. Headquarters of their Bakery is in Moazzam Jahi Market, Hyderabad, India.

The thing which attracts people to go Karachi Bakery is their motive which says “The sheer power of success is not achieving it, but in the ability to use it to build greater successes.”

Karachi Bakery Menu Prices

Karachi Bakery Menu

Karachi Bakery Menu includes chatpati chat with khatha meetha flavour, crunchy and chewy rusk and macron, myriad variety of cakes like cup cakes, ice cream cakes, cheese cake, sizzling snacks with burgers, pizzas.

Karachi Bakery Menu also have loose sweet, packed Karachi sweets, cocoatini chocolates, pastries, fluffy and tasty muffins, colorful pasta, toast and sandwich, creamy and delicious milkshake and waffles.

Karachi Bakery Menu also have namkeens which includes karachi biscuits, diet chips, potato chips, with Indian namkeen, and some dry fruits.

Karachi Bakery is famous because it has more satisfied customers and the credits of their success goes to their caring nature and detailed craft which comes in their each and every products.

Karachi Bakery prices are reasonable and modest, you can buy their products without looking at their prices because they are economical. So, without waiting let’s check the latest Karachi Bakery Menu Prices.


Sev Puri 8pc₹58
Dahi Papdi Chaat₹77
Pani Puri 10pc₹62
Dahi Puri 8pc₹77
Bhel Puri₹58
Pav Bhaji₹86


Red Velvet Jar₹102
Nutella Jar₹102

Karachi Rusk

Fruit Rusk ₹72
Atta Rusk₹77
Plain Rusk ₹67


Macarons Box 12pcs₹407
Assorted Macaron 6Pcs Box₹238

Eggless Cakes

Nutella Cake₹763
Chocolate Truffle₹318
Orange Chocolate Cake₹551
Vanilla Cake₹520
Pineapple Cake ₹570
Kiwi Cake₹570
Black Forest Cake₹650
Litchi Cake₹650
Strawberry Cake ₹650
Butterscotch Cake₹650
Exotic Litchi Cake ₹850
Exotic Pineapple Cake ₹850
Exotic Blueberry Cake₹850
Exotic Strawberry Cake ₹850
Double Berry Cake Blueberry & Strawberry₹850
Belgium Butterscotch Cake₹900
Exotic Mango Cake ₹950
Almond Rocher Cake ₹950
Exotic Black Forest Cake ₹1000
Fresh Fruit Cake₹1050
Chocolate Mousse Swiss Roll Cake ₹900

Cup Cakes

Vanilla Cup Cake₹40
Brooklyn Blackout Cup Cake₹40
Red Velvet Cup Cake₹40
Strawberry Custard Cup Cake₹50
Blueberry Custard Cup Cake₹50
Cup Cake Large 6Pc₹240
Death By Oreo Cup Cake₹50
Blueberry Cup Cake₹50
Caramel Custard Cup Cake₹50
Marble Custard Cup Cake₹50
Red Velvet Custard Cup Cake₹50
Mango Custard Cup Cake₹50

Cup Cake Box

Mini Cup Cake Box 6Pc₹150
Mini Cup Cake Box 12Pc₹300

Ice Cream Cake

Choco Vanilla Ice Cream Cake₹721
Vanilla Ice Cream Cake₹700
Blueberry Ice Cream Cake₹800
Rocky Road Ice Cream Cake₹900
Snickers Ice Cream Cake₹763
Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream Cake₹950
5 Star Caramel Ice Cream Cake₹950
Kit Kat Chocolate Ice Cream Cake₹950
Double Chocochip Ice Cream Cake₹950
Red velvet ice cream cake₹806

Cheese Cake

Blueberry Cheese₹806
Strawberry Cheese ₹950
Mango Cheese Cake₹950


Paneer Spring Roll₹39
Veg Spring Roll₹39
Veg Toast₹43
Paneer 65 10pc₹115
Chilli Paneer 10pc₹115
Vada Pav₹34
French Fries₹60
Masala French Fries₹70
Tomato Mushroom Bruschetta₹70
Veg Foot Long₹80
Egg Foot Long₹85
Paneer Foot Long₹85
Cheesy Pizza Fingers ₹100
Bread Rolls₹80
Potato Smiley ₹90
Loaded Fries₹110
Punjabi samosa 6pc₹60
Chilli Garlic Potato shots 15pc₹60
Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers 8pc₹85
Falafel 8pcs₹85
Corn N Cheese Nuggets 6pc₹60
Chatpata Corn Samosa 5pc₹60
Hara Bara Kebab 6pc₹70
Paneer Fried Momos 6pc₹70
Veg Spring Roll 6pc₹80
Spinach Chesse Rolls 6pc₹80
Veg Manchuria 10pc₹96
Egg Scissor Kathi Roll₹81
Paneer Kathi Roll₹81
Veg Cheese Kathi Roll₹77
Potato Cheese Rollover₹90
Veg Fried Momos 6pc₹70


