Jamie Oliver Lobster Spaghetti Pasta Recipe

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I was having Lobster, Spaghetti and Pasta in my kitchen but I didn’t know what to make from this, I searched on the internet about the Jamie Oliver Lobster Spaghetti Pasta Recipe. I found the Jamie Oliver Lobster Spaghetti Pasta Recipe and I was so excited because I got the honour to make his recipe at my home.

I made it at home and I found it very tasty and interesting, that I could not stop myself from eating. I like Lobster Spaghetti the spicy way and I love adding a pinch extra of every spice that crosses my way. Until and unless the burst of spices is felt on the insides of your mouth it does not feel like having a volcanic eruption of taste in there.

Today, I again made it and I thought to share the Jamie Oliver Spaghetti Recipe with my lovely pasta lovers.

Read below to make this Lobster Spaghetti on a special occasion and the cooking is definitely an easy-peasy task.

Ingredients of Jamie Oliver Lobster Spaghetti Pasta Recipe

Lobster2 kg
Spaghetti550 grams
Peeled onion1 big unit
Twigs of Thyme and BasilA few
Pepper seedsA few
Sea salt1.5 tsp for the sauce
Peeled and chopped tomatoes4 medium size
Peeled and chopped onion1 unit
Garlic2 cloves
Thyme and basilA handful
Oregano¼ tsp
Sugar¼ tsp
Olive oil1 cup
White semi dry wine1 glass
PepperDepends on the spice you love
Salt1 tsp
Dill30 grams

Keep in mind

  1. Do not use too much salt as the stock of lobster to be used in the recipe is already salty.
  2. Dill is to be used at the end of the recipe just for flavoring.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
40 Minutes20 Minutes60 Minutes

Jamie Oliver Lobster Spaghetti Pasta Recipe

Lobster Spaghetti Pasta recipe
  1. Fill a casserole (3/4 of it) with water and salt it. Put the herbs and the pepper inside.
  2. Boil the water and put the lobster in. Set the fire in medium mode, and boil the lobster for 15-20 minutes
  3. Set the lobster aside and drain the stock. Keep a portion of the stock aside(1 1/2 glass)to use it for the sauce.
  4. Put the stock in a new casserole and boil it again. When the stock starts to boil add the spaghetti and boil them for 7 minutes.
  5. Drain the spaghetti and keep them hot, while preparing the sauce.
  6. In a deep wide pan, add the onion and top it with the herbs and the sugar.
  7. Add the oil and heat it, while mixing the onion and herbs. Cook until the onion gets a brownish colour, and then add the wine.
  8. Let the wine be evaporated and add the tomato pulp. Now add oregano and salt.
  9. Mix well and cook for 4 minutes. Then add the lobster stock and set the fire in low mode. If it needs, adds a half of glass of lukewarm water. Let the sauce be cooked for 20 minutes to thicken.
  10. Put the spaghetti in a big wide baking pan and add some olive oil (2-3 tsp) on top. Mix them and then add the sauce.
  11. Mix gently the sauce with the spaghetti. Let the food “rest” for 5 minutes and then serve. Decorate with dill or parsley.
  12. For an extra taste: Add either the crayfishes of the shrimps and mussels while boiling the lobster. It simply makes your stock tastier.

Note: The boiling time depends on how big is the lobster. The smaller the lobster is the less time you need to boil it.

Enjoy the Lobster Pasta with friends and family, experience a wonderful luncheon for a positive start of the year. follow the link for more Jamie Oliver Pasta Recipes.

Nutritional Facts Of Jamie Oliver Lobster Spaghetti Pasta Recipe

Fats11 g
Protein35 g
Carbohydrates65 g

How to Make Lobster Spaghetti Pasta at Home | Video

Video by Chynna Levi

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