Jet’s Pizza Menu With Prices [Updated April 2024]

Jet’s Pizza menu with prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. We have shared the menu of Jet’s Pizza from Michigan, U.S. The menu is updated on the 1st April 2024.

Jet's Pizza Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look at the menu of nearest Jet’s Pizza outlet from their official website, android app, iOS app, or any other delivery platform.

Jet’s Pizza menu with prices is known for its detroit-style pizza. Their menu includes specialty pizzas, build your own Jet’s pizza, deli boats, salads, classic subs, and desserts. The popular Jet’s cauliflower crust pizza costs you $7.99.

This was just a short description of menu items. The complete menu is mentioned below. Apart from the menu, you will also find about the franchise details, contact information, and the nutritional information. But before knowing all this, let’s check the history of Jet’s Pizza.

Jet’s Pizza is an American pizza franchise restaurant that was founded by Eugene and John Jetts in 1978. The first store of Jet’s Pizza was opened in a Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights. The chain is known for its rectangular-shaped pizzas. They have nearly 390 franchises in 19 states.

Jet’s Pizza Menu With Prices

Jet's Pizza Food

In their specialty pizzas section, they have meaty pizza, aloha BBQ chicken pizza, super special pizza, chicken parmesan pizza, and more. They serve their pizzas in small, medium, large, 8 corners, and party tray sizes.

The restaurant offers you to make a choice for building your own style of pizza. You can customize the toppings as per your wish. The toppings options are available on the menu.

The other menu items of Jet’s Pizza are sidekicks, Jet’s wings, deli boats, salads, classic subs, Italian sub, veggie sub, antipasto salad, garden salad, and much more.

Finally, their decadent desserts will satiate your sugar rush. The dessert menu has 12 pieces cinnamon stix, 8 pieces chocolate chip cookie, and 8″ chocolate chip brownie.

For a large gathering, you can order the 8inch pizza, combo meals, and specialty pizzas. On top of that, you can place the order for the dipping sauces and refreshing beverages offered at Jet’s Pizza menu.

The Jet’s Pizza menu prices are reasonable as it depends on the size of the pizza you are ordering. So without waiting anymore, let’s check out the latest Jet’s Pizza menu with prices.

Featured items

Large Deep Dish$18.59
8 Corner Pizza®$21.71
4 Corner Pizza®$13.43
Jet’s Bread$10.19
Cinnamon Stix$9.59

Specialty Pizzas

BBQ Chicken$20.11
All Meaty$20.11
Aloha BBQ Chicken$20.11
Super Special$20.11
Jet 10$22.02
Chicken Bacon Ranch$20.11
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$20.11
Aloha BBQ Chicken $20.11
Eugene Supreme$20.11


Jet’s Bread$10.19
Jet’s Triple Cheese Turbo Stix$10.19
Jet’s Deep Dish Bread$10.19

Wings Menu With Prices

Boneless Wings$11.99
Jet Wings$13.19


Antipasto Salad$10.19
Greek Salad$10.19
Garden Salad$10.19

Jet’s Boat

Jet’s Boat$10.79

Deli Boats

Italian Deli Boat$10.79
Ham and Cheese Deli Boat$10.79
Veggie Deli Boat$10.79

Build Your Own Jet’s Pizza

Large Deep Dish$18.59
4 Corner Pizza®$13.43
8 Corner Pizza®$21.71
Small Hand Tossed Round$13.43
Large Hand Tossed Round$18.59
Large Thin Crust$18.59
Small Seasoned Cauliflower$14.39
Large NY Style Round$18.59
Party Tray$49.19
Small Thin Crust$13.43


Mountain Dew$2.39
Diet Pepsi$2.39

Dipping Sauce

Side of Ranch Dipping Sauce$1.20
Side of Pizza Dipping Sauce$1.20
Bottle of Ranch Dressing$6.59
Side of Butter Garlic Dipping Sauce$0.90
Side of Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce$1.08


Chocolate Chip Brownie$9.59
8” Chocolate Chip Cookie$9.59
Cinnamon Stix$9.59


Jet’s Pizza is the only place to enjoy delicious pizzas. Now that you have all the above information, visit the restaurant to taste the best Pizzas in town. Do not hesitate to share your dining experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

How To Order Online From Jet’s Pizza?

You can order food from Jet’s Pizza by referring to the link of their official website, or android app, or iOS app, or any other food delivery platform. The restaurant is best known for quality food and services.

To order food from Jet’s Pizza online, you can also refer some of the leading food delivery service apps like DoordashGrubhubSeamlessPostmates, and UberEats. We have shared the detailed screenshots that shows how to order food online from Jet’s Pizza.

Finding The Latest Jet’s Pizza Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the official website of Grubhub and begin to place the order online from Jet’s Pizza.

Jet's Pizza Official Page

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Jet’s Pizza.

Jet's Pizza Location

3. When you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Jet's Pizza Menu

4. Select your favorite food item and add it to the cart.

Jet's Pizza Add To Cart

5. Once you have add the food items, proceed further to checkout.

Jet's Pizza Checkout

6. The checkout option will direct you to add your personal details.

Jet's Pizza Personal Details

Jet’s Pizza Nutritional Information

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Jet’s Pizza [FAQs]

What makes Jet’s Pizza so good?

Jet’s detroit-style pizza is a light airy center, loaded with toppings, surrounded by caramelized cheese and a crispy, square, golden crust that is baked to perfection.

What style of pizza is offered at Jet’s Pizza?

Jet’s Pizza offers square deep-dish Detroit-style pizza.

Which Jet’s Pizza crust is best?

The most popular Jet’s Pizza Crust is 8 corner pizza, with a crisp buttery outer crust.

What is Jet’s Turbo crust?

“Turbo Crust,” is a crust that is prepared with a sprinkle of garlic and Romano cheese. Moreover, the crust is glazed with a splash of butter.

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