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Shuvait Thusoo
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I was watching Jamie Oliver’s TV show named Jamie: keep watching and he was making a dish from cracking crab and I noted down all the things he explained with his special instructions.

Next day, we were having a party in our home and all the friends of my father were invited, I asked my mother to add cracking crabs in the menu, she added and I made it for my guests and everyone loved it and appreciated my efforts.

Today, I am here to share Jamie Oliver Crackin’ Crab Briks Recipe with my lovely people

Come let’s see the journey of this dish.

Crackin’ Crab Briks Ingredients

For the Briks:

Preserved lemons1-2 units
Spring onions2 units
Fresh coriander½ bunch
Pot-caught crabmeat (a mixture of brown & white meat)400 g
Harissa2 tsp, plus extra to serve
Filo pastry4 large sheets
Olive oilAs needed

For the Salad:

Virgin Olive oilSome extra
Caraway seeds½ tsp
Couscous½ mug (150 g)
Sun-dried tomato purée2 tsp
Fennel½ a bulb
Fresh mint½ bunch
Lemon1 unit
Pomegranate1 unit

For the Salsa and the Serve:

Lemon1/2 unit
Ripe tomato1 large unit
Ginger1 thumb-sized piece
Fat-free natural yoghurtAs needed

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeTotal Time

How to make Crakin’ Crab Briks Recipe

Ingredients out, Kettle boiled, Large frying pan, high heat, Large lidded casserole pan, high heat, Food processor (bowl blade)


  1. Mix in a bowl with the crabmeat and harissa. In bowl add crabmeat and harissa with chopped preserved lemons, spring onions and coriander.
  2. In a filo pastry layout sheet add mixture and give them a shape of playing cards.
  3. In a pan add brick with olive oil and cook until crisp and add caraway seeds to the pan and toast for a minute.
  4. In a bowl add couscous, boiling water, tomato puree, and a pinch of salt and mix it properly and after mixing cover the bowl.
  5. In a salad bowl add the reserved fennel tops and grated bulb in the mixer, then chop the leaf of mint and add them on the top. Squeeze the lemon juice and add olive oil with salt over the mixture.
  6. In a bowl add grated tomato and ginger with salt and pepper and lemon juice with olive oil mix them together.
  7. Add the salad in the middle pf couscous and then top it with pomegranate. Sprinkle the fennel tops, pop the crab bricks on a board.

Nutritional Value of Crackin’ Crab Briks Per Serving:


Disclaimer: The Jamie’s 15 minute meals recipe is a part of Jamie’s 15 minute meals book and episodes. You will also find Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals on YouTube. This famous British Chef also have a collection of Jamie’s 15 minute meals chicken. Some Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals chicken recipes are Blackened Chicken with Quinoa Salad, Pasta Pesto with Chicken. Try it to make it your place and let us know how Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals tastes.

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