Veg Burger₹75
Karachi Crunchy Burger₹85
Paneer 65 Burger₹85
Cocktail Burger₹100
Paneer Patty Burger₹70
Double Cheese Burger₹90
Tofu Paneer Burger₹85
Cheese Burst Burger₹90
Premium Salad Burger₹110


6″ Tandoori Paneer Pizza₹134
6″ Jumbo Pizza₹230
6″ Veg Italia Pizza₹130
6″ Devola Pizza₹110
6″ Barbeque Pizza₹140
6″ Hot & Spicy Mexican Pizza₹140
6″ Karachi Special Pizza₹140
6″ Cheese Mayonnaise Pizza₹120
6″ Pepper Pizza₹120
6″ Mini Pizza₹65
6″ Olive Mushroom Pizza Boat₹80
6″ Texmis Tofu Paneer Pizza₹130
6″ Corn Tomato Pizza Boat₹80
6″ Veg Pizza Boat₹80
6″ Olive Mushroom Pizza₹120
6″ Veg Corn Pizza₹110
6″ Thin Crush Pizza₹210

Sweet loose

White Kalakand₹300
Kova Kheer Kadam₹300
Kova Badam Roll₹300
Kala Jamun₹277
Khoya Barfi₹300
Besan Laddu₹300
Sugar-Free Dry Fruit Burfi ₹700
Dry Fruit Halwa₹300
Kaju Gajak₹558
Sugar-Free Anjeer Roll ₹667
Honey Laddu₹700
White Malai Peda ₹277
Mango Milk Cake₹600
Strawberry Milk Cake₹600
Ajmeri Kalakand ₹648
Kova Puri ₹600
Motichoor Laddu₹600
Besan Gajak₹600
Bombay Halwa ₹600
Kaju Pista Roll ₹1420
Kaju Katli₹1200
Milk Mysore Pak₹553
Kesar Malai Peda ₹600
Badam Pisa₹600
Gulab Jamun ₹277

Karachi Sweet Packed

Karachi Halwa₹350
Karachi Nut Berry’s 400Gm₹520
Karachi Nut Berry’s 200Gm₹260
Karachi Prm Dates Halwa 400Gm₹520
Karachi Prm Dates Halwa 200Gm₹260
Karachi Pista Soan Papdi 300Gm₹100
Karachi Pineapple Soan Papdi 300Gm₹100
Karachi Orange Soan Papdi 300Gm₹100
Karachi Chocolate Soan Papdi 300Gm₹100
Karachi Rose Soan Papdi 300Gm₹100
Karachi Mango Soan Papdi 300Gm₹100

Cocoatini Chocolates

Cocoatini Ecstatic Collection 300Gm₹270
Cocoatini 12Pc Assorted Chocolate 150Gm₹200
Cocoatini Pralines 200Gm₹320
Cocoatini Pralines 100Gm₹180
Cocoatini Luxury Chocolate Blue Box 225Gm₹235
Cocoatini No Added Sugar Dark Chocolate 140gm₹238
Cocoatini Hazelnut Snacker 150Gm₹180
Cocoatini Caramel Snacker 150Gm₹180
Cocoatini White Chocolate Snacker 150Gm₹165


Penne Arrabbiata Pasta₹120
Penne Alfredo pasta₹120
Cheese Pasta₹140


Red Velvet Pastry₹81
Pineapple pastry₹75
Black Forest pastry₹75
Mango pastry₹75
Fresh Fruit pastry₹85
Blueberry pastry₹85
Belgium Butterscotch pastry₹85
Strawberry pastry₹75
Litchi pastry₹75
Belgium Black Forest pastry₹95
Almond Hazelnut pastry₹85
Yummmm Oreo pastry₹100
Butterscotch pastry₹75
Chocolate Truffle pastry₹75
Chocolate Mousse Bomb pastry₹80

Karachi Sweet Packed Box

Milk Mysorepak 400Gm₹270
Gluten-Free Strawberry Kalakand 500Gm₹290
Sugar-Free Dry Fruits Protein Bar 500Gm₹620
Honey Dry Fruit Laddu 400Gm₹500
Gujiya Mithai 400Gm₹225
Kaju Katli 300Gm₹310
Balushahi Mithai 300Gm₹130
Badam Patisa 500Gm₹270
Besan Laddu 500Gm₹210
Anjeer Roll 300Gm₹310
Kaju Gajak 300Gm₹310
Besan Gajak 300Gm₹160
Ajmeri Milk Cake 500Gms₹290
Milk Mysore Pak 200Gm₹140

Toast and Sandwich

Garlic Toast₹40
Corn & Cheese Toast₹70
Tofu Paneer Sandwich₹70
Cheese Burst Sandwich₹80
Veg Garden Sandwich₹100
Tandoori Paneer Sandwich₹90
Hyderabad Club Sandwich₹90
Egg & Cheese Sandwich₹100
Cheese Garlic Toast₹70
Caesar Salad Egg Sandwich₹85
Tomato & Cheese Sandwich₹80
Chole Kulche₹100
Whole Wheat Spicy Paneer Sandwich₹80

