Kadaknath Chicken Available In Jammu | Health Benefits of Black Chicken

Non vegetarian food doesn’t only contain chicken and Mutton but many other food items as well. Every food item is famous for  its own specific nutritional values that can be added to the human body which are different from other food items. Kadaknath chicken is one such food item which is famous for its own nutritional and medicinal values which provides great strength, vigour and agility to the human body.

Kadaknath Chicken (also referred to as Black Meat Chicken) is counted in the three most famous sorts of chicken available within the whole world. They are mainly available in three colors, which are commonly named as golden, pencilled and dark black. Reared in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, the breed is considered to be tastier than the other ones. Kadaknath chicken and eggs have adequate nutritional and medicinal values which will help in boosting human health to a greater extent.

Let us have a detailed look at Kadaknath Chicken to educate the interested people with its Value-packed benefits:

Amazing Health Benefits of Kadaknath Chicken

Menstrual Pains & Irregularity

kadaknath chicken

Menstrual cycle never come alone as they bring unbearable abdominal cramps and pain along with them and to suppress these cramps women”s preference is to lean on painkillers but what they don’t know is that these painkillers can result in various serious side effects such as loss of hearing, kidney damage, and various cardiovascular diseases. Kadaknath chicken is helpful in maintaining the menstrual cycle consistently as it reflects as a symbol or a sign that your body is working normally. So, the smartest alternative to painkillers is to introduce kadaknath chicken and eggs in your diet.

Kadaknath chicken or black meat chicken has high potential to boost women’s health. It helps to regulate a consistent menstruation cycle as well as promote fertility. And to be honest, these benefits are so necessary and valuable for every woman out there.

Rich in vitamins & protein, kadaknath chicken also contains 97% less fat than regular broilers. Iron Being the necessary nutrient for every human body can be found in the great quantity in kadaknath chicken. Kadaknath eggs & chicken accomodate 40% more protein than normal eggs & chicken.

Enhanced Resistance in Elderly 

kadaknath chicken

As entering your senior years, some of the vital body functions become inefficient and one of the main challenges is to keep your immune system healthy and strong. If you want to stay on top of your health and free of diseases at the age of seniority you should start consuming kadaknath chicken which will help you to keep a healthy body.

Kadaknath chicken is highly rich in Iron, according to the researchers, a component namely “Heme Iron” is present in it which helps your body to recognize & absorb nutrients easily. Kadaknath eggs & chicken accomodate 40% more protein than normal eggs & chicken. Now Old age won’t be a challenge, as kadaknath chicken is considered as the richest source of protein and if you introduce it in your diet you’ll live your life happily without getting panic about your health problems.

Migraines & Headaches 

Kadaknath chicken

Every third person in the world is diagnosed with migraine. Many people believe that they can overcome the problem of migration with certain medications but what they don’t know is that it only provides a temporary relief and not permanent solution. So, what can be a permanent solution for never ending migraine problems?

We recommend you to start consuming nutrient-packed kadaknath chicken and eggs. It is well researched that kadaknath chicken and eggs plays an eminent role in curing migraines & post-delivery headaches. This is due to rich components like omega 3 & omega 6, and abundance of  riboflavin & niacin which are being found in Kadaknath that will protect you from severe migraine headaches. We suggest 2–3 servings to all the people who are suffering from migraine per week to keep the nutrition level at fullest.


kadaknath chicken

Do you suffer from a hectic schedule and demanding work life? Do you work overtime?  Do you have a never-ending to-do list? We recommend you to start adding fuel to your body by consuming power-packed kadaknath chicken and eggs. Kadaknath Eggs & chicken contains high amounts of 18 essential amino acids and other essential minerals which help you prevent mental fatigue and combat it.

These minerals work together to eliminate mental & physical fatigue and lead your body & mind to survive through the pressured days. Nutrients present in kadaknath chicken and eggs are considered to be the most advantageous to boost the energy level in your body. It is highly suggested to consume this kind of meat during your mental illness which will help to boost your energy level to complete your daily activities with much effectiveness and efficiency. By keeping the Fatigue monster away, amino acids further improve your short-term memory and processing abilities. So, from now on start consuming an energy rich diet instead of eating Stress-induced food items.

Growth & Immunity in Kids

kadaknath chicken

About 1/3rd of youngsters aging from 4 to 8 aren’t getting enough calcium, which is essential for developing bone mass, nearly all of which is made during their childhood and adolescence. Kadaknath eggs & chicken are highly rich in calcium & vitamin D , which not only strengthens bones but also helps to prevent diabetes and other diseases. Another critical nutrient required in children’s growth is Iron, which is found in abundance in Kadaknath.

Furthermore, the phosphorus within the meat helps in maintaining healthy teeth, bones, and ensures proper functioning of kidneys, liver and therefore the central nervous system. It also provides selenium which contains antioxidants that help to enhance their system . Kadaknath eggs are high in retinol, alpha, and beta-carotene, and lycopene, all derived from vitamin A , and every one of these components are essential for a healthy eyesight in children. Kadaknath eggs & chicken are super foods that deserve an area in your child’s diet.

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