How to Make Jolly Rancher Shots at Homs

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As a kid, you all must have eaten those hard Jolly Ranchers candies. They were so yummy to resist. I used to consume a lot of Jolly Ranchers candies when I was in junior school, you can say almost every day.

Jolly Rancher Shots

As an adult, I realised it was time to have Jolly Rancher Shots. I was served these shots at one of my friend’s house warming party. She knew how much I liked them.

Once at home, I made the shots and served a treat to myself. It reminded me of my childhood days when I loved to have Jolly Rancher candies and even used to fight for it! Now, whenever I am low on spirits or don’t wish to make many efforts, I make myself Jolly Rancher Shots which make me happier and stress-free.

You can serve it in the next house party at your place. Your guests would absolutely love having Jolly Rancher Shots. Don’t worry, here I will be telling you how to make Jolly Ranchers at home. But there are many other drinks that we’ve covered in our blog. You should definitely check them as well.

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Jolly Rancher Shots Ingredients Required

Ingredients Amount
Jolly Rancher Hard Candies 2 bags
Vodka1 bottle (750 ml )
Lemon-Lime Soda or Cold Seltzer2 cups

How much time will it take?

Preparation time Total time (excluding refrigeration time)
5minutes 5 minutes

Jolly Rancher Shots Recipe

Jolly Rancher Shots recipe
  1. Arrange and separate the Jolly Ranchers according to flavour.
  2. Take a large mason jar.
  3. Removing the covers from each candy, place them according to their flavour in it.
  4. Now you have to distribute vodka amongst the five different and tasty flavours.
  5. Place the lids over a mason jar, covering them.
  6. Refrigerate them for the night for Jolly Ranchers to dissolve.
  7. Take shot glasses and pour out the Jolly Rancher Vodka into them.
  8. Put lemon soda or cold seltzer over the top of the vodka.
  9. Serve and drink right away.

Jolly Rancher Shots Nutritional Information

Carbohydrates 20 g
Sugars 18 g
Fats 67 g
Sodium2300 g
Cholesterol300 g

How to Make Jolly Rancher Shots at Home | Video

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