Karachi Biscuit

Almond Butter Shortbread Bis 300 gms₹162
Cashew Butterscotch Shortbread 300 gms₹170
Kar Ajwain Biscuit 400gms₹119
Kar Almond Biscotti 200gms₹178
Kar Almond Biscotti 400gms₹348
Kar Almond Cake Rusk 400gms₹217
Kar Almond Millet Biscuit 250 gms₹162
Kar Badam Biscuit 400 gms₹153
Kar Badam Nankatai 250 gms₹94
Kar Badam Pista 200 gms₹98
Kar Badam Pista 400 gms₹195
Kar Butter Cookies 250 gms₹119
Kar Buttery Osmania 300 gms₹94
Kar Buttery Shortbread Bis 300 gms₹140
Kar Cashew Biscotti 200 gms₹140
Kar Chai Biscuit 400 gms₹94
Kar Chand Biscuit 300 gms₹111
Kar Choco Cashew 200 gms₹73
Kar Choco Cashew 400 gms₹145
Kar Choco Chip Biscotti 250 gms₹187
Kar Choco Chip Cookies 250 gms₹132
Kar Chocolate Delight 300 gms₹206
Kar Chocolate Oatmeal 250 gms₹132
Kar Chocolate Walnut 250 gms₹190
Kar Cumin Cheese Shortbread 200 gms₹170
Kar Dates Biscuit 300 gms₹190
Kar Double Chocochip 250 gms₹132
Kar Double Delight, Cashew, Choco Cashew 400 gms₹150
Kar Double Delight, Cashew, Pista 400 gms₹150
Kar Double Delight, Fruit, Badampista 400 gms₹150
Kar Double Delight, Fruit, Cashew 400 gms₹150
Kar Double Delight, Fruit, Choco Cashew 400 gms₹150
Kar Double Delight, Fruit, Osmania 400 gms₹150
Kar Dum Ke Rote 500 gms₹263
Kar Fig Roll Biscuit 300 gms₹220
Kar Fruit Cake Rusk 400 gms₹178
Kar Fruit Nankhatai 400 gms₹140
Kar Ginger Lemon Bis 250 gms₹165
Kar Gold Class 1Kg₹600
Kar Honey Oats Biscuit 200gms₹110


Blueberry Muffins 6pc₹120
Vanilla Muffin 6Pc₹102
Choco Chip Muffin 6Pc₹133
Chocolate Big Round Muffin₹45
Vanilla Big Round Muffin₹45

Diet Chips

Cheese Diet Chips 200Gm₹100
Spanish Tomato Diet Chips 200Gm₹100
Piri Diet Chips 200Gm₹100
Plain Diet Chips 200Gm₹100

Potato Chips

Masala Potato Chips 200Gm₹70
Red Chilli Potato Chips 500Gm₹200
Red Chilli Potato Chips 200Gm₹80
Plain Potato Chips 200Gm₹80
Plain Potato Chips 500Gm₹200


Navratan Mixture 200gm₹54
Corn Flakes Chudwa 200gm₹50
Corn Flakes Chudwa 400gm₹99
Besan Falli 300gm₹63
Besan Falli 300gm₹54
Bhujia Sev 200gm₹54
Garlic Sev 200gm₹54
Bhakarwadi Namkeen 200Gm₹80
Dry Fruit Kachori 200Gm₹95
Namak Para 200Gm₹80
Dry Fruit Chiwda 200Gm₹100
Diet Chiwda 200gm₹55
Pudina Sev 200gm₹60
Kabuli Chana 300gm₹90
Masala Bhel 200gm₹55
Moong Dal 200gm₹59
Diet Bhel 200gm₹55

Dry Fruits

Walnut 200Gm₹429
Plain Badam 200Gm₹268
Salted Badam 200Gm₹268
Salted Pista 200Gm₹286
Plain Pista 200Gm₹590
Plain Cashew 200Gm₹268


Vanilla Milkshake₹75
Blueberry Milkshake₹75
Oreo Milkshake₹75
Strawberry Milkshake₹75


Blueberry Waffle₹110
Chocolate Waffle₹110

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmyfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/karachi-bakery/

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Karachi Bakery Menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Karachi Bakery Franchise Details

Karachi Bakery Franchise

Karachi Bakery has more than 27 outlets in Indian cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Harayana and if you want to open their franchise here is the cost then.

Total Investment12 lakhs

Important Links

Official Websitekarachibakery.com/
Online Orderkarachibakery.com/onlineorder/

Karachi Bakery Contact Information

Karachi Bakery Corporate Office Address: Nampally, Mozzamjahi Market
Hyderabad Telangana, India

Karachi Bakery Corporate Office Phone Number: +91 40 6666 0909 / 6641 8506

To contact the team of Karachi Bakery you can fill the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/karachibakery/

Twitter Handles: twitter.com/karachibakery/

Instagram Account: instagram.com/karachibakery/

Youtube Channel: youtube.com/karachibakery/

Watch The Review Of Karachi Bakery

Video By Review Adda